Have you been in a situation where you are robbed by someone you assumed to be a good person? Or you are robbed and you are left wishing you knew? When this happens many people wish that they could have the ability to identify theft in their businesses.

I am here to help you the best techniques used by police and other security departments to identify theft cases. Through these techniques you will be able to know when a theft is about to take place in your business and stop it in good time.

Debt Collectors Calling Your For Things You Do Not Know About

When this starts happening then you should think twice about what is happening in your business as well as your accounts. When a debt collector calls you asking you about debts that you know very well are not yours take caution.

The best thing in such a case is to go through all your businesses as well as your accounts to make sure that there is nothing abnormal.

Receiving Suspicious Emails or Letters

Frauds will use all kind of methods to try and steal from you. In most cases, they will try to attract your attention and confidential information by using things that do not exist. In case you receive an email concerning operations your accounts that you do not about watch out.

In other cases, someone will send you a letter concerning an account that you never opened with the motive of knowing about your financial information.

A Call from the Bank Asking For Your Account PIN

There is no time that a bank will demand your ATM secret PIN. In case this happens you should not give out any personal information irrespective of what the person on the phone says. You should get in touch with your bank as soon as possible to make sure that your account is safe.

Tips To Identify Theft in Your Business

Errors in Your Credit-Card or Bank Statements

When at any time you identify unexplained errors in your online or paper statements then you should think twice. In most cases, you will identify withdrawals, payments or purchases that you do not know about. This is a sign of theft.

You Cannot Access Your Email

This is a very serious issue that will require immediate attention. In most case, people link their accounts to their emails. In any case, you are not able to access your email then you should seek immediate help from the concerned authorities.

When you identify the following signs of theft, you should take action as fast possible, you can do this by reviewing your accounts’ security to make sure they are not hacked into.

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  1. Thefts nowadays are everywhere. Thank you for these techniques you provided. Through these techniques, I will be able to know when a theft is about to take place in my business and stop it in good time.

  2. Keith Nash

    I have come across many cases where company funds have been embezzled by close friends or relatives. The above tips are sure to help any entrepreneur to be alert and safeguard his assets.Ultimately, prevention is better than cure.

  3. My friend was scammed by a phone call recently where he was asked for a PIN number and within few minutes $1000 was transacted off his account. This post reveals some really effective tips to safeguard and stay alert and prevent such mishappening. Must Read.

  4. Recently this hacking has become a business. I have heard a lot about different types of hacking from my friends. I was sacred. Thanks to you for providing the security tips.

  5. Thanks for the great article! Simple and easy to read, no water. And the advice are 100% true.

  6. Donald Hicks

    Theft is very rampant in most of our businesses today. But when we get to know such like tips, I am, sure we can do something that at the end comes to protect our businesses. For me this is an amazing move for sure. Let me see how it goes by.

  7. This is an excellent guide. When you will use this system you will agree with me on what i am saying. It has helped me reduce theft cases to zero within a month. I am impressed. It is also a very affordable product.

  8. Janice Brown

    Offers a lot of useful features for businesses, like VPN routers for companies with multiple locations. The system might be overkill for a small business with only a few computers to protect.

  9. Dennis Dixon

    Someone might use your business’s identity to gain access to your bank account, line of credit, tax refund, or customers’ or employees’ information.

  10. Be clear and consistent when communicating your policies regarding internal theft and deal with any issues quickly and fairly.

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