I have been using Java charts for so long that I forgot that there was something better to make the broker’s life good. If you are into Forex Trading for quite long then you would understand what I mean.

Setting up the floating charts earlier was a task for the first fifteen minutes. The trading did not feel like trading at all.

The first and foremost thing that comes to your mind when you think of a share market would be loads of people monitoring a huge number of complicated illustrations and graphs.

Well, I agree that they look horrific to a novice but they are the essential component of any financial market.

MT4 Floating Charts

To gain insight of the current market trends one has to well versed with reading and analyzing these scattered diagrams. But the thing is doing so is a costly affair in terms of time and energy in order to make it easy as pie there are various software available in the market and Meta Trader 4 Floating Charts is one among them.

Today  I will review the program that is making every trader life quite easy. 

All About MT4 Floating Charts

Trading is one such field that many people really wish to venture. To most people, it sounds like a series of complex calculations and graphs that are really irritating and confusing – just a tiresome bother to the brain. They find it as a field that needs geniuses and experts to calculate the numbers and consider the graphical representations from time to time. However, this is not the case.

MT4 stands for Meta Trader 4. It is a software that makes the life of a meta trader easy by allowing better chart management and multi-monitor support. Using this software will improve your whole trading experience in a drastic manner. 

MT4 Floating Charts Demo

In order to understand the market highs and lows, you need to work on the creation, filtering and analyzing of the charts. The better control you have over these things, the more understanding you gain out of it. MT4 Floating Charts is one such tool which gives you supremacy over these charts.

Moreover, it provides floating charts means you can create as many charts as you need and can drag them out of the software and place them anywhere on the screen so as to enable you to concentrate on other things while keeping an eye on those selective charts.

MT4 Floating Charts

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MT4 Floating Charts

Nuts and Bolts of MT4 Floating Charts:

1. Converts Meta trading into a child’s play:

Since it helps the user do a careful study of the market trends via the analysis of charts, conducting Meta trading becomes quite smooth.

2. Time-Saving:

It is not at all possible for a  human to keep on scanning the market trends 24/7 so to overcome this problem many trading robots have jumped up in the market.

AUTOMATIC creation of charts and graphs yields in saving a considerable amount of time and energy of the traders which they can utilize in any other task such as improving trading and coding skills.

3. Less risky trading:

Dealing with a sound base make the whole trading process less dicey instead of entering the play area with closed eyes.

4. Easy chart manipulations:

This software provides you various commands to group charts on the basis of symbols or as per the element of your choice. So it would allow displaying the charts to serve your maximum interest. Grouping the charts would also help you to get sorted.

5. Multi-platform / multi-terminal support:

This program can run simultaneously on various systems without causing any degradation in the quality of outcomes. Also, it allows taking the fund of the client from various different accounts and grouping it into one single master account.

6. Built-in memory:

In case you leave trading at one point and start over the next time then you don’t have to dig in the past to think to the point where you left. The MT4 has got memory which stores your last trading point and helps you recover the same when you restart.

7. Independent toolbars:

Each detached chart has its own toolbar so you set the preferences of each and every chart as per the requirement.

MT4 Floating Charts

Additional Information

This program is highly tried and tested by various professionals and other users. You can find an ocean full of positive reviews over the internet so deciding to invest in the project would not be any sort of gamble.

Once you buy the software you get a 14-day trial period to try hands on every aspect of it and then decide whether it is the one for you. For more inside information on the product here are some of the important points such as:

  • Keyboard shortcuts: It provides you with various hotkeys that will help you perform various chart related tasks such as window snapping, float, floats all, un-float all, etc. in a breeze.
  • Basal mode: Using the minimal mode you can disable toolbars of the undocked charts which would help you save a whole lot of screen space and allow more charts to set in as per the requirement.
  •  Symbol mapping: This feature allows you to bring together all the charts of the same symbol together in quick succession.
  • Window snapping: Positioning of the charts has become super quick via this feature known as window snapping. You can position the charts on full screen, half screen, quadrant or at the corner of the screen within seconds.

MT4 Floating Charts

Features of The Software

Installing the program would be like a walk in the park where you get loads of videos all over the net that could guide you regarding the same. In case you are facing any issues in the installation, usage or any other aspect of the system you can always feel free to call up the customer care support 24*7. 

Once you are part of the MT4 family by purchasing it, you are eligible for free upgrades whatsoever in the future. Trading using MT4 is quite easy. It is not at all a multitasking platform rather it is as among the smoothest platforms to trade on.

All you need is to devote a little time to gain a proper understanding of the program and once are through, you are all set to sail.


Any technology however good is not without shortfalls and MT4 is not an exception. It has got a few limitations.

The orbit of this software is limited to only 3 computers i.e. you cannot use it on more than three computers simultaneously. Just installing MT4 with all the features on your system isn’t enough in order to capitalize on it, you need to have an uninterrupted internet connection.

Also even if you have continuous connectivity but the speed you are getting is slow will make you suffer to a great degree so you need to have the constant high-speed internet to make the most of it. It does not possess any authentic data source for backtesting and also allows you to repaint indicators. 

At times it does slow execution of tasks which is unsuitable for running several high persistence strategies. Meta Trader 4 also limits you to only trade-related programming anything else would demand DLL programming. It does not have a provision for customized time frames to be depicted on charts.


  • Tried and tested
  • Exploratory period
  • Easy installation
  • Support service
  • Free membership
  • Handy for the Beginners


  • Limited scope
  • Uniform internet connectivity


The use of technology in the field of trading has definitely proved to be a game-changer. It is not at all practical for a human to keep an eye on the market trends and analyze them 24/7 while all this was made possible via these trading robots.

In this review, I have tried to add every detail on the software so that you can decide if it is worth a deal. So, go ahead and make a decision and buy this revolutionary software.

MT4 Floating Charts

The software gives complete multi-monitor support for the trading platform. You can easily detach a single chart from all your other charts and also move them separately. All this on the touch of the button.

The toolbars can be disabled as the feature is optional. The program saves the location of the undocked charts by time frame/symbol to restore the setup. The feature can be turned off easily and the saved locations can be reset easily.

If you decide to buy the program, but you don’t it satisfactory, contact the support team within 2 months to get your full refund on demand. So, take this free fourteen days trial and give it your best shot. Order Today!

MT4 Floating Charts

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  1. Victor I. Johnson

    When you have access to the right source of knowledge, then for sure you have higher chances of making things happen. So this is one of its kind resource. I am hopeful that through its usage i will be able to add value to the trading experience.

  2. If you want to perform better on forex like myself then there is no better software to go for. I have seen how much this software can do. It is a system that is very compatible with other programs when trading assuring you nothing but smart performance. It is worth buying since the returns are high.

  3. The MT4 Floating charts is a software that finally gives full monitor support to your Meta Trader 4 platform. It is not just for multi monitor support anymore but it is a complete upgrade to your charting experience too. It is very simple to install and will take MT4 trading platform to a new level of usability

  4. Before i came across this system through my friend i really never knew what i was lacking. When i bought it i found out how easy it was to use it and how much profits i was making. At this point i realized i was missing a lot.

  5. Allows you to detach one chart, some charts, or all your charts and move them as you wish around the screens. This way you can focus on which chart you wish to focus on while ignoring the ones you wish to or you have another option to spread out all your charts and view them all at once.

  6. Herbert Schneider

    This software helps the traders by giving them full monitor support to their MT4 platforms. With the MT4 Floating Charts, your whole trading experience is taken way much higher.

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