In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision. Entrepreneurs play a big role in boosting the economy of a country. They come up with new ideas to build on, which makes new job opportunities for others.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, and founder of Facebook. This guy started off with no car, no house, and no job. But as of now, he is worth a staggering amount of 71.2 billion USD. That is what an entrepreneur achieved with his ideas.

‘Entrepreneurship’, let’s take a look at what it really means. This means, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit, Now that gives a better understanding.

Well, no one has ever become successful without their dedication. And it’s not an easy task considering the growth in the population. You need to outthink the population which stands in your path. And at the same time, you should have the skill and will to give them the edge.

Entrepreneur in the making

“I think I’m a little too old to start now”, “I have no money to invest” or “I don’t have any marketing skills”.

These are the thoughts limiting people from exploring their opportunities. And all these thoughts arise from seeing the younger generation of entrepreneurs at work. Where the average age of an entrepreneur is believed to 40 according to recent surveys.

If the studies are believed to be true,  20% entrepreneurs don’t make it past two years. Where as a 50% does not even last more than five.

What Is The Key For Being A Successful Entrepreneur?

We know it doesn’t matter how great of an idea we have, there’s always someone to compete. Execution of our thoughts and ideas in the right manner is the key to our progression. The hustle and hard work are not the essential ingredients for success. Success is created by mindset over strategy and attitude over action.

An entrepreneur should make use of the mediums, available. You need to reach the customers or clients sooner as possible. Because the more you delay, the better the chance someone else beats you to it. You have to present your thoughts, ideas or products as soon as you’re able to do so.

That’s where the growth in population plays a role, you need to be the first to impress.

How Do I Market My Business?

Well, there are many ways to do the marketing. You could start reaching out to people, put advertisements on papers or magazines or even hire marketing agents. But all these methods takes your time and money, which is precious for you as a beginner.

Your ideas should get noticed, the ideas or plans you made with years of efforts. It is always hard to take when your business doesn’t reach people,  that is why 20% of entrepreneurs give up on going further.

You need a way to go further, you need a way to reach people and sell your product.

Planning how to market your business

Which Is The Best Medium For Marketing?

Do the marketing where more people could find about your business. And you all know where people spend most of their time at. YES, the Internet and social media.

It is the biggest and easiest medium to market your products. And you do not need to pay expensive amounts for advertising or hiring marketing agents. So we could say it’s the most convenient way to market your products.

Most people do not make use of the biggest medium for marketing,  because of the lack of skills or lack of knowledge it offers.

Online Marketing

We all live in an era where technology has started to take over, we spend more time on social media sites than spending time with our family. That proves, going online with your marketing idea is the best way to get noticed.

But most of us do not have the skills to do online marketing,  or else we have tried and it failed badly.  You could do it differently, you can advertise your business on websites like Facebook or YouTube (which has billions of subscribers). But you will have to pay an amount to do so.

What Else Can I Do?

Video is the most transparent way for doing online marketing. Posting a video on YouTube and sharing it on social media would benefit you, big time. Millions of people post videos on YouTube each day, how do you get notice? That is why you need to create videos which would attract the audience.

There is a high rise for people who have a degree in multimedia arts. These people make contents which are eye catching, you need someone who can teach you how to increase your sales.

Being an independent business person

How Do I Create Such videos?

Are you concerned about your video editing skills? or is it the nervousness in front of the camera that is bothering you? Or have you been using videos on your business for some time but haven’t been getting good results.

Well, don’t worry about spending too much. You can learn the easiest marketing tricks without hiring a marketing coach or even other people to do the videos for you.

James Wedmore IS The Person You’re Looking For 

James Wedmore has spent the past 8 years teaching online entrepreneurs how to leverage the power of online video and YouTube with his courses. He is a film school graduate and an entrepreneur who resigned his job to start his own business in video making.

In 2011, he introduced a program “Video Traffic Academy ” to help entrepreneurs in online market by increasing video traffic. And to this day, it is considered as the best video marketing manual for beginners and established businesses persons.

Website of Video Traffic Academy

Video Traffic Academy

Video Traffic Academy is a video marketing program which helps entrepreneurs in online marketing. It is a proven step by step system to generate more leads and traffic to help grow your business online. The entire program is made in a way to help you learn each step so that you know what to do and how to do it.

Now let us look into some statistics.

3.25 billion – That’s the total number of hours of video watched on YouTube each month.
10,113 YouTube videos generated over 1 billion views this year so far.
It has over 800 million unique monthly users, the users’ uploads 72 hours of footage every minute.

And today as YouTube grows, video creation keeps getting easier and affordable. It helps small business owners to make use of this opportunity and grow their business with it. Video Traffic Academy prepares you for showcasing your contents to an eager audience.

What Does The Program Offer?

By joining James Wedmore on his channel every week. You receive ideas on what it takes to build a thriving online business and become an unstoppable entrepreneur. He teaches his students how to Master Their Inner game and helps them become an unstoppable entrepreneur.

If you want to be a successful marketing expert, then it’s important for you to showcase your content in a better way. Whether you’re afraid of looking stupid on video, or have never held a camera in your life, The program will show you the simple path to growing your business with online video.

Directors Tool Kit
These are the tools and resources that the author personally use to make better videos with less efforts. The tools help you in adding music, background, templates and animated videos to your video.

Outsource Guide
The biggest secret to getting massive results with your video while still doing what you do best. Video Traffic program helps you in finding right people to edit your videos, thereby saving your valuable time.

Faceless Videos
You don’t want to show your face in videos? Don’t worry. The program teaches you different ways of showcasing your videos without face. So you will never be out of ideas to do your videos.

a man planning his website/video content

Benefits Of The Program

In just a small price, you can use the services for a lifetime! More and more people buy due to its’ huge bargain. It helps to market your business in an affordable and easier way.

It lets you help others with developing their business, thereby allowing you to be a marketing agent. The website offers a forum wherein you can communicate with people in need of support.

The main reason you are even in this article is what the program offers, profit! It’s possible to get an increase in sales. Thus, The program helps you to get more traffic and leads into your business through online.

Video Style
As I have mentioned before, multimedia artists are the main reason videos are booming. Because of their talent and skills in producing unique material, you will catch the attention of the audience easily! With your videos showcase in a better way,  the chance of people finding your business increases big time.

The ultimate aim of the program is to create an invaluable online brand for you. your videos. Which will continue raving fans into your business.

What an entrepreneur needs to possess


Video Traffic Academy has a lot of reviews, positive response from entrepreneurs worldwide.

Melanie Bundock, founder of gave her review,
“Unlike others who just repeat the same info, the difference with James is that he really cares about his students. And because he is leading edge, his students are too “

Zach Spuckler, founder of says
“In my first year working with James, my business has grown over 300% to over $300,00 in revenue. While the revenue growth has been amazing, what’s really awesome is that James is one of the few people that cares. He shows up for his clients,  he knows what he’s doing and he is humble.”

More than thousands of people have given their valuable reviews about this program. Because it continues to change the lives of many in just one click.

Discussing your business


I found Video Traffic Academy very useful in promoting my business. I had no experience in video making and I was nervous in front of a camera. This program has done an amazing job in lifting my confidence, I no longer need any help from others.

I would totally recommend this program to anyone who’s looking to market their online business. It is the most affordable, convenient, and efficient program for an entrepreneurs marketing needs.

If you want a program which:
– Supports your unique ideas
– Gives straight and honest feedback
– Gives suggestions
– Enhances your skills
– Aids in your profit
– Sales increase, as well as traffic
And many more.

This program is perfect for you! Join us and let’s be successful together!

Start Making Videos To Attract Customers And Maximize Your Profits – Click Here To Join The Video Traffic Academy Today!

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  1. James Christopher

    I own a digital marketing business, and have had trouble attracting clients for years. This guide however, solved my problem! I never knew that I could gain so many clients through the use of videos. Thank you!

  2. Video is something that has taken over the industry completely. However, we fail to make good traffic because of the many loopholes that we have. With the guide, I am now able to know the does and donts in this game. It is all about self value addition.

  3. Gary Groves

    This guide helped me learn so many new things and details about video making and editing. Some phrases and words were a little difficult for me to understand straight away, I did a little internet search on the side for better understanding. A good product overall.

  4. This program is a great idea for the business people that need a new spin on the ways to attract more customers. Simple and effective!

  5. It is true that today we have moved from the textual things now to the videos. We find videos amaing and entertaining all through. So I am thinking this must to be the best approach for you to be heard today. It is so amazing my good people.

  6. Walter Foster

    The course is brilliantly designed, so that you have to start at the basic level and there is no prior knowledge presumed. I liked the fact they call it 101, which is an American term for start or beginner. This means that even if you do not know how to use video to start your business or use it successfully within your business you will learn everything you need to know from the bottom up.

  7. Alexa Tripp

    It has been a while since a good video marketing course has been released. A course that helps marketers leverage video for traffic and sales. It has been a big bubble in the marketplace for some time.

  8. Estela Young

    The modules presented in the course show you the exact steps you need to take to create effective videos whether you’re a beginner or advanced marketer.

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