What if you could have a system that could update you with the best stocks and historic trends in stocks and trades all through the year?

If there was a program that could effectively help you cut your losses and double your income, wouldn’t you want it at any cost?

There is one such program called TradeMiner that searches for historical data of profitable trends and market cycles of the past and lists them up for users.

This program follows the idea that if a certain cycle, pattern or trend has shown up continuously in the past, it will most likely appear in the future as well.

All about this program

TradeMiner Software Identifies Historical Seasonal Trends And Market Cycles

This program is an online software program, which can be downloaded to your computer easily.

The main screen of the program contains two tabs on the very top of the screen:

They are:

  1. Search
  2. Portfolio

Coming first to the Search tab, this is where the program scans and searches for stocks.

You can enter the criteria which you desire to search for, and the program will display accurate results.

For example:

You can search for stocks for a particular month, with maybe bullish setups for 100 percent winnings.

When you click on the button “Dig Now”, it lists down those stocks and trade based on your specified criteria.

Along with the straightforward results of the search criteria you entered, it also displays the following details:

  • Details of Calendar Days
  • Years of Back Testing
  • Risk to reward ratio
  • Average daily profit estimate
  • Maximum drawdown

The TradeMiner program ranks down stocks and trades based on criteria like the below:

The scores three most important criteria are which markets make the most amount of money in the least amount of time, with the least amount of risk.

Also, you will be able to see the trade history for the selected trade at the bottom of the screen.

What is good about this program?

TradeMiner Review: A Good Way To Scan For Historical Patterns What is good about this program

What I like about the TradeMiner program is that this program does not come with the monthly subscription fees.

This program is so wonderful than many other programs out there because of its speed and accuracy in giving you perfect search results, every single time.

What we also like about this program is that the program lists some of the most active ETF’s by volume.

This can be seen by clicking on the ‘Exchange Traded Funds’ from the drop-down menu in the settings section.

Also, another good thing about this program is the fact that you can literally click on any stock and it will pull up its own stock chart.

This is a great software program to help you, the trader to help you do your analysis better.

It is definitely not a direct path to earn millions, but slowly and steadily, you can use this program to get there.

How is TradeMiner different from other software programs?

How is TradeMiner different from other software programs

TradeMiner is quite different from other software programs generally available.

It is not a cloud-based or web-based program and is easily downloadable to your personal computer.

This wonderful program scans the stock market for all of the available historical data, cycles and market trends of the past.

It not only scans stock markets but Futures market and Forex markets too.

This program strongly believes in the idea that if a pattern, trend or cycle has occurred again and again in the past with an accuracy of about a hundred percent or even as much as an eighty or ninety percent history must repeat.

The trend mentioned above has a high possibility of repeating itself again in the future.

The secret to recognizing these trends is in how you apply them to successfully draw profit out of it.

When you recognize such patterns and trends and comprehend how they work, you will correctly be able to apply these trends to the point where they will most likely happen again.

The program helps all kinds of traders- the beginners as well as the experienced ones in making decisions that stand the test of time.

These decisions are better and more well-informed than other low thought out decisions.

Also, the users of Forex and Futures components of the program will find that they are very much similar to the stock market component.

This makes this program extremely functional, and easier to use when you want to switch between various types or components of trading.

TradeMiner Review: A Good Way To Scan For Historical Patterns

How did this program come to be?

The program TradeMiner was developed by a company called Gecko Software Inc.

This company, founded by Lan H. Turner focused initially on the commodities trading market.

It was at this time that the founder decided to come up with a computer program. One which would analyze the current market trends and patterns, and which would incorporate many features to suit a user.

For quite some time of rigorous development, changes and testing, the software were first released with the name ‘Track n Trade’.

This program call Track n Trade changed everything about how people traded in the futures market.

It gave the user around thirty years of data in trading.

This gave the traders, an upper hand at practicing a lot of different trading strategies. This until they have enough confidence to really try their hand at it.

The program was also the first one to give the users a dynamic chart so that users could place a trade on this chart.

Though TradeMiner is really successful, and perhaps the widest known trading software this company has ever produced, this company has a very good reputation.

It is known to have developed a lot of other useful tools thus strengthening their reputation and foothold in the trading world.

TradeMiner Review: A Good Way To Scan For Historical Patterns

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The Different features of TradeMiner program

The Different features of TradeMiner program

1. Settings Tab

This allows you to filter the number and type of stocks you wish to mine with the system.

2. Mining and Portfolio tabs

There are two important screens to mine information as per the user’s request, and those are the Mine and Portfolio tabs.

Coming to the Mine tab, this tab allows users to enter their desired criteria and results are obtained accordingly.

Ranking of the results is as per the final score earned by each trade.

The results can also be filtered according to symbol and also with other characteristics used in trade.

You can select charts from three different kinds of chart settings.

The three settings are –

  1. Pie chart
  2. Equity curve
  3. Histogram

The pie chart shows the average risks and reward in the given pick and the histogram chart type represents yearly information on profit and loss information.

Equity curve chart type represents the pick’s returns in a historical basis.

3. Trade Alerts

This tab gives you regular updates on when your seasonal trades, i.e the selected ones are about to start. It even has an option to give you alerts on an incremental basis to notify you before x days of a particular trade’s beginning.

4. Graphs Analyzer

There is a wide variety of included charts in this program. This enables you to look at detailed logs and trends from the past many years.

Also, this enables a user to check results from a lot of past records. Also, it considers the rewards to risk ratio in the current pick.

5. Support

This program offers the user an up to date training package and is a brilliant guide to trade – for a novice and expert alike.

The program gives users the first-class video on how you can use the software and what you will gain from it.

Apart from this, they also have webinars, PDF version manuals, Question and answers pages. Also, some very good audio interviews are provided.

When you click on the Education tab in the program, you will be guided to a vast storehouse of comprehensive learning materials by TradeMiner.

This will help you get started with the basics and advanced concepts in trading. This includes brilliant interviews from very successful traders.

Apart from this, it also contains various educational videos, lessons, webinars, and manuals. They give a user enough knowledge to confidently pursue a trading career with success.

The Different features of TradeMiner program


  • Highly functional software, and is easy to understand and work with.
  • Can be easily downloaded to a personal computer and other portable devices.
  • No monthly subscriptions.
  • Dynamic charts that come up once the stock is double-clicked on.
  • This works well on multiple platforms- Windows, Linux, Mac, and other operating systems.
  • This program is fast, accurate, and analyzes information efficiently.


  • This program does not cover all stocks.
  • Traders trading in ETF’s may experience some issues here since ETF’s are a little under-represented. Only the most popular and heavily traded ones are included.


There are hundreds of reviews about this program all over the internet. But in spite of all that, this is my personal opinion after weighing all aspects of this program.

When you buy this program, don’t be fooled by the assumption that you will earn big bucks right away.

This is a great tool to learn and set your foot in the right direction.

I hope my review along with other great reviews will inspire you to make the right choice.

Happy learning and trading!


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