Fantasy sports is a game of skill. Fantasy Lineups is aimed at those who participate in DraftKings and Fanduel fantasy sports contests. Because fantasy football is a game of ability, there are a variety of strategies to gain an advantage over your opponents. One of these is making use of the appropriate tools to assist you in creating stronger daily Fantasy Lineups. You may always get an edge in fantasy sports or sports betting by having an idea of who is playing. Fantasy Lineups provides you with exactly what you need to make an amazing fantasy lineup.

What advantages do Fantasy Lineups provide you when participating in daily fantasy sports?

Using Fantasy Lineup’s great fantasy optimizer, which is a program that allows users to quickly construct a huge number of optimal lineups, users can save a lot of time. The inclusion of features such as team stack, min/max exposure, lock/exclude players, and our world-class player pick increases your chances of earning a higher daily fantasy score in addition to saving you hours upon hours each day.

Picks, Stats, Strategy, Scores, News, and More

Fantasy football gamers are extremely enthusiastic about the NFL games. There’s a reason why it’s the most popular fantasy DFS sport. The most significant distinction between individuals who enjoy fantasy football and those who participate in NFL DFS is the NFL DFS technique required to achieve consistent winnings.

Take it a step further: in DFS, you’ll find players of all diverse backgrounds and skill levels. For example, some people simply enjoy playing free games. The majority of students progress to using actual money, but others never do. On the other hand, there are others who engage in high-stakes gambling for large sums of money. Then there’s everything in the middle of the spectrum.

The most serious problem is that most players do not have a single NFL DFS approach. This is an extremely important aspect of constantly increasing your bankroll size.

Finally, having a firm handle on elite NFL DFS picks, NFL DFS predictions, and the appropriate NFL DFS approach is essential to putting together the best possible NFL DFS lineup. An NFL DFS optimizer, such as Fantasy Lineups, allows you to take advantage of all of these factors quickly and efficiently.

News Updates

You may get updated rosters for a variety of sports, including updated NBA rosters, game scores, MLB rosters, and NFL rosters, among other things. Between Twitter, Instagram, and the hundreds of other social and informative sites, the barriers to information sharing between teams, reporters, and the general public have been broken down significantly. In order to provide you with this information, searches for and collects data from reliable sources, and then delivers it to you promptly.

Is it difficult to use an NFL Optimizer?

Those of you who have ever utilized an NFL optimizer are surely aware of the fact that there are two distinct viewpoints on the matter. The NFL optimizer, for starters, was impossible to utilize since it was so cumbersome to use. Two, despite the fact that the NFL optimizer was so simple to use, your game still suffered as a result. That’s why we built ours from scratch. It is our firm belief that using an NFL optimizer algorithm in conjunction with well-researched fantasy football DFS insights will significantly boost your results.

As a result, if you have never utilized an NFL optimizer, you may be concerned that the process would be difficult to comprehend. Some of the fantasy football optimizers available on the market are unquestionably true! In developing our optimizer, we made a special effort to make it simple enough for a beginner to use while also being robust enough for an experienced NFL DFS player.

Accurate Starting Lineups

When it comes to fantasy sports, sports wagering, or any other purpose, their projected starters can be more precise and more beneficial than other sources. The fact that they evaluate all of their material against their network of reliable sources is another important factor.

It is important to note that starting lineups and rosters are only a small portion of the entire content and information you may expect to find on this website. For your fantasy football selections, we can also give you a plethora of analytical facts and data, such as target share, snap counts, and other relevant information.

Draftkings vs Fanduel Lineups: Which Should You Use?

Some fantasy football players prefer Draftkings, while others prefer Fanduel or both. The question is whether one is better than the other. A lot depends on the scoring system used by DraftKings and Fanduel when comparing their lineup advice.

Tips on how to pick the best DraftKings lineup

DraftKings lineup tips include the following considerations: DraftKings’ main slate pays nine employees a combined compensation of $50,000. (1 QB, 2RB, 3 WR, TE, Flex, DST). In the end, it all depends on the accuracy of the estimates. When dealing with ancient projections, the optimizer’s performance drops substantially.

If you have to work two or more jobs to make ends meet, finding a low-paying job that offers a substantial rise may be your best option. For a good optimizer, finding a $3,500-plus salary wide receiver with the potential for a breakout game is not out of the question.

Consequently, the best Fanduel lineup will not be the best Draftkings lineup (it might not even qualify due to salary). Consequently, a highly-skilled optimizer will have different forecasts for DraftKings and FanDuel. A whole new group of players would have to be selected by the algorithm in order to provide the optimal lineup.

NBA Optimizer

It doesn’t matter if you like to use DraftKings or Fanduel for your NBA DFS games and tournaments; an NBA optimizer dramatically increases your chances of winning. We built specifically to give you a leg up on the competition when it comes to daily fantasy sports (DFS). One of our internal NBA lineup optimizers has matured into a full-fledged NBA lineup optimizer with many capabilities.

NFL Projections and DFS Lineups

Best DraftKings Projections

Jonathan Taylor – (Running backs) RB

Patrick Mahomes – QuarterBack (QB)

Josh Allen – QB

Lamar Jackson – QB

Joe Mixon – QB

Dak Prescott – QB

Ekeler – RB

Stafford – QB

Dalvin Cook – RB

David Johnson – RB

Hopkins was dealt with the Cardinals by the Texans in return for a second-round selection and David Johnson before the start of the 2020 season. Given the fact that Hopkins is among the top-five wide receivers in the league and will be looking to exact revenge on his old team, it was a great deal to get him.

Cooper Kupp – WR

Darrell Williams – RB

Best Fanduel Projections

Patrick Mahomes – Quarterback (QB)

Josh Allen – QB

Jonathan Taylor – RB

Lamar Jackson – QB

Dak Prescott – QB

Joe Mixon – RB

Murray – QB

Stafford – QB -Rams offense

E.Elliot – RB

Darrell Williams – RB

Ekeler – RB

Dalvin Cook  – RB

Harris – RB

WR Cooper Kupp – WR

Fournette – RB

Aaron Rodgers – WR

If you’re going to play Stafford, you really should play Kupp and Woods as well. This season, Kupp is averaging 11.3 targets, 7.7 receptions, 108.8 receiving yards, and 1.2 touchdowns per game. Even while Woods hasn’t been quite as steady as Kupp, he has still managed to rack up double-digit DraftKings scores in five of his six starts in six games.

The Bengals are certainly better this year than they have been in years past, but can they contain Jackson? That question has yet to be answered. And the biggest issue they’ve had with him is his scrambling ability. Jackson has posted at 87.2 rushing yards per game with his former team against the Bengals. He has two rushing touchdowns, as well. The Bengals rank dead-middle in rushing yards allowed to QuarterBacks this season with 98, but they’ve yet to face a true scrambler.

More Tips

The use of stacks in Week events and cash games will be a significant benefit for players. With an interesting combination of teammates, it boosts your lineup’s ceiling, but it also provides important lineup distinctiveness. There are a lot of good-looking stacks this week that you can put your faith in. Due to a few lopsided games on Sunday’s schedule, it will be easy to detect the chalky, high-floor picks. Also in Week 13, there are several high-profile vengeance matchups that could raise the bar even further for certain already-promising players.


At the end of the day, becoming a great NFL fantasy player is a true delicate balance. You gain information from one end of the spectrum. With Fantasy Lineups you can remove the distractions and concentrate on the issues that genuinely matter — such as sleepers, projections, injuries, and other topics. The optimizer will use this information to determine the next step.

If you’re looking for a real fantasy football optimizer, it’s all about variations and exposure. Investing your time in Fantasy Lineups will pay benefits for you much more quickly than you might anticipate. As long as you have tolerance and are prudent with your initial financial resources, the upside is entirely yours.

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