Every forex trader wants to make the most of his transactions by buying low and selling high.  However, traders who do not have the complete knowledge of how forex works are unable to cut losses and increase profits. Most of the time, trading is done on the basis of emotions and this might be the biggest mistake that a trader can make.

Very often, traders fear making losses and they exit the market in a hurry.  In this way, they miss the opportunity of making huge profits. Every trader needs a definitive strategy which will minimize the risk and help to maximize profits. MagicBreakout is an indicator that is based on a conservative trading strategy that is impeccably accurate.


Who founded MagicBreakout?

MagicBreakout was founded by Tim Trush and Julie Lavrin for helping their students.   They developed the indicator five years ago to achieve mastery in forex trading. MagicBreakout+ is an improved version of the indicator and it has several advantages over existing forex trading software.

Automated signals, security and improved indicators are some of the key advantages of the latest version.  Even though it’s primarily used for trading GBP/USD, the software can be used to trade multiple currency pairs to maximize profits.

The indicator is designed to be used along with MetaTrader 4 software. The indicator is accompanied by a user guide that will help any trader to sail through smoothly. MetaTrader 4 can be downloaded from the website.

The software can be downloaded immediately as soon as the payment is made. It will take a few minutes to install the software. The developers suggest that you try the demo before you develop self-confidence. You can confidently use the software once you have got the hang of it.

The people behind MagicBreakout

Tim Trush and Julie Lavrin are the main people behind the success of MagicBreakout. Tim is a seasoned trader and Julie is a psychologist who has gained extensive experience in journalism.

Tim is an expert trader who has learned the tricks of the trade on his own. He was a small investor when he began his trading career. He also worked as a system developer for various brokers. His extensive experience made him realize that strategy and discipline are the two pillars of success.

He became a master trader and started earning millions of dollars. After becoming rich, he decided to share his secret to help other traders.  So he quit his job to pursue his dream freely.  Currently, he lives in British Virginia Islands and conducts business on his luxury yacht using his laptop and an internet connection.
Julie is also a psychologist. As an expert in mass psychology, she analyzed financial markets for ten years. She was interested in markets and her passion enabled her to discover methods to enter the market for booking profits. Her strategy helped traders to enter the market just before the crowd and earn profits consistently.

She found out why traders failed and what the main reason for the failure was. She studied their behavior and realized some of the key problems that block their way to success.  Her experience made her master of markets and a star trader.

Later, she met Tim in Las Vegas when they decided to channelize their common passion for formulating a mechanical approach. They decided to convert their ideas to reality by incorporating their strategies and trading styles in a software indicator.

MagicBreakout  The people behind MagicBreakout

How was the idea born?

Tim and Julie shared their ideas with a group of traders in Las Vegas. The traders were impressed and they also shared their ideas with Tim and Julie. And thus a club was born. This was a stepping stone for developing MagicBreakout.

How did MagicBreakout get a head-start?

Tim and Julie taught their trading techniques to a number of students and all the students benefitted from their strategy. Alex F. was their most successful student who could earn millions by using their techniques. Today, he leads a luxurious life and owns a golf course and stellar racehorses. He also became rich by becoming an affiliate and selling Tim and Julie’s techniques in the Forex market.


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MagicBreakout+: An advanced indicator

Now, the advanced version of the indicator is available that will help to achieve huge profits and cut losses. The salient features of the improved version are:

Conservative trading

The indicator helps you to adopt a conservative trading strategy to minimize risks. This indicator is especially useful for beginners who are taking baby steps in forex trading. The indicators on the chart will help them to get an idea of how the market works.

Very Mechanical

You can make profits by merely following the entry and exit rules as per the strategy. Moreover, the colored indicators make the trading experience even more exciting.

More comfortable

The colored indicators provide a comfortable and friendly user-interface

Identify a perfect trend

With our unique approach, you can identify the trend better than any other trader. However, it is recommended to be aware of the sideways market.

 Filter bad trades

MagicBreakout+ helps you to filter out unprofitable trades. Your losses are bound to decrease.

 Automated entry signal

The MagicEntry indicator will be continuously testing entry and exit rules. It is a key indicator and you will never miss an opportunity to earn profits. This software is, in fact, a smart money mining tool.

 Magic exit

The effective exit rules will help you to make thousands of dollars immediately. The key is to catch and trend and make a move.  You will reap profits even if you earn losses on some trades. In fact, you will be hardly affected by minor losses as your profitable transactions will make up for the losses.

 Protects your profits

The indicator will tell you where to move stop loss. They bring their emotions into play and hence miss good opportunities to earn more money. In this way, you will be able to protect your profits.

Take advantage of the trend to the end

One of the customers made a huge profit of 5400% in one year. He exceeded everybody’s expectations and he also incorporated his own money-making tips and strategies.  The secret strategies have been incorporated in the latest version of the indicator software.


MagicBreakout eBook

Before you actually use the indicator, Julie and Tim want you to strengthen your fundamental knowledge before you begin to trade. Hence, they have prepared an eBook that highlights all the important details which will help a novice to get started.

Experienced breakout traders will surely benefit from the knowledge to understand the mistakes they have been making. One of the key reasons that many traders fail to achieve profits is because they never detect a breakout.

In the absence of an accurate system, they make unwise decisions that result in a loss. The eBook also explains the reasons for failing in Forex Trading. Following are the key concepts that are explained in the book:

What is the breakout?

What is the secret behind false breakouts

How to set up the Chart

When do I Enter the market?

When do I exit the market?

How do I maximize profits and improve my earnings in an exponential manner?

The eBook explains the concepts with a practical approach. The practical implementation will enable you to understand the entry rules and exit rules. Moreover, it will help you to become a star trader who is on his way to become the next millionaire.

MagicBreakout eBook

Trade without emotion

Knowing when to exit the market is more important to know when to enter the market. With MagicBreakout, you will learn to keep your emotions aside while trading in a logical way.

Predict a breakout even before it happens

Many breakout traders are fooled by false breakouts. As a result, they fail to enter long or short positions appropriately. This is where Julie’s MagicBreakout strategy plays an important role. The strategy will help a trader make out a false breakout and a good breakout. The indicator will help you to make out a breakout even before it happens. After using the indicator, you will realize the previous mistakes that you were doing as a breakout trader.

Become an affiliate

MagicBreakout  Become an affiliate

Interested customers can avail the opportunity of becoming an affiliate and marketing the product to earn commissions. Every successful lead conversion can enable you to earn 75% commission for every new customer. You can market the indicator by placing an affiliate link on your website.

By becoming an affiliate, you have the full permission to share the eBook. Your affiliate link placed inside the eBook will help you to convert leads into customers at a faster rate.

You will be provided with our ads and banners for marketing purpose. You need to have an account with ClickBank to get started.

Buy Today!

The entire software along with the bonus eBook can be bought from the product website.  ‘True Money Management’ is the additional ebook that will give you valuable information about personal finance management.   The eBooks will not only help you to earn money through forex trade but will also help to manage it.

You are only required to make a one-time payment for downloading the product. You are entitled to avail any additional updates or upgrades in the future. Moreover, all buyers are entitled to receive 34% discount on other forex products from the developers.

Magic Breakout Product Website

Ongoing support

Buyers will be provided with ongoing support. For queries, you can visit the product website and fill out the online form. All your queries and doubts will be promptly addressed.

What will be my return on investment?

On average, you will be able to realize 50% returns on your investment per month. This figure is calculated is based on a large number of traders who have been using the indicator for several years.

True Money Management is a must-read book for every trader.

A positive way to financial freedom

MagicBreakout is a professional Forex strategy. Starting with a unique breakout strategy and upgrading to a highly profitable trend-following strategy is a good way to financial freedom.


  • This strategy will tell you when a breakout happens even before the trading community knows it.


  • This strategy does not cater to the needs of traders who trade on the basis of market sentiment.

Join the affiliate program

Now you can become an affiliate and promote MagicBreakout by placing an affiliate link on your website. You will need to have a ClickBank account to become an affiliate. As an affiliate, you will earn 75% commission on every successful lead conversion.

You can market the software by using ads, banners or by placing your affiliate link inside the eBooks.


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  1. Stanley Weaver

    MagicBreakout has helped me to shed all my fears regarding the complex graphs about forex trade. I believe that only experts can make the most out of the indicators. For the majority of us,MagicBreakout is the perfect strategy to get an edge as it perfectly predicts the points where the indicator will breakout the resistance. As the name suggests, it is simply like a magical wand at your disposal.

  2. Brenda J. Perry

    I joined the forex trading sometime back. At the beginning, things became so difficult and that is the reason I went out to look for tips. Then I stumbled on this great article that reshaped my thinking for sure. I am now well equipped to make things happen.

  3. Curt A. Cordova

    There will always be ups and downs on the market. And a real trader needs to learn to deal with both of those.

  4. They said trading is like a game of casino because you don’t know the possibilities; win or lose. But when you actually master the mechanics behind it, you can definitely keep that win streak rolling. An interesting book.

  5. The joy that comes through when we are able to win and win big is something you can not fully explain for sure. And this is what this post is all about. I am hoping that I keep winning big here.

  6. Before reading this guide, I did not know how forex trading works. Now, I earn most of my living through it!

  7. I will say that my breakthrough into forex trading came when i decided to get this program. I was a beginner who knew very little about trading. I will be honest i had started losing a lot. The system works like magic and i have used it ever since.

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    The reasons why we are trading with the special indicator is that the indicator will greatly make you successful. It will teach you with discepline and proper money management. With the system, one will need to develop a comprehensive intelligent approach

  9. The Magic Breakout strategy of trading is quite easy to follow along and has awesome foundations for money management to make sure that its success is not only for a short duration…but success that is long term.

  10. This program is surely worth buying. I found out this when i started making some good profits on my trades. This is something that was not happening before but through this system it is. Its a good one.

  11. No complexities; the program has no complex materials or system that will bring you chaos in the course of usage of the program.

  12. MrsBernieMadoff

    First i brought the “1 minute daily forex”, by the same people, which is also very good and easy to use, i really like it. Then I went searching for more of their products/Ebooks/system. And I found “the breakout,” its a little more complicated than the “one min. daily forex”. But its more profitable, and the losses are way less. These two people, Tim Trush & Julie Lavrin, really know their trading. I have been trading Unprofitable, for 15+ years. I’m sure i have lost upward of $50k to $100k. It was SOooo much, I lost track of the amount. SOoo glad i found these people, they are the ONLY HONEST people, selling on the internet/Worldwide web. smdh ..🙄🤔😫😣🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😒😒😖😤😲🥵😨😩😳😡🤬😬😬😬😬🥺🥺🥺😈😱😢😭🤧

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