Many of you must have visited at least one casino in your life. The term “casino” is not something new for most of you. There are many cities all across the planet that are popular for their casinos. Some of the major ones in this include Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, Paris, San Jose, and Macau to name a few.

If you have ever entered a casino in your entire life, you would know that there are different types of games played in a casino. Collectively, these are known as casino games. In any game played at casinos, players use cash money for gambling. But, some games demand the use of casino chips for different possible random combinations of outcomes or outcomes.

Casino Games That Even Money Bets

As discussed above, there are various types of casino games played all across the world. However, these games can be classified under three different categories. Details about these three categories are discussed below in brief.

Gaming Machines

When it comes to gaming machines, these are normally played by a single player at a time. Such machines do not require any assistance from any of the employees of the casino. The player places his bet and activates the machine. The result of the machine determines his winning number or his probability of winning the game. Some examples of game machines include pachinko and slot machines.

Table Games

When it comes to table games, these require one or many players who wish to play or compete against the house or the casino itself. They seldom compete with each other. Employees of the casino usually conduct table games. They are known as dealers or croupiers. Some of the table games include craps and blackjacks.

Random Number Games

Just as the name suggests such a game is based upon the selection of random numbers. The selection may either be from other gaming equipment or from a computerized random number generator. You can play such a game either at a table or by purchasing cards or paper tickets. These include Bingo and Keno.

All about Roulette

Most of you must have heard about roulette. It is an extremely popular game played at casinos all over the world. The name roulette is from a French word that means little wheel. It is quite possible that it was developed from an Italian game Biribi.

Roulette players bet either on a single number, the colors black or red, odd or even numbers, groups of numbers, or whether the number will be high or low. To decide upon the winning number, the croupier spins the wheel in a single direction. At the same time, he spins the ball in the opposite direction along a tilted circular track.

This track runs along the outer edge of the roulette wheel. Gradually, the ball loses its momentum and passes through a row of deflectors. Finally, it falls onto the wheel into one of thirty-seven or thirty-eight or thirty-nine numbered and colored pockets. The winning amount is paid to the person who had placed the correct bet.

Rules to Play Roulette against a Casino

When it comes to playing roulette, you will be surprised to know that roulette players have loads of betting options. When placing inside bets it is choosing the exact number of the pocket where the ball might land. It may also mean a limited range of pockets that are based upon their distance on the layout.

Roulette players who wish to place bets on the “outside” will choose bets on bigger positional groupings of pockets. It may also be the pocket color or whether the winning final number is odd or even. The odds of the payout for each variety of bet is mainly based upon the probability.

The roulette table normally imposes the least and maximum bets. Under normal circumstances, these regulations apply separately. This is true for all of a player’s inside and outside bets for every spin. For all the inside bets at a roulette table, you might find some casinos that use a separate set of chips. These chips are of different colors to help differentiate the players at a specific table.

As the ball spins around the wheel, the players have the advantage of placing their bets. This will continue until the dealer makes an announcement that he cannot take any more bets.

More about the Rules

Once the roulette wheel determines the color and the winning final number, the dealer will place a marker. This marker is also known as a dolly. He places the marker on the roulette table layout on the winning final number. Once the dolly is placed on the table, nine of the players can place bets anymore.

Apart from placing a bet, none of the players can neither collect bets or remove any bet from the table. The dealer sweeps away all the losing bets. He does so either using his hands or by using a rake. Once this is done, he will determine the entire payout to the remaining inside and outside winning bets.

The marker is also removed from the board where all the players collect their individual winning amounts. Then they can place new bets if they want. All the winning chips remain on the board.

Number Sequence of the Roulette Wheel

Many people rush to casinos with the sole hope of getting big payouts after placing their bets. You will come across many people who forget about their families and get addicted to betting. They consider it to be a major profit in their lives. Although they come with a good strategy to win big, most often than not they lose.

If you look at a roulette table, you will notice that there are 37 different pockets in it. In casinos, each one of them is numbered starting from 0 to 36. In the case of number playing ranges starting from 1 to 10 and 19 to 28, the odd numbers are marked as red. On the other hand, the even numbers are marked as black.

At the same time, in ranges from 11 to 18 and 29 to 36, black is the color for the odd numbers and red is the color for the even. The number 0 is marked by the color green. If you consider the American roulette, you will find a second pocket that is marked by 00.

The layout of Roulette Table

When you visit one of the top casinos in town, to wager some money and hope to win a big payout, you may often wonder about several things. You might wonder whether to play machines with slots or prefer playing a table game at casinos.

If you like to place your odds on a roulette table, you should know that the betting area of it is known as the layout. This area is either double-zero as in American roulette or single-zero. Most of the casinos use American-style roulette. It comes with a wheel at one end. The reason behind the growing popularity of the American-styled roulette is its higher house edge. This is in comparison to the European roulette wheel.

All about the European Roulette Wheel

If you read any article on European roulette in the UK or anywhere in the world, you will come to know about several crucial data about it. Whether you prefer to play online roulette at online casinos or some of the best physical casinos, the rule remains the same.

The wheel of the French or European roulette has a single 0. This makes it a better choice for people who wish to offset the effect of any variance. There is a significant decrease in the house edge. In the long run, there will be a better probability for players to win bigger bets or reduce the probability of losing bets.

The portion of the wheel with the number 0 will be green whereas the other 36 zones will be equally divided into two parts. One half will be black and the other will be red.

All about the American Roulette

The American roulette is one of the most popular items played at casinos in every major American city. Whether you play online roulette in online casinos or prefer playing offline, betting your odds against others is a major gambling addiction amongst many people.

You will also find that people like to play the American version of roulette on other continents, such as Asia and the UK. However, when it comes to Europe, they prefer the European version as opposed to the American one. The rising popularity of the American version is due to its help in making a strategy.

What Is A Roulette Calculator?

When it comes to playing roulette, the probability of you winning basically depends on your luck and some tricks. If you wish to reduce your probability of losing bets, then you will need to use a roulette calculator. As opposed to a gambler’s fallacy, a roulette calculator can help you predict accurately whether you will win your bet or not.

It is of utmost importance that you use a roulette calculator that helps you with your betting and overcome the odds of you losing bets repeatedly. If you use the right calculator, users can have fun playing a game of online roulette at online casinos.

Roulette Calculators

When you talk about a roulette calculator, it is software that will help you with your bets. It is often seen that when a player bets on roulette, he looks confused. A good roulette calculator will help you with a straight-up bet. You can start using the software from the first spin to help you with the next spin.

A good roulette calculator will help users keep track of the number of times they landed on a specific part of the board. For example, it will help keep track of the even and odd sections. The data will also help you know how often you landed on the blacks and reds.

You can ignore the hot and cold numbers that casinos generally display to their players. With the help of the roulette calculator, you can measure the distance from where the dealer spins his ball to where the ball actually lands. This will help you gauge the probability of the hot areas on the board.

What Do You Get With The Roulette Calculator?

While betting your next number or next spin in roulette if you wish to look confident, then it is better to use a roulette calculator. This calculator will help you overcome the odds of you losing your bets and winning more often than not. You will get several additional benefits with your roulette calculator bundle offer.


This tool can help you with your gambling in a game of roulette and win big amounts of money. This tool will help you keep proper track of the different sections of the roulette board. This means the reds, blacks, odds, and evens. It will also help you keep track of the dozens, columns, highs, and lows.

Dealer Tracker

The dealer tracker helps you keep track of any live dealer and identify the consistencies and patterns of the dealer’s signature. This data will help you place your next number carefully and get proper payouts. If you can get an idea of your dealer’s consistency, it will help you with the forthcoming spin or several future spins that you intend to place.

Area Key

The area key is a crucial part of the roulette calculator. It tells you how often the ball will to a specific section of the wheel. This helps you calculate your spins and enjoy maximum payouts. Thus, check the area key and bet your spin accordingly.

Number Tracker

When you place your bet in roulette the odds of gambling and winning may not be huge for you. However, with the help of the number tracker you can you can increase your probability of winning bets easily in roulette. This tracker can track an air-powered roulette wheel to determine patterns of the different air pressures.

Roulette Social Network

Apart from getting access to various useful tools, you will also gain access to the family of roulette calculators online. You can chat with others and discuss how to improve your chances of winning a roulette called bets.


If you like to spend time online, then you will notice that there are options for you to play roulette online as well. The payouts will depend entirely upon your playing and betting skills. If you wish to enjoy a lower house edge or a double street, then you may opt for a membership plan with a roulette calculator.

Although you may sign-up for the free membership plan, there are two paid plans as well. The free membership will not give you all the benefits as the paid membership will. Unlike the free membership, the paid ones will give you access to all the tools to help you calculate your spins.

The first non-free membership is a monthly pack and the second non-free membership is for an annual pack. Both of these packs will help you bet like a pro after you calculate your odds of winning in a betting game.


Most of you like to place your bet in a game of roulette. However, the probability of winning the bet may either be high or low. If you keep winning most of the time, then you feel the urge of betting more than once. However, if you bet without thinking much about your family or future, the gambling tendency may soon get in your system and turn into an addiction.

If you wish to bet like a professional in roulette then you will require a roulette calculator. This software will help you with your betting and reduce the odds of you losing a game. The software comes with several tools that increase the probability of you winning your gambling sessions.

If you wish to get an example and see how such software can help you place a safe bet in the roulette with reduced odds, then you need to open an account. Once you open the account, you will get an example of how it can help you with your betting skills. You will be able to place a bet and with reduced odds win a big payout.


Many like to place a bet the moment you enter some of the best casinos. However, if you are not a professional, then placing a bet may backfire. Betting with the odds against you may prove to be a disaster. Thus, it is safe to bet when you know that betting will have the odds least against you and give you maximum payout.

With the help of the roulette calculator software, betting can become easy for you. Safe betting in the roulette with the least odds against you can help you place a bet like a professional player. Once you start betting like a pro and place your bet like others, you will notice that your bet will become more fruitful. You can bet with more confidence and you can bet without worrying about a loss. Thus, the software can help you place a bet in roulette better. You will be able to play roulette properly.

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