How to automate my Forex trading?

sRs Trend Rider 2.0

When I decided to start investing my money, I was looking out for the best options to keep and increase the value of my money and save it from devaluation.

I considered many options: Property, stocks, Forex, loans, among others. I decided for a few, Forex among them.

I knew NOTHING about Forex trading at the time, but I was told it was a good way to start. So, I read a little here and there, got myself started online and played it safe for a while.

However, I started noticing it was very time consuming for me to be waiting for the perfect timing, being in front of the monitor looking for chances to make a move, and in reality, and if you are an expert trader you will notice, I possess very basic knowledge of the process.

Wise advice

sRs Trend Rider 2.0  Wise advice

A friend of mine who is always looking how to generate other sources of income, pointed out to Vladimir’s sRs Trend Rider, told me a little about it and I decide to check it out.

As I was browsing through the website, I thought it sounded like a scam, but then I started to notice there were no crazy money promises, Vladimir always made expectations clear, and my friend recommended it.

After going through all the available free material, and seeing the pricing, I thought: OK, I can make that money back, why not.

So, I got the sRs Trend Rider 2.0 and the manual, but I was still reluctant to fund my account and start the process.

After reading the manual, and learning how it worked, I decided to give it a shot.

I followed Vladimir’s advice on the currencies, on how to allow sRs Trend Rider work for me, just follow its alerts, make a decision, and see how it worked.

I’m still learning, and figuring it out, but by following the guide, I have been making hundreds of dollars a month. I still don’t feel so confident to take bold decisions, but so far so good.

The sRs Trend Rider 2.0 in a nutshell

sRs Trend Rider 2.0  Wise advice

So, as a newbie of Forex trading, one sits down watching the indicators and calculating whether it’s a good time to make a move or not.

Believe, when this moments came I

  • Would panic
  • Freeze out of doubt on how to proceed
  • Was not really sure what was I reading
  • Would ultimately waste a chance

Vladimir has been doing Forex trading for quite a while now, and helping other people. Through his years of experience, he developed an “eye” so to speak, for patterns of behavior on forex, and deciding when was a good moment to make a move.

Let’s say…. When you are driving, changing gears, at the beginning you really need to take a second and decide which gear to choose and how to make the change. Then, after a few weeks, you just do it automatically, out of habit, without thinking.

Basically, it is like this for advanced Forex traders, but Vladimir was able to condense it in a software and a guide.

Main functions

sRs Trend Rider 2.0  Main functions

So, what the software does is

  • Work with optimal currency pairs
  • Automate the analysis of the earnings
  • Make a very simple summary for you
  • Send the summary as a notification
  • Notifications are only when the trading is good
  • So, it lets you know if it’s a moderate move, or a risky one but always positive
  • You click one button
  • It’s done

Because I have been investing in a conservative way, I haven’t done much, but the promise of 99% automated is completely delivered. You just have to say yes or no!

Let me start from the beginning

FOREX Banking Stock Market

In the eBook, which you get as a PDF. Vladimir breaks down the optimal currency pairs with which you could make optimal profits. Now in the sRs Trend Rider you can input this information and so it will start analyzing these two for you.

Now, instead of you having to be constantly monitoring the behavior of said currencies, the software does the monitoring, analyzing the behavior and finding the optimal conditions for the trading to happen.

When it finds something optimal for you, it sends a notification to you indicating that there is a profitable opportunity and it also indicates the level of risk, which, as a beginner, I really find reassuring.

Now, if you see something you like, you just decide whether to proceed or not, and the software does everything for you.

This is the ultimate beauty of it! You can get off the screen and relax, enjoy life and keep making money.

If you are more on the conservative side, like I am, and a total beginner (guilty), you might be aiming to 3 figures a month.

Listen, no one will just give away this money, so this is actually, AMAZING!

Click this link to get sRs Trend Rider today, and learn what’s really going on in the stock market, and how you can get the odds into your favor!

Easy to follow, use, and measure.

Stock Exchange Trading Forex Finance Graphic

When you read the book and as you go on learning, you learn which indicators to follow and how to make the right choices yourself but, if you have opportunity to delegate that task to the software, why bother?

The premise behind Vladimir’s approach is that it is important that you understand the indicators and how the market behaves, but you don’t actually need to make analysis or connect the dots yourself, but let yourself get informed by sRs Trend Rider and then make a decision based on the final notifications you will get.

I found this very valuable because I tend to get emotional. You know, it is my money and I want to make the best decisions, but on the other hand, if I have to go through all the analysis, plus long term contemplations, plus immediate results, I tend to freeze.

With this software, decisions are made easily and I actually get to detach myself emotionally from the decisions regarding investments.

So, if you go through the website, you will see that the principle is: Glimpse, Decide, and Trade. Every word of it is true, and it is as easy as it states.

Is this for me?

Business Corporate Protection Safety Security

We need to take a minute here and reflect on our skill level and what we are actually looking for.

If you are an advanced trader, maybe you already the sixth sense it takes to make fruitful decisions, and that is ok, but then maybe this is not for you. But if you feel like having something in the background that you can just occasionally take a look at and make decision and money, then it could be useful for you.

I would fully recommend this for

  • People who are just beginning
  • People who don’t want to be chained to their computer
  • People who want to experiment
  • People who want to learn more about Forex trading
  • People who want something easy to use and follow

As I mentioned before in this review. I’m pretty much on the “conservative” side of Forex trading, and still I have made hundreds of dollars a month just following the glimpse, decide, and trade principle.

Because of the multi-platform software, I receive notifications everywhere, so then I can be immediately wanted whenever there is a good move to be made and I make it.

This gives me freedom to work on other things that I fully enjoy and still make money in the background.

Does this sound weird? Yes. Is it? No. trading is one of those sources of income that people tend to get away from or discard because they assume it is difficult to calculate, or they think it’s very risky, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

A tool that works

sRs Trend Rider 2.0  A tool that works

Just look around. If you are reading this review I am pretty sure you don’t have that many friends that invest in forex. I know don’t, the only person I know I the friend that referred me to Vladimir’s system. If it would have been otherwise, I might have even thought it was a scam.

It’s just so uncommon to bump into this type of things, because almost no one dares, because it’s unchartered territory.

My point being: It sounds weird because it actually is different. It is not what everybody does, and because it is not so well known, people tend to mistrust.

So, if you are open, if you want to explore other sources of income that most of your social circle maybe haven’t even thought of, but you don’t know where to start, then this can actually work greatly for you.

As you learn more and become better, of course you can move on, or just have the software running in the background generating money for you, or maybe for someone else you care about.

When it comes to investing, we all have our own style and interests, and I advise to completely follow your gust on this. If you are into Forex trading, then buying this method will completely upgrade your game.

Pros and cons

sRs Trend Rider 2.0  Pros and cons


  • You get summarized info about trading
  • You have more freedom to do other things
  • You still generate money
  • You get notifications wherever you are
  • You can trade wherever you are
  • This is almost completely automatized


  • You don’t have complete control of the info you get
  • Your trading is mostly focused on 2 pair currencies
  • You don’t get to fully analyze the market behavior
  • The software does most things for you

Listen, although the cons can sound like pros for most people. For advanced traders, these are cons and maybe they wouldn’t want to fully rely on an algorithm to make decisions for them.

Bur for those of us who are just beginning, or are not planning to dedicate a lot of time in our investing for now, this works great!

And yes, it really works as easy it says it does, and that is why there are no crazy promises, or non-reachable goals.

Like most things in life it depends on the effort and thought you put into it. If you are like me and want to not worry so much, for whatever reason, then you’ll make conservative amounts, and for me that’s OK for now.

My friend, he takes risks, and he likes exploring unchartered territory, and thus he loses a lot, but when he earns, he earns more that I can ever imagine. It’s a matter of styles and dedication, rather than luck.

Making a decision

sRs Trend Rider 2.0  Making a decision

For us, millennials, thinking of our future and where to put our money, it isn’t as simple as it was for our parents. The global tendencies have a lot to do with it, but also because we have easier access to more information than our parents.

When it comes to decide where to invest where and how to invest our money, you can go for conservative or wild. I deeply respect people who take huge risks, because they even though they might get huge loses, when they actually make a profit it tends to be more than I would make in 5 years.

However, for me, I see investing as a long-term thing, and that is why I play more on the safe side. True, I don’t get those revenues, but my money does get multiplied and I get to remain in the game.

Even though with the eBook I am able to understand Forex trading, the software clears many obstacles of understanding and, because I’ve seen that its suggestions actually work, I now have a sense of security that I didn’t have before.

It has become as easy as reading the notification with the summarized indicators and say yes or no.

A system that works

sRs Trend Rider 2.0  A system that works

Because I only follow one pair of currencies, then it is easier for me to keep track of what is going on and, even though, there might be other currencies or combinations that I might be not profiting from. The ones I’m working with make sense and make a profit.

Again, if you have that sixth sense of knowing where the market is going to, and making profitable decisions based on that. Then maybe this is not for you.

But for those of us who are still getting used to it and want to take more measured risks, then maybe this is a great way to start.

It’s also very easy to start, you buy the software and you get the manual PDF together with it. After you create and fund your account, you might need to wait some hours until your funds get approved and then you can start as. As simple as that.

After that is done, then you are off to a whole new world of investment and making money.

I’ve read other reviews online, and that is partly why I decided to write this one. All of them coincide in this being a good software and a good starting point.

Deciding where to invest your money is actually not easy. I mean, it is the result of your hard work and effort, but in the end of the day you can’t just let it go to waste keeping it in the bank or stored somewhere in your house.

It is better if you keep it circulating and don’t allow devaluation to hit you hard. Investing in Forex is one way to achieve this, and sRs Trend Rider is an amazing way to start without getting into complicated terms, calculations, and technicalities.

There is also a “money back” guarantee if this would turn out to not be for you but, of course, that is not the point.

Final thoughts

In my personal opinion, it was not so easy to make the choice to start with Forex, But as I went on with the sRs Trend Rider, and I was earning money and learning new things, I decided to stick to it, and it is something that I will follow fulltime in the next few months.

There are so many opportunities I have been missing out in life just because of fear of failure. The money that I decide to start with has already grown, so I might as well learn a valuable lesson out of it while making a profit.

I do hope that his review was useful on your decision. I invite you to read other reviews so you can get more information.

Just don’t wait for too long, not because this is a “once in a life time” thing, you can always invest on Forex, but because, every second you are not investing is money that you are not having in your bank account.

Good luck taking this step and making money. I wish you learn a lot and you can also help those around you.

Happy investing!

You can get your hands on the sRs Trend Rider 2.0 right here by clicking this link, and you’ll see how to spot the winning trends!

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  1. Jorge Waters

    Looking for ways to make extra money. Got this already trying it now with this advice. Anyone else know something else different?

  2. Dolores C.

    I used to think that forex trading was for crazy people. Even thought it was a scam. But you want to know what is a crazy scam?! Not doing your research and educating yourself properly before jumping in head first. You need to be an insider to make this work and you’re not going to be an insider by riding on your luck. There are people who know this industry well and they want to teach you. Learn from them! Great article. Good information.

  3. Fourth review I’m reading. I’m convinced. I’m going to get it and write my own experience. Thanks for the support.

  4. Sam Pittenger

    This is a real time-saver.I always wanted to dabble in forex trading but I did not have the time to focus on trading. It was impossible for me to be always on my toes as I am constantly surrounded by other priorities. sRs Trend Rider has reduced my burden as I no longer need to divert my attention from office. I just get accurate notifications at my fingertips to make money without hassles.

  5. Hey, I just started venturing into the forex trading thing in order to earn some extra money for myself. I am happy to have come across what I really needed. I am so sure that these resources will be of great help to me. Time to make that extra income buddy.

  6. Let’s face it, we can’t always win in trading. But that’s where we’ve thought wrong. For someone who’s been part of the trading industry I’ve seen the patterns for this but there are always times that I commit errors. But this one’s got your back! I love it. Thanks.

  7. Melissa Lloyd

    The beauty of the sRs Trend Rider 2.0 trading strategy is found in the tools you get to help you trade the strategy like a pro trader from trade .

  8. This way we manage to spot very accurately the end of the correction phase. Nothing more nothing less. To be honest we don’t need more. Knowing the trend direction and knowing when the correction is over is already enough for you to make money.

  9. The sRs Trend Rider 2.0 trading system was created by , a well know Forex trader and mentor. This improved version has been created by updating the original sRs Trend Rider strategy after 6 years and 1512 trading days and includes some excellent trading tools.

  10. I am really happy that i decided to buy this system. And for sure it is a system worth using because i have seen how well it works. For a period 2 months i have been able to double my profits because of this new system.

  11. Katherine Kessler

    The main purpose of sRs Trend Rider 2.0 is to provide actionable trading signals for trader’s consideration and then to open and manage positions if the trader decides to follow the particular signal.

  12. Everything works well and as intended — there were no really distracting glitches or critical bugs. My test results of sRs Trend Rider weren’t stellar.

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