When you walk into a trading room, you will see hundreds of computers all with people seated in front of them typing away and listening to something. If not for the sign outside saying Live Trading Room, you would think they are gathering intelligence on something.

There are people walking around in business suits with clipboards and PDA systems in their hands, they lean over and whisper stuff to the people working on the computers every now and then.

Welcome to the Forex Trading Room where the market is monitored and everything is tracked down and recorded. In essence, they are gathering intelligence. It gives the place, a wall street atmosphere’ which is good for business because once you walk in there; you feel the tension and seriousness in the air.

We have:

Traders– They offer the best amounts of money for the sales and then they have to be the ones monitoring and anticipating the changes in the markets and working to be ahead of the trends. They organize the trades taking place there.

Market-makers– These are the ones who take the role of selling the items that are up for grabs. They will be the ones offering the information about the availability of the stock and then wait to hear from the traders about who is interested.

Where the Masters Trade Forex

The Functions Of The Trading Room (THE PIT)

Also known as the pit because of the way it is hectic, this is where the opportunities are found and the careers are made. The deals start here and the information that you need about the stock being offered can be found here.

The people working here are charged with:

  1. Provision of information to clients and customers free of charge
  2. Intermediary services between interested parties who want to exchange money, stock or anything
  3. Anticipation of the market trends that will eventually be used to make profitable trades
  4. They need to be able to understand the languages used especially in the forex market.

In Conclusion- The Pit is for the best only. The ones, who can handle the pressure, make quick decisions and should be sharp enough to deliver what they are asked to.

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