Horse Betting is a very popular sport. The sport began in the early 1600s in the United Kingdom. During King James I’s reign, gamblers would come and stake their money on the final placement of horses taking part in a race.

Today anyone in 41 out of the 50 states can place their bet online on a horse race and stand a chance to win.

Gambling is a game of chance. You could win or lose when you place your bet in any gambling system. But, what if there was a betting system that could guarantee your winnings and earn a profit on your bets?

Little Acorns Gold is a legitimate investment strategy that can put a lot of tax-free money in different currencies into your pocket within the next three months alone.

The Little Acorns book will completely transform your horse betting experience. For four years, the little acorns betting system has won the best horse betting system award.

As the adage goes, “Mighty oak from little acorns grow,” the horse racing system allows its bettors to make small gains using a short and systematic method.

This Little Acorns review will dive into the Little Acorns system and how you can leverage it to make money laying horses.

What is Little Acorns  System?

Little Acorns is a low-liability laying system used purely on Betfair or other suitable exchange.

It has been operating for a while and has a sizable following, earning multiple honors as a premier horse-racing betting method.

The creator, Andrew David, promises that the formula he devised will allow you to increase profits in a stress-free way. Profits can range from seven to 35 times what you put in, all while minimizing the risk of hefty liability pay-outs.

The laying system has been around for several years, amassing quite a following since people saw positive results.

How Does The Horse Betting System Work?

Every bet has two sides: someone bets on an outcome to happen (a back bet) and someone bets on an outcome not to happen (a lay bet). Bookmakers usually represent the lay side, which means they offer customers odds that they are willing to lay.

The Little Acorns system works on the concept of a lay bet.

In Little Acorns Gold, laying a horse to lose assumes a minor role as a bookmaker. When a horse loses, you win and keep your punter’s stake. When a horse wins, you return your punter’s money plus a bonus based on the odds you offered when the bet was placed.

In other words, if any other horse in the race finishes first, you win. You lose if the horse you bet against wins, and you must pay the backer his earnings, which could be much more than the stake. So it is essential to exercise caution while deciding how much to lay.

Regular bookmakers have been using laying to reliably line their own deep pockets with plenty of cash for years but on a wider scale. Furthermore, they are still wealthy as a result of it.

However, betting exchanges such as Betfair now allow you to ‘play’ at being a bookie and siphon off some of those hefty cash returns for yourself.

Unlike with previous laying systems, Little Acorns Gold expels the possibility that you will attract more than your fair share of punters who will place winning bets with you, wiping out all of your profit and wreaking havoc on your bank.

Little Acorns Gold is a legitimate take-it-to-the-bank investment that can put thousands of dollars in your bank account while reducing your potential losses to negligible levels.

All you need to get started is a desktop computer or laptop, an Internet connection, and the desire to devote only 15 to 20 minutes each day to follow the simple step-by-step instructions for your chance to earn £20,000 or more per year from small stakes with absurdly low risk.

We recommend you start small. Little Acorns Gold accepts as low as £2 lays, earning you from £14 to £70 monthly. You can start testing the waters with a £5 to familiarize this powerful yet simple selection procedure and can witness the exciting results for yourself.

Once you are confident, you can slowly increase your lay at a sensible pace.

The Little Acorns system gives back seven to 35 times your bet.

The process of placing bets is simple. You can place your bet and leave it there or physically monitor it on your screen. Some people use bots to track their progress, although this is optional. Watch your bank grow and enjoy the low risks.

However, it’s best to leave the money in the bank for as long as possible for your bet to grow.

The Little Acorns system also works using a level-staking strategy.

Staking Plans

Staking is an important part of the Little Acorns system, and if you follow the progressive staking plan, you’ll need a large bank. The laying system advises a 176-point bank.

The system has different staking strategies, including the Fibonacci staking plan, level stakes, and the two-step back staking plan.

Level staking is appropriate for those who are more cautious.

What is A Staking Plan?

A staking plan, also known as a staking strategy, is a means of determining how much of your bank you should put into a certain stake.

There are many different staking strategies. However, you ultimately want to find a staking strategy that generates the best returns possible and minimizes the chance of losing the bankroll.

A few examples of staking strategies include:

  • Fixed Return Staking: Fixed return staking usually entails calculating wagers based on achieving a set return. As a result, the stake size will be determined by the chances of winning.
  • Level Stakes Staking: Staking where the punter agrees to staking a percentage of their total bank instead of spending a set amount on each bet.
  • Kelly Criterion: The Kelly Criterion plan determines the bets using a formula that calculates the fraction of the starting bank that should be outlaid. Punters can assess their bankroll at the end of the month/year, and as a result, the relative stake sizes will alter.
  • Ratchet Staking: Punters must compute their bet size based on the balance of their bank while using ratchet staking. The amount is usually expressed as a percentage of the bank’s total capital, and it will rise as the bank grows and fall as it shrinks.
  • Level/Ratchet Staking: This method combines the perks of level stakes and ratchet, and putting the two together can be a great strategy to maximize your bankroll by taking advantage of a steady edge. Each horse’s stake is a fixed percentage of the bank, and it is evaluated after a specified amount of time.

What is Fibonacci Staking?

The Fibonacci Staking Plan is based on the Fibonacci number sequence, created in the 12th century by an Italian mathematician. Each number is equal to the sum of the two numbers before it.

Many claims that the Fibonacci sequence can be used to create a highly efficient staking strategy, particularly in horse racing.

If your first bet fails, you move one step down to the next 1, then to 2, and so on. This will continue until you are victorious. If you reach number 21, you must remain there until you win. When you win the bet, you return to the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence.


  • The strategy should produce positive returns if you win more often than you lose.
  • Several recent losses can typically be covered by a single gain, allowing you to recover those funds quickly.


  • A losing sequence can quickly deplete your bankroll, forcing you to place large bets on single selections.
  • Stakes decrease as you go on a winning streak. This puts your hot run’s confidence in jeopardy.
  • This is a rather complex method for individuals new to betting or the mathematical sequence.

What is Level Stakes Staking?

Level stakes staking is a staking strategy that involves placing the same stake on each bet.

The level stake becomes a level percentage of punters bankroll. Instead of committing to placing a fixed amount on every bet, the punter commits to placing a certain percentage of their betting bank.

The stake will increase with winnings and decrease with losses.

Level stakes staking also uses a grading system of stakes depending on the punter’s odds. For example, an odds-on shot gets 4% of the bank, while anything larger than $20 only gets 1%, with 2% and 3% used at odds in between.

Depending on risk tolerance and average selections odds, punters typically place between 0.5- 2% of their betting bank for level.

The downside of level staking is that it doesn’t support maximum growth. If a punter has a consistent edge over the bookmakers, maintaining the same stakes doesn’t allow them to take advantage of that edge.


  • It’s nearly impossible to lose all of your money.
  • Stakes change each time to reflect your performance.
  • A long-term sustainability plan based on discipline.


  • It can take a long time to recover losses after you’ve fallen behind.
  • It’s sometimes tough to figure out how much to stake, especially when numerous bets are active simultaneously.
  • It isn’t easy to notice any genuine ROI when starting with a modest bankroll.

There is no original staking strategy that can be recommended to gamblers. The viability of a staking strategy depends on the punter’s risk tolerance, betting preferences, and knowledge of the game.

Professional and experienced bettors often prefer the Kelly Criterion, while newcomers find level staking the easiest method, to begin with.

What Can A Good Staking Plan Do For You?

Understanding how a positive staking plan might benefit you is critical, and understanding the constraints before implementing one.

  • It may motivate you to pay more attention to every decision you make. As a result, the likelihood of boredom betting and other harmful behaviors is reduced.
  • Prevent the risk of putting too much faith in a single selection. Overtaking can put you in grave danger, whether you’re chasing losses or trying to ride a positive wave to quick profits. A staking strategy provides the discipline needed to prevent this from becoming a problem.
  • Give specifics on how your bankroll is growing. Understanding the win ratios required to expect a profit from your continuous betting operations is part of this.
  • Working around your level of money might help you manage and safeguard your bankroll more effectively. It will help if you become more cautious in your strategy, whether the bets are defined as a financial amount or as a percentage of the bank total.

However, a staking plan can’t:

  • Improve your chances of finding value bets or boost your chances of winning specific choices. You have to do the appropriate research to see if the odds are still reasonable. If you consistently place terrible bets, your bankroll will eventually dwindle.
  • Staking strategies won’t work unless a consistent philosophy backs them up. Switching between single bets and accumulating sequences can jeopardize a staking strategy’s effectiveness.
  • Your bankroll will not be transformed overnight by staking ideas. It takes a long time to make money from sports betting. The optimal betting strategy lowers your risks and helps you maximize your future returns.
  • No particular staking plans aren’t always guaranteed to yield years of profit. Adapting your bankroll and gambling goals, as with all areas of betting, might be critical.
  • A staking plan that works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. As a result, finding the best answer for you should be at the top of your priority list.

How Do You Set Up and Bet on Little Acorns Gold?

Once you pay the one-off fee for the Little Acorns guide, you will receive the 24-page pdf file to effectively guide using the horse racing system.

The pdf file has everything from extensive explanations of betting lingo and processes to hand-holding explanations. If you’ve been betting for a while, you’ll know that this isn’t new information. You’ll probably want to jump ahead to the Little Acorns betting formula.

Anyone with a fundamental understanding of betting can understand and operate the horse racing betting system, with only four rules.

Finding the selections should take no more than 10-15 minutes per day, after which you just put your bets and call it a day. Return later to check your profits or losses.

It’s feasible to program a bot to locate your options, but this isn’t necessary.

What Are Some Features of The Horse Racing Betting System?

The Little Acorns Gold has great features favorable over other systems.

  • Simple to Use

When you sign up, you’ll gain access to a 24-page PDF explaining the process in detail. Afterward you must find the selections by yourself.

Checking the racing card prices on Betfair for picks that satisfy the criteria and recording the bets are part of the selection process. This will take some time to learn at first, but it should only take you 15 minutes daily, once you get used to it.

  • Extremely Low Liability

The selections’ average lay price is 1.75, which means the risk is very low. The possibility of making a profit is also high, which means that the odds will mostly be in your favor.

  • Low Initial Bet

You don’t need much money in your starting bank using the Little Acorns system. First, you should purchase the guide and bet a few hundred quid.

  • Long Term Steady Profits

Unlike other systems, Little Acorns has steady long-term profits that can grow into a substantial income over a few years. You can also keep your profits in your bank for up to three years.

  • Subscription Costs

You obtain access to the system for a one-time price of £97, and that’s it, no more payments are necessary.

  • Advised Bank

The service recommends a 176-point betting bank, which is one of the rare times we’ve seen a sufficient bank recommended by a service.

Can I Earn Money on Little Acorns?

Little Acorns is highly rated among its competitors, with a 5-star rating and the best horse racing betting system awards four years in a row.

This shows that you can make real money on the system, and this little acorns review proves it.

The Little Acorns system made 111 points in 2015 using the original staking plan,  with one losing month in June. So close to the 10% return on investment. However, if you employ the two steps back staking plan, the entire profit appears even better at 148 points profit.

It may not look like much earning an interest of £70 a month. However, you should remember that it is for just a stake of £2. A long-term winner knows that the strategy should be looked at from a ten-year perspective rather than a ten-month view.

The trick is compounding that slight advantage and giving yourself time to do the rest that works the magic. It’s about knowing how to invest wisely. Keep in mind that this is not a lottery ticket.

The investment works better online, and if systems have taught us anything, it is better to get small wins you can guarantee over a long period than settling for the get-rich-quick schemes.

Little Acorns is even favorable for those with day jobs. You only need to spare 15 minutes a day to check the racecards for qualifying selections and place your bet. Then you can go on with your day and forget about it.

Also, when looking for qualifiers, it is crucial to fight the urge to break from the Little Acorns guidelines when it comes to the price of a selection. So if a selection was 0.02 beyond the system rules, I wouldn’t lay it because it was virtually a qualifier.

Maintain a high level of discipline throughout, and the stakes will work to your advantage in the long run.

Benefits of Little Acorns

The Little Acorns system comes with many advantages:

  • If you decide to stick with the Little Acorns guidelines, you are guaranteed to make profits from the horse racing betting system. It is clear that the laying system is highly praised, looking at the Little Acorns reviews on several sites, comment sections, and horse betting articles.
  • The Little Acorns system has won the Lucy’s Betting Class Oscars from 2014 to 2017. You can see the badges posted proudly on the little acorns website.
  • You can enjoy the Place Profit Accelerator Bonus. The place market is quickly becoming a lucrative sector to exploit, especially when you employ this unique strategy that most Betfair players neglect.

Here’s an example of how easy it can be once you know-how:

  1. Make a circle around the races that qualify. (Average 1-3 times per day.)
  2. Verify that the prices qualify.
  3. Place your lay bets.

Disadvantages of Little Acorns

  • The system’s low-risk, the low-reward technique is a major turn-off. If you rely solely on it, it would be extremely difficult to make a respectable enough profit to allow you to quit your day job and become wealthy.
  • The system only works best long term. In the first two months, you may start seeing an increase in profits, but you will see full results in 36 months.

Our Take

If you are thinking of going into horse betting, Little Acorns might be the system for you. This Little Acorn review was meant to give you both the advantages and drawbacks of the system.

Many have already gained profits from it, and the system allows you to start small and at a high strike rate.

Our advice to you is, to choose a suitable staking strategy, then start small. The system allows bets as low as £2, and you can see the profits for yourself.

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