Nowadays with the advancement of technology, everything is being changed by using some software’s as people find it easier and more reliable. The software provides people to finish their work a bit early as it is a good time-saving tool.

We all know about forex trading. What it is, how it works, etc. But what we don’t know is DO we have any software which can help retail forex traders. The answer is YES!!

Local Trade Copier

Local Trade Copier Help Retail Forex Trader

…is the answer to the above-asked question!

If we talk about this trading tool then it is basically software for Meta Trader 4 platform that copies trade with accounts. It not only trades with accounts but does it by offering multiple advanced options.

“No risk of losing trades – Maintain multiple trading accounts.”

When do you need a Local Trade Copier?

You may be familiar with forex trading using a single account. However, have you thought of creating 5 to 10 accounts? When you log into your accounts manually, you can miss trades and identify the lot sizes. That is why forex trade copiers will be a suitable alternative. You will be able to copy trades automatically from one account to another accounts.

 Traits of Local Trade Copier:

Local Trade Copier Traits of the Product

  1. Fast and more reliable

The very first trait of this awesome product is its speed and reliability. It will help you by starting copying trade within a few minutes.

As we all know, “Time is money .”So simply, it helps you in saving time.

Apart from this time-saving fact, with its high-level quality, it is also more reliable than other copiers.

  1. Works by itself

It is designed in such a way that it requires no other software is to be installed when it’s running. As in most cases, you need to fulfill some running requirements, but as far as this product is concerned, it is self-sufficient in all of the program running aspects.

  1. Easily Adjustable

Another trait of this software includes its easy adjustability. It does not require a big memory unit with high processing speed, but you can even make it work on a system with low processing speed. It is also adjustable on the memory side of a system as it doesn’t utilize more memory of the computer.

  1. Trading multiple accounts at the same time

The most important trait of this trade copier is it deals in trading multiple accounts at the same time. So we can say that could be one of the main reasons to buy this copier. This feature enables us to work on multiple accounts at the same time.

  1. Mobile Friendly

Local Trade Copier

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Whenever you are in a hurry or you need to make a change in your account but you don’t have access to your system, then it will enable you to do your work through the MT4 Mobile app.

Comparison with other copiers

Local Trade Copier

The creator of Local Trade Copier, Mr. Rimantas Petrauskas, has done a terrific job by introducing this product as it is a bit unique and more versatile copier than other products of the same category.

If we compare its features and advanced options with other copiers, then it looks like this:

Supporting both Provider and Receiver

Rimantas Petrauskas has designed this product in such a way that it supports both provider and receiver. This option is not available in other copiers as they do not support both provider and receiver.

By adding this feature will also remove any sort of hesitation between two parties as both of them will already know that copier support would always be there for them.

No limit for local receivers

Another thing that differentiates it from others is its many options for local receivers.

As in the case of other copiers, there are certain limitations on acceptor, but Local Trade Copier enabled a feature of an unlimited number of local receivers.

By enabling this feature, more people will become part of trading within a lesser amount of time.

Unlimited remote receivers

 Local Trade Copier Unlimited remote receivers

There is no restriction on the number of remote receivers. Same as the above-mentioned case, it is also helpful in securing remote connections widely. This option is not available in any of the previously launched copiers.

Auto-update option

Rimantas Petrauskas has added an auto-update option in his product i.e.whenever the new version of the product would be available software system will update it automatically.

You won’t be required to do anything. The system itself would install updates in this regard. But in the case of other copiers, this option is not available as the users need to update their software system manually.

Auto recovery after shutdown

If your system shuts down incidentally, then you don’t have to worry about that. Unlike other copiers, it has a built-in feature of auto-recovery, i.e., whenever your system shutdown it will save your data, and when you turn it on, it will enable you to start your work from where you left.

Order Adjustments

Local Trade Copier is the only available copier that supports all types of order adjustments, as there could be differentiation at order level depending upon the receiver the requirement of the order could be different, so this product helps in doing all sort of required adjustment.

Flexible Copy filtering

Local Trade Copier Copy Filtering

As compared to other software, the local trading copier is flexible in adjusting trading accounts, i.e., it can work with accounts of any type as it has a built-in filter in its database. As it is adaptable to work with multiple accounts, this trait makes it unique from other copiers.

Great working with PC’s and VPS

This soft has great working ability to work with both PCs and VPS as in previously launched copiers this option was not available. They could either work well with PC or VPS. But Local Trade Copier is way ahead of other copiers as it also enables a user to work with VPS alongside PC.

Manual trading and EAs

Rimantas Petrauskas has also established an option of working manually as well as automatically. In the case of other available copiers, only manual working was available, but no option was available to expert advisors.

By adding this option now local trading copier is able to process analytical and trading processes in the MT4 platform.

Working will all brokers

Before the launch of the local trading copier, all available copiers could work with a limited number of brokers and symbols, but after the intervention of this product, this issue was resolved.

Now there is a product available in the market that can manage multiple brokers at the same time. This fact totally makes this product different and more attractive to others.

No Complexity

Local Trade Copier Complexity of the Product

The installation system and running of this product made it stand out of the crowd. This quality makes this software the best available option in the market. As compared to other copiers, it is:

  • Easy to install
  • Runs Perfectly
  • Having more functions

Support Center

A lot of people are using this product, and they have really positive views about it. One of the most important positive points is its support center. The customer support team made the customers really satisfied with their cooperative behavior. They not only entertain the accepter but also deal well with the provider.

Highly recommended as compared to others

The current users of the local trading copier are recommending it to others. It does not happen much with other available products of the same category.

All other available products do not have that level of good reviews. Its high recommendation shows at what level it is satisfying clients.

A person who buys this product surely refers it to others. In simple words, people are giving pretty much positive reviews on it.

Quality is the first priority

Local Trade Copier Testimonials

The developer of this product has given more importance to quality, and this product contains multiple features with easy installation and smooth running, which clearly shows that its maker is more focused on bringing quality in his product, and it also enables its user to do multitask.

As it is said, “Give satisfaction by giving quality .”So the owner has done exactly the same thing. With the benefit of a large number of features, quality is surely delivered. That’s why more customers are demanding this product.

Anti-slippage trade

Unlike other copiers, it has an anti-slipping option available to remove slippage issues, although slippage does not refer to any positive or negative movement. But it causes the difference between the expected value of trade and actual value. So, we can say adding this option would add customers’ trust in this product.

Anti-lagging option

It also has a built-in option of anti-lagging, which enables its user to make correct decisions regarding investment or buying and purchase of the currency. Lagging might cause some irrational decisions on the part of the receiver, but due to the availability of anti-lagging options, fear of taking wrong decisions could be minimized.

What are the reasons for choosing Local Trade Copier?

  • To reduce the trading portfolio risks

You may have created different accounts with MT4 Copier, and each of them has different risk settings. The risk level per trade can range from 1% to 10%. As you can copy your main accounts trades to your sub-accounts, you can grow your equity faster.

  • To manage your funds efficiently

It is important to copy trades to different accounts for successful fund management. By setting up the investors’ accounts on your trade copier, you will receive a charge for capital management.

  • Trading your prop firm capital

The forex trade copier is useful for trading more than one prop firm account. Reliable prop firm offers several dollars for profit splitting every month. You will find a higher account balance as a profitable trader with a trade copier setup.

The best fact is that you can add an instant funding account. Moreover, you may accelerate the trader management process.


Local Trade Copier Pros And Cons

  • Less Complexity
  • Perfect running
  • Flexibility in filtering
  • Supporting both provider and receiver
  • Platform Supported


  • Lacks support in internet copying.
  • Do not send signal alerts.


Does Local Trade Copier really work?

Yes. You can confidently rely on LTC. The best fact is that you will find a 100% money-back policy while it does not work.

Where will you download LTC?

Some websites provide you with an option for downloading Local Trade Copier free of cost. However, LTC is not a free program, and therefore, you can avoid using these websites. Choose the official site for downloads.

Proven to be the best

We can say that the local trading copier is the best available trading software available in the market. Its advanced level options enable users to perform multiple tasks.

With the use of this software, trading has become easier for users. The barrier of not being able to trade with different people has been removed.

Its flexibility in terms of adjusting to various trading conditions makes it a totally unique product than others. Anti-slipping and anti-lagging options are providing an edge to product users.

Moreover, users are pretty much satisfied with this product up until now as it is very easy to use and compatible with both PCs and VPS.

Local Trade Copier

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  1. The creator of Local Trade Copier, Mr. Rimantas Petrauskas, has done a terrific job by introducing this product as it is a bit unique and more versatile copier than other products of the same category.

  2. Jesse Haynes

    this program has been in uses and shown that there is a lot of belief in the software and that it is not a scam or it would have died out by now
    , know that what you are holding in your hands is a great breakthrough for you as you can monitor lots of trades and make them as they come.

  3. Jeffrey A.

    this program allows you to make trades in the forex at the same time in different or multiple accounts.
    With the ingenious design, you will be able to juggle the work very well and
    doing.something about it now.

  4. These work pretty much like messages. When there is a change or when the detector notices changes based on the parameters you keyed in to monitor certain currencies, it will send you a notification to show what has happened.
    the currency you are trading in.

  5. There will never be a system better than this one. For the time i have used this system i have found something very clear. And that is trading with this system has been great for sure.

  6. Kerry Trombley

    The security on the software was made to be ironclad and that way, you will never have to worry about anyone hacking your systems and making something bad happen with them.

  7. Customization will enable you to trade at your own pace and also be able to keep track of what is important without getting bogged down by the riff-raff from useless sources that are not related to your interest.

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