It’s quite natural that as an investor you would want to receive a handsome return on your investments. The theory of investment expresses this idea in terms of risk and return; which says the more risk you take the more return you should expect from your investment.

So how much return should you expect from your investment in Forex trading? That’s a real question to ask, as it is widely claimed that Forex trading is highly risky. But very few articles quantify the amount of risk involved in Forex trading.

As Forex investments are highly risky, it should be logical in every way that- Forex trading would offer a lucratively high return on your investment. And people are really earning good profit from their investments in the Forex market with the help of expert signal providers like the 1000pip builder.

What is 1000pip Builder?

1000pip Builder Trusted Forex Signal

The 1000pip builder is a Forex signal provider that tells you when to enter into a trade and when to exit. They claim their signals are verified, professional, and undeniably profitable for the investors.

The most interesting fact that might grab your attention to the service provider, they promise you growth of 600 to 1000 pips. Does it not sound skeptical to you? Is that real? Is it literally possible to make such a profit?

It is absolutely possible to make 600 pips to 1000 pips in Forex trading, which is quite logical given that Forex is a highly risky investment. Now the real concern is, “does 1000pip builder can send you such a signal that will help you make a profit from your trading!”

This review will focus on the historical outcomes of the signal service provider and examine its consistency. In other words, at the end of the review, you will know if you can expect to have a consistent profit from Forex trading using a 1000pip builder or not.

Who is the technical analyst behind the scene?

1000pip Builder Person Who Analyses The Trading Data Of Forex Market

The person who analyses the trading data of Forex market is named as bob. He claims to have more than 10 years of trading experience. From this particular information, we can think of two alternatives that can be helpful for us to decide; if we should rely on the signal provider.

Alternative One

Let’s assume Bob really has 10 years of practical experience in Forex trading. In this case, the claim they are making seems very legitimate. Ten (10) years of portfolio management experience is sufficient for a person to become an expert technical analyst.

Nobody can deny that an expert technical analyst understands the trading charts better than other traders in the market. The Forex market is highly volatile, so it should be possible for an expert to make 600pips to 1000 pips.

It has become a necessity to accumulate some evidence that proves the expertise of the analyst of 1000pips. I found some evidence that explains bob has been providing effective trading signals which were really profitable for the users.

Although it doesn’t prove his 10 years of technical analysis experience; it tells us he is knowledgeable enough to deliver what he promises to the subscriber. If that is true then you are highly encouraged to buy the signal service.

Alternative Two

The opposite of the alternative one would be, our bob is not the expert that he claims to be. In other words, he really doesn’t have any expertise at all and offering fake services for his subscribers. If he doesn’t have a long trading experience then he won’t be able to generate signals at all.

My study on alternative two revealed much less information compared to alternative two. That means, there are very few claims available on the internet space that says 1000 pips builder is fake.

Another factor to consider, nobody ever told that they didn’t receive any trading signal after subscribing to the service. After analyzing both the alternatives we can find that there is more evidence that claims the signaling service is being provided by an expert Forex trading analyst.

Otherwise, some of the subscribers would have mentioned not receiving any signals after subscribing to the website. I found more positive talks about their services than negative talks.

Hence, it can be said that the findings are supporting that bob is an expert technical analyst who is offering his trade signals for other investors who want to make some passive income.

The services offered by the signal trader

1000pip Builder A Forex Signal Service Like No Other

The program sends signals to the subscriber with the information of good trade, aiming to result in a profitable outcome for the subscribers. That means, who buy the subscription from 1000pip builder receives signals of probably profitable Forex trade.

Before sending the signals to the subscribers a technical analyst always cross-checks the data that he used for the analysis to make sure that the signals are perfect. Apart from that, the analyst measures the underlying risks related to trading to enhance the probability of a positive outcome.

This quality checking ensures that the subscribers receive the best possible trades from the Forex market. There are several pieces of evidence that show that the 1000pip builder follows a number of quality checking procedures; before it uses its delivery channel for sending the trade information to the subscribers.

The program should also focus on the timeliness of signal delivery. It seems to me that a signal would be effective only if it is received on time. It is significant for us to consider that Forex trading remains open for a couple of hours in a day. Hence, receiving the daily trade signal to earn the targeted pips is essential.

A trader should also consider that there is a risk with Forex trading. Sometimes it forces the analyst to not taking up a trade due to the risk of losing money from the trading. Let’s analyze the historical outcomes of the signal provider to measure its consistency of promised outcomes.

Analysis of outcomes

1000pip Builder Analysis Of Outcome

In this section of my feedback, I am going to present a thorough analysis of the outcomes that subscribers had received from the 1000pips builder’s program. It is hard to collect numerical evidence from the reports published on the internet as there are only a few sources available for collecting such data.

As a matter of fact, most of the analysis will be done based on some logical arguments, which I believe would be sufficient enough for you to understand the authenticity of the aforementioned signal trader.

To start the analysis, I am going to test the null hypothesis which is “100

0pip provides consistent profits” and my alternative hypothesis would be “1000pip doesn’t provide consistent profit”.

If the null hypothesis is true then we can expect to find the following information regarding the program-

  • There will a good number of feedback available on the internet.
  • Those ratings are provided by real users using a third-party rating provider.
  • The weight of good feedback will be way more than the bad feedback.
  • The number of feedback of the firm should be more than the number of feedback from its competitors
  • Context of the feedback provides materialistic evidence on the program performance
  • Timing of that feedback available on the internet

It is quite reasonable to assert that if the aforementioned signal offering program is not a scam, and if it offers consistent profit, then we will find all the above-mentioned evidence, which will force us not to reject the null hypothesis.

Community ratings

There are 17 ratings for the program given on FPA (Forex Peace Army) by the users which are way more than the other competitors of 1000pips builder. Among these 17 ratings, there was only signal feedback that claimed the program was not profitable and the analyst is not professional.

I found another 13 pieces of feedback for the program on Trust Pilot given by the users where 2 were negative feedback and 11 were positive. Therefore, a total of 30 pieces of feedback available for the program among which only 3 were was negative.

Now the question is are those feedback provided by actual users of the program? The answer would be a straight “Yes”. All the feedback are provided on a third party website and the timing of feedback goes back to January 2017.

Performance Analysis

The following month to month feedback will help us track the performance consistency of the signals that were offered by the analyst for the subscribers.

  • January 2017: A rating from a user from the UK clearly explaining it was offering genuine and profitable signals. (We assume the performance was satisfactory 600 pips to 1000 pips)
  • February 2017: No data available for feedback.
  • March 2017: There were seven (7) reviews provided only on this month and all of them were indicating a huge performance. (Estimated 800pips or more)
  • April 2017: No data available for feedback.
  • May 2017: 7 feedback on this month among which we find one negative feedback, indicates the negative feedback doesn’t really tell the performance was bad. Perhaps the poor performance was for a week or so which is normal.
  • June 2017: We find six (6) feedback on this month and all of them were absolutely positive and indicating a satisfactory performance.
  • July 2017: Two poor feedback and one good feedback at the end of the month. Bob must have failed to profit during the first weeks of the month.
  • August 2017: A total of five (5) feedback and all of it is talking about good outcomes.
  • September 2017: No information found
  • October 2017: Got positive feedback talking about reliability.
  • November 2017: Three excellent feedback that are indicating satisfactory outcomes.

1000pip Builder Pros And Cons


  • Experienced technical analyst analyses the signals.
  • Signals offer consistent profits.
  • The service has considerable good feedback.
  • The service charge is within the affordable range.
  • The best signal service provider with the highest review.


  • There are few data available for analysis.
  • Forex Trading is a risky investment.


The result of the analysis is suggesting that the null hypothesis is rejected. In other words, 1000pips builder can help you to make consistent profit from Forex trading. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a signal-providing service then the 1K pips builder would the best option for you.

1000pip Builder

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  1. Doesn’t really matter if you fail to earn sometimes but 1000pips builder will hardly dissatisfy you. it’s been consistent for the last three weeks, it’s good piece of review though!

  2. this program was designed in order to send to their members the winning forex signals. This signals is supposedly sent to the client via e-mail and SMS in the quickest time possible.

  3. This program was designed in order to send to their members the winning forex signals. This signals is supposedly sent to the client via e-mail and SMS in the quickest time possible.

  4. Randall Martin

    1000pip builder, we want to make Forex trading easy for our members. We do all the complex analytics that successful Forex trading requires and whenever a trade is taken on our fund we instantly send you an email and SMS* with all the important details.

  5. this program was designed in order to send to their members the winning forex signals. This signals is supposedly sent to the client via e-mail and SMS in the quickest time possible.

  6. Amadi Obama

    Bobs signals have helped me no end. I was struggling badly with this trading lark before I joined 1000pip Builder but Bob’s Forex signals have really helped me trade better and more consistently. Some of the trades are sent during the night and I may miss them but i try to follow all the day trades. Still make a good 243 pips last week

  7. Yaroslav Zelenko

    Used 100pip Builder for 5 months and plenty of good trade signals. Some missed the target but my account is larger now than it was 5 months ago so they must be doing good overall. Only problem I had was a delay with SMS signals but Bob fixed this for me in a couple of days. Recommended

  8. I tried the signals for 1 month and had positive returns so signed up on the 3 month package. Glad I did because results been consistent since then. There were 2 weeks with losses but all others helped me increase my account. Very happy

  9. H Brumath

    Great signals. Signed up and had a winner straight away. Fantastic. Since then around 70% have closed in profit and I have strongly increased my account. So happy now. Forex is now great for me

  10. Qiu Ping Sun

    These are the best signals I have used. Thanks to Bob I can now trade for myself. Well done. I cannot follow all signals as some are sent at night but those I follow have performed well for me

  11. Thomas Small

    These are the best forex signals I have every tried. I am super impressed. Bob makes sensible trades with good risk to reward ratio and I have grown my account over the last 4 months. Yes, there have been losing trades but way more winners. I would recommend this to everyone if I could.

  12. Jordan Norris

    This is the only signal service that actually seems to work. Very please with the results. So glad I signed up

  13. First class signals. Had a bit of trouble signing up but I am glad that I did. First 3 signals all reached take profit. Had a good run since then. Would recommend to anyone who is interested in Forex

  14. Hi admin, thank you for this article. Please I have been trying to login to the site but I keep getting redirected. Could this be the problem? I need your assistance please

  15. Although I subscribe to one month service offer, which is $97. Though I haven’t had a great success in 1000pip builder signal service, but the review I made in this site improve me alot,
    I learnt so much from it. I still think that 1000pip builder and are relying on each other to survive their signal providing services.
    Is there any chances that this can be true??

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