With the continuously fluctuating currency values, I always wanted to invest in foreign exchange with the intentions of becoming a currency trader. We have all seen people earning hundreds of dollars in minutes. I was always told that with the right tools…anyone can do it!

It’s a great way to make some extra money and I was able to do this with the right help.

OmniForex Signals

Forex business is certainly not steady, sometimes you lose and then you win BIG. You just need accurate techniques with good prediction rates. Don’t waste your precious time on techniques that make you work hard and demand a great deal of thinking.

Instead, choose a signal generator that does all the heavy lifting for you. After going through four Forex buy/sell instruction generators myself and numerous reviews, I settled for OmniForex Signals. The detailed historic currency analysis, pointing out currency pivot points and helpful suggestions leave only one task for you, clicking.

You don’t need to be an expert

It is NOT necessary for you to be a Forex expert in order to make huge profits and I will tell you all about it in this review. Just clicking at the right time on the right thing is necessary. I just followed the simple sell and buy signals generated by OmniForex. However, there are just a few basics that you should know about.

Forex trading is different from Currency trading, you can trade with a single stock but currency trading requires pairs. Here, you buy one currency and sell the other one to make a profit from the difference in their exchange rates.

The price of almost all currencies is defined to the fourth decimal place. The smallest increase is one percentage or pip change to a point, and this allows you to trade. This basic information combined with an easy to use program is all you need.

This automated signal generator is NOT A ROBOT. It is an online portal where you can sign in and start trading by gaining access through membership.

Information is the Key

So essentially, the single most important information from in Forex is the exchange rate between a currency pair. This information should reach you at the right time. This product will send you all the signals at the right time with valuable buy/sell suggestions.

The automated trading signals generate currency trade suggestions. These suggestions are not randomly generated; this is where the strongest feature of this system comes into play. The historic analysis of the activity in Forex market recognizes the existing trading opportunities and generates a trading suggestion.

OmniForex Signals Information is the Key

It is evident that a great deal of hard work was put in by financial mathematicians and professional computer experts to create the underlying complex algorithms that drive this system. Reducing your work to a bare minimum.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection to log in and start trading.

Where to start?

To use this product, I pay a monthly charge for the subscription. It was a lot for me, but once I saw how functional it is and I started making HUGE profits with it, the fee didn’t matter.

Still, if you think it is not cheap, there is another option for you. Try the product for three days at a very low price. I opted for the trial version and made enough in a few minutes that I decided to take up the monthly subscription.

This low trial version cost is for a limited time only for promotional purposes. If I were you, I would not let this offer slip.

Are there any hidden costs?

NO, absolutely NOT.

This is all you have to pay with no follow-up or additional charges.


Is there any initial investment?

  • A subscription fee
  • $1 to start trading

Yes, $1 is all you need to start trading with a broker. There are some brokers who will allow you to start trading at just $1.

This system is accessible to everyone AROUND THE WORLD! It is easy to use with its simple yet effective interface. I am sure that people from different countries make a fortune by using this trade signal generator.

There are signals for 18 different currency pairs, which is a lot compared to what I got with the other systems I used. I have a full-time job. Regardless, they send me signals whenever I am ready to trade and I just spend a few minutes every day on this system.

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Working with OmniForex

It is not just that this signal generator is far simpler to use than its counterparts. But the signals of this automated system are much more advanced when compared to other Forex signal providers. To know how complex other systems are, you do not have to use them, like I did, just reading the reviews is enough.


What I have observed with the other three systems I used is that they merely depend upon changes in average and other indicators of trading. While, OmniForex Signals follow sophisticated genetic and mathematical algorithms, and more like neural networks making it superior to others.

If you have used other signal generators in the past, you would know that they rely on simple bots to generate signals. This can NOT be enough for effectively profitable predictions. As I have noticed.


Meanwhile, this trustworthy signal generating system predicts the pivot points in a currency with accuracy by analyzing the past behavior. You get:

  • Detailed history
  • Best Currency pair analysis
  • 18 currency pairs

You do not have to necessarily deal in the currency of your country, just analyze and study to choose the most profitable pair.

Currency Pairs

How many do get? 18.

Let me list them for you.

  1. USD/EUR
  2. GBP/EUR
  3. USD/GBP
  4. USD/AUD
  5. USD/NZD
  6. CHF/USD
  7. JPY/AUD
  8. JPY/CHF
  9. CHF/EUR
  10. CAD/EUR
  11. JPY/EUR
  12. AUD/EUR
  13. CHF/GBP
  14. JPY/GBP
  15. USD/XAG
  16. CAD/USD
  17. JPY/USD
  18. USD/XAU

The goodness does not end here, the signals will point you in the right direction by indicating when is the RIGHT TIME to SELL and BUY. On your part, you do not have to do any market research or study of the Forex trading techniques.

You literally, just have to take up a suggested signal and put it up to your broker.

How does it function?

The working is based on 3 trading strategies:

  1. Weekly – 1 trade in a week
  2. Daily – 1 trade in a day
  3. Intraday – 3 to 6 trades in one day & no overnight positions

Although the trades available in a day are almost same as what the other systems had to offer me. But, I could use a couple more. Guess I’m being greedy, wink!

OmniForex Signals How does it function

As mentioned earlier, this is not a BOT. You must not confuse forex trading bots with forex signal generators.

With this system, you get trade suggestions (signals) in the three categories (weekly, daily and intraday). This will not trade forex for you automatically. You are the trader, you choose the suggestion that you want to act on, and it will require just a little thinking.

From my past experiences, I would suggest that you stay away from trading bots. Some of these bots make really bad decisions, mess up everything and you end up with big financial losses. They are capable of cleaning your entire bank account within a few hours of their operation.

Clicking just a “TURN ON” might sound simple, but this is your money and you should take charge. I have my share of nightmares when it comes to forex bots. I stay away.

Features of OmniForex

This is completely web-based, so I did not have to download anything on my computer. And the greatest is their in-depth analysis system. The fact that I get to choose among 18 currency pairs is also a big plus among other great features.

  • LIVE Forex quotes
  • 3 trading strategies
  • Signal generating feed
  • Help Desk
  • 60-day money back guarantee!!

The LIVE Forex feed brings to you the ongoing trading, so you know what the big fishes are betting on.

OmniForex Signals Features of OmniForex

You can choose to trade with one currency pair at a time or multiple. But I recommend starting with one if this is your first time. Just to keep things simple.

Closing Remarks

The OmniForex Signal generating system is obviously great for beginners. As I used it, I realized actually how useful it is, other products and their reviews are not even near in comparison. Not many other tools like this are available in the market for you to buy.

Essentially, all traders do not possess the time and resources to analyze Forex market for days or hours.

You also get a Help Desk if you have questions. And then there is the  60-day money back guarantee is there is something wrong with the system, you are completely secure!

Concluding this review, I would just say that the trial version definitely deserves a chance. Try it for 3 days and know for yourself.

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