In order to realize our full potential, sometimes it is not what we do that matters. What may determine our accomplishments and achievements is sometimes the NO’s we say. The things we decide to sideline in our lives. Why should you go on having an anchor in your life? Let it go and experience your full potential.

However, what we ought to realize that success is personal. I have my goals, you have yours. I mean, you and I are not aiming for exactly the same things, right? The measures, as a result, are distinct. It is completely up to you to know what success is to you and the efforts to achieve this. However, there are some universal things you should avoid to be successful.

You should realize that success is much of we are than what we have. If we say there are no hindrances to our success we deceive ourselves. For those of you who truly are after success, you get to fear actions that may block your success.

Here are some of these things you should not do;

Things You Ought To Give Up For Success

  1. Stop focusing on small opportunities

If you are an investor, you are most probably accustomed to risk taking. The higher your risk the greater your returns. Is that not right? In your search for success, things are not different. Stop focusing only on opportunities that only grow you by a small extent. Think big. Try to generate something greater out of every small opportunity.



  1. Stop creating excuses for your mistakes

Excuses are a great enemy when it comes to achieving success. You should immediately stop that habit you have of putting the blame on other people whenever you do not get what you wanted. You should realize that the mistakes you experience are as a result of your wrong choices and take responsibility.

Your poor choices should not in any way be justified.

  1. You should not be rigid on your plans

The society around us is developing each and every day. Today is way different than yesterday. Your mind should be open to new ideas. Develop your past plans for even greater success.

Digital Success Network You should not be rigid on your plans

  1. Do not focus on perfections

No matter how much you put into it, nothing can be perfect. Do not fear to do something just because you are not perfect at it. Go do it. You might produce excellent results which do not necessarily need to be perfect.

  1. Avoiding doing many things at the same time

Commitment should be important in all our engagements. Let us say you were pursuing a business ideal and someone comes to you with yet another idea. Got back on your previous ideal and push it to the very end. Turn a blind eye on the latter idea until you accomplish the first. Dedicate all your resources to it.

  1. Give up on saying yes just to please people.

Before you make any decision, you should examine it to see if it affects your plans in any way. Do not just say yes because this is your treasured friend putting the idea across. Say no. Am sure he or she will understand success in undertakings comes first.

  1. Give up copying other people

 Digital Success Network Give up copying other people

In this life, each is every person is unique in his or her own way. Everyone is facing a different test and the solutions or answers are therefore different. Do you own thing without checking on what your neighbors are doing and you will be successful.

  1. Give up unhealthy lifestyle

This is the foundation of anything you want in life. What is the point of having all you wanted if you are not healthy? Take care of your health. Keep fit by engaging in regular exercises and watching your diet.

  1. Give up on trying to control thing you have no control over

This goes hand in hand with making excuses for your failures. If you know you have no control over a certain thing, why should you lead your business or plans to such a point that these things affect it? Avoid these things as early as possible. Take a path in which you can handle at least everything you come across.

  1. Give up on negative people

To large extent, we are a totally average of the people we associate with. Cut off ties with people who are not in line with what you would want to become. I see no reason for you associating with that pessimist you keep on telling you, ‘you cannot’.

On the other side, you can connect with positive people and influencers.


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  1. what I ought to realize that success is personal. I have my goals, you have yours.I try to generate something greater out of every small opportunity now.Try to do things as like as given in the review. I took a path in which I can handle at least everything I come across.I might produce excellent results which do not necessarily need to be perfect.Thanks to the writer to give me letting me know such things and also thanks for writing the article.

  2. Maria Pegg

    Hanging on to too many things causes clutter in your life and blocks in your mind. The article has rightly pointed out the things that hinder success.

  3. All-in-all I have to focus on ME so much more… My wishes, my plans, my health. What other people think used to be very important for me. Now I can see whether it is right to listen to them or not.

  4. Mary Gallardo

    Success is a step by step process. Learning from this step can be a really great help.

  5. Mildred Miller

    Getting to know the things that hold you down is more than amazing for sure. For you are able to know what to do and to handle the situation at hand. Hoping to learn more from this and be able to have a changed lifestyle all through.

  6. This has thought me to let go of the things that won’t do me any good. To be honest, it has made my life way easier than I thought. If you were to reach for success, there are things that restricts you from reaching your goals and that needs to be sorted out if you want to get to your goal as fast as possible. It is such an interesting read!

  7. Thomas Heacock

    Think big and execute your thoughts. This is only possible if you are ready to get out of your comfort zone. But in the course of your execution, you are bound to make mistakes. If you want to excel, own them up and work towards rectifying them. Distractions will also come your way, be like a lion while hunting. Stay focused and eventually you will achieve your target. This article is a great read if you want to be successful in your life.

  8. Comfort zone and success don’t go hand in hand. Even if you are at the pinnacle, you still have to face the frenzy every day. The jitters that you might fall and therefore constantly push forward to climb some more. This article very neatly charts the roadmap to success and how can you keep bettering yourself and the world by not losing touch with yourself. And to have an honest vision which will give you a goal to drive to.

  9. Jean Swanson

    One of the biggest roadblocks to your success is the very vision you have in your head of what it should look like. Your expectations of life make it difficult for you to spot opportunities that might pass right in front of your eyes.

  10. There are certain things that are universal, which will make you successful if you give up on them, even though each one of us could have a different definition of success.

  11. Realising that you are responsible for what happens next in your life is both frightening and exciting.

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