As more freelancers flood the online market, online opportunities continue to increase. Many individuals, today, earn their daily bread by doing simple tasks on different online platforms. Some of the jobs in the online niche that people embrace include freelance writing, affiliate marketing, earning by typing, or selling slogans.

All these jobs have made people rich. Some of these individuals leave their office work just to get serious with the online hustle.

In this article, we will review the slogan seller website, which is a goldmine for people who are broke or are finding it hard to make money on the internet.Slogan Seller Program

A Brief Introduction of the Slogan Seller

“Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.” The Slogan seller is a website where users make and sell attractive but straightforward slogans using their computer. Once you come up with the phrase, the user will upload it online.

Different customers buy these slogans. Clients include large, small companies and individual buyers.  If the slogan is good enough, you can make thousands of dollars with one single phrase or word.Slogan Seller Program

What constitutes a slogan?

Upon registering, the slogan seller provides you with a tool that helps you to create the slogans. The most effective slogans constitute simple sentences, which comprise two or three words.

People also use famous quotes, emojis, and common phrases that are used frequently. For instance, from the site, you will find that phrases like, “OMG”, “Never Give Up”, “Be Yourself”, brought thousands of dollars to the ones who came up with the idea.

Note that individuals who make these slogans do not have to be graphic gurus or be familiar with the design world. No. Ordinary freelancers use pure knowledge to create slogans.Slogan Seller Program

Where the Idea Came from

The company’s founder is Ben Olson.

He never had an idea of establishing the company in the first place. The idea dawned on Ben when he had to drop out of school because he did not have enough funds to cater for his college fee. While in a conversation with a friend, he discovered that he would make money by typing slogans.

Ben went on to do his research. To his surprise, he found thousands of ways, which one to make money through writing. After the first tryout, Ben was able to make $4,000 with just three words: “Brewed To Perfection”.

After establishing the company, he was now able to make over $50,000 annually.Slogan Seller Program

Slogan Seller: How does it work?

At first hearing about Slogan Seller, I doubted it. You had to agree with me that if you heard that just typing words, symbols, and phrases can reach $ 3,000 or more in a month, you certainly felt the same, right?

But I didn’t neglect it, so I decided to explore the product in depth. I’m interested in the positive reviews that came from people who used it, and it certainly helped them.

Other students who have access to the Slogan Seller system have previously shared their experiences of how they can now make money from home, make a career out of it, and experience a new way to earn money. They say they had no idea how to be a slogan writer before the program. The slogan seller is designed to help freelance writers make money in three easy steps.

First, just make a slogan. It can be done as a word, a phrase or even a symbol. Whatever creativity causes in your brain, you can sell it to a company and make money.

Then upload your slogan to the web in seconds. As long as you make access to your computer and the internet, you can display your banners online for others to purchase.

I want to say this process is not so easy as they claim. The websites you can upload to are actually product websites like Etsy or Shopify – so you’re not just selling a slogan that takes 10 seconds to write – you’re selling a t-shirt or coffee mouse that needs some time to draw.

And if someone uses a slogan you made, you get paid. This is called paying royalties. It can take some minutes to create a banner, and you will be able to win immediately after that.Slogan Seller Program

People who would want to Work on the Site

Just like Ben, many people are struggling to make ends meet.

This review is just for you.

Slogan seller offers extensive opportunities for people who want to:

  • Work at home. Office jobs can be tiring. Your current occupation may also bring little income at the end of the month. You also benefit from working a few hours. Ben, in his review of the website, says that he only works less than one hour a day.
  •  Have multiple streams of income. You have to make various slogans so that you can make money. You have no limit on the number of slogans you can make when you come to this site
  • Use their creativity to make money. As mentioned in this review earlier, you do not need any graphic design knowledge to make a crazy and creative slogan. Besides, anybody can be creative.

Why Should Users Register on the Site?

Most online entrepreneurs do not trust such companies because some of them steal your money. Therefore, new users will become reluctant because they think that they will be conned just like on some other malicious site.

On the other hand, this is not the case with the company.

As we did our research, we found no negative reviews about the site. Different reports stated that the site is legit. Here are some of the reasons why we think that this is a legit company:Slogan Seller Program

1. User-friendliness

The website is easy to navigate. Once you get into the site’s interface, you do not have a problem going through the site. Also, navigating through it is very easy.

2. Testimonials

When you scan through the website, different users compliment the system. In their reviews, they state that they were able to go through the training successfully, and started to earn money by creating slogans.

3. Money Back Guarantee

Users have to pay a fee to access all the site’s services. The amount tends to change depending on the discount that the company is offering at different times. If you feel that the site is not a place where you belong, or earn money, the system has a 60-day money-back guarantee where you can get back your cash.

Many people want to join the program. The most efficient way of short-listing them is by putting a fee on it. The charge will only invite intentional people into the venture.

4. Numbers do not lie

On the site’s landing page, the site’s owner posts different slogans, how much they made, and includes screenshots of Ben’s PayPal account. I think this is enough evidence for any person who is uncertain about the authenticity of the site.

5. Safe and secure site

One thing that most people ignore to check is the site’s safety. Legit owners will invest in a stable system. A non-secure website will bring different malware to your computer, which can damage your machine or even your privacy.

On this site, the team states that they use McAfee antivirus to enhance integrity.

What Happens After Successful Registration?

After successful registration, the user will access all the site’s resources.

The system provides an eBook that gives a step-to-step detail on how to make money. It reveals three methods that you can use to start your writing business.Slogan Seller Program

Method 1

The first method introduces you to the system and shows you different ways you can use it to market your idea. New users will be taught the meaning of slogans, and how to come up with the best phrases. Additionally, the book helps you to develop an idea out of a previous one. They should be original and make it purposeful to you.

The next section shows the different graphics tools to use to make it more appealing to the commercial buyer. The third part shows you how you market the slogan. You will have a list of companies and products that would wish to buy your slogan at a reasonable price.

According to different reviews, this method is the best and the easiest to implement.  Reviewers state that they were able to get quick results.

Method 2

The slogan seller system has different contests that a seller can join. Companies would spend massive amounts, even millions of dollars, to get a catchy phrase for their products. In these contests, the seller has to develop the slogan, and the system will reveal a list of contests to join. The method also gives you strategies to use to bring you more money in these contests.

Method 3

This strategy involves a lot of marketing. This is where the book shows you a list of companies that may be interested in buying your ideas. Once you get a potential buyer, make a phrase and submit it to them.

The seller should understand that the buyer has different guidelines and rules that they check when you submit the slogan. The buyer should adhere to these regulations; otherwise, the company may ignore their advances.

To help you to create a successful career in this industry, you will have other experienced slogan sellers who will help you to develop the skills that you need.Slogan Seller Program

Other resources that slogan seller provides include:

  • Video Tutorials- The team has created numerous instructional clips to help the user know how to use the different design tools
  • Different design tools- These tools help to create the best and most sophisticated designs
  • Access to profitable markets- As a seller you want to have a market that will give you a handful of opportunities that provide enough profit. Once you register, the system will give you access to these markets.
  • Ready-made slogans- One slogan can resell repeatedly. Therefore, the slogan seller provides a formula for users to resell these slogans.
  • Customer support- This is an essential tool in case you have a problem with the system. The team will be available to offer any help that you need.Slogan Seller Program


According to this review (and many other reviews), the Slogan Seller platform is a safe, secure and reliable system. With it, you are assured that you will make more money in the comfort of your home. However, you should not assume that this is a get-rich-quick money scheme.

If it was, it must be a pyramid scheme. Therefore, buyers need to put in a lot of effort to ensure that they earn thousands of dollars that they have been dreaming of making.

The team encourages people to create as many slogans as possible. This is because not all slogans have the potential of bringing you much money.

If you earn a few dollars within the first month, do not give up. Put more hard work into it.

Create catchy phrases so that more clients can come to you. Beware not to use an already established slogan because the product owner can sue you for using it. Such suites can cost you millions of dollars in a court of law.

Slogan Seller

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  1. The truth is that this program has really worked for me and my company. Some of the major steps i have made is because of the ideas i have learned from this guide. It provides some very creative slogans that will make you money within a short time.

  2. If he really earns that much money why wouldn’t he just show the statement as it is?

    Another thing that really bothered me is this photo “Easy-Money-Selling-Slogans”

    The author probably just made up some random numbers to get your attention, that’s all.

  3. The Slogan Seller package supplies you with everything and anything that you will need to be a success in this niche, including access to their Member’s Area, where you can download the guides for the system, get direct access to markets that will snap up your slogans, design tools that take the hassle out of the minimal work required, and even some ready-made slogans to give you ideas.

  4. The Slogan Seller package offers to you anything and everything you will possibly need to be successful in this niche, they design tools that take the hassle out of the minimal work required, and the best part is you could even get slogans that are already made for you to give you ideas.

  5. Thanks to the team of slogan seller. This is really a legit product that i recommend to everyone interested in making money online.Just test the waters.

  6. John Archuleta

    I have been really surprised with the extent to which it has increased my monthly income. Definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme, so don’t expect to make instant profits with no work at all, but if you stick with it, it will really pay off.

  7. Through an easy to follow guide and video tutorials – how to create marketable slogans and symbols that these aforementioned companies will simply gobble up. And pay you repeatedly in the process.

  8. The Slogan Seller is 48 pages long e-book that will teach you everything you need to know. For instance, what the slogans are all about, how to write an exceptional one, where to sell it afterward, etc.

  9. Through guides and video tutorials Slogan Seller teaches you how to create marketable slogans and symbols that will make these companies look for you and you repeatedly.

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