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One of the main giveaways about many punters is their luxurious lifestyle. The main reason is, they seem not to be physically working but live quite large than the kind of lifestyle they live in.

One of the primary reliable forms of earning that allows punters live a luxurious life is horse betting. If you wish to make fast scam free money via betting, horse betting should certainly be your priority. With the online betting, your calculations and those of your book markers will be in line.

The Advantages 

  • There are no paper forms that you will be required to fill.
  • No need to note everything down
  • There is no need to worry if you lost your slip and you had won.

The Winning Way Betting The Advantages When compared with the traditional horse betting methods, the online horse betting service becomes a no brainer. If you need a good horse betting service, then I urge you to read this review to the end. In the article, I will be reviewing the Tipster service called “the winning way.”

The brain behind this program

Though the Tipster Superstars fully run the program, the daily tips are provided by one Jon Redbrook.

Jon Redbrook;

  • He has a strike rate of 26.9%. In a certain month, he placed 58 bets and scooped 16 of them as wins. He has maintained this percentage rate for the 939 bets that he has placed.
  • He has scooped over 458 points concerning profits
  • He has developed his method of determining what he should place a bet and how he should do it. Probably this is the main reason behind his continued excellence.
  • He always wins with either one point or two points. Two points is a win when he doubles down the bet.

Reliable records show that Redbrook has made over 458 points profit throughout different months. Yes, there may be some instances where he lost, but the funny thing is that he never lost for any two consecutive months. His team too has seen their bank balances increase irrespective of the specific time that they join. Through his predictions, his clients have cashed in a huge amount of money.

What is the winning way?

The Tipster Superstars run the winning way as a service on behalf of Jon Redbrook. The site guides on the bets to be placed and how to do them to generate maximum returns. The site requires you to pay a certain prescribed fee before enjoying their services.

 The Winning Way Betting What is the winning way

What you gain by using this service

  • You are assured up to 26.9% strike chance of getting the bet correct.
  • You get at least three proven tips daily. The tips are emailed to your mail between 9:00 pm and 11:00 p.m. preceding the racing day. This allows you to source for money and get a good price for your bets. The advantage is numerous returns when the bet eventually goes through.
  • You start with a slow amount of $5 for 30 days, after which the charges gradually increase.
  • You get the verified stakes that you are required to place bets with to maximize the return on investment.
  • The site provides support, and it allows you to call the customer care at any time before or after subscribing.

The Winning Way Betting What you gain by using this serviceThe following gives this site an edge over punting sites.

  • You are not required to log in to your respective member area constantly.
  • You access the stakes selected via the email that you registered with.
  • There are no formal contracts, as such you can cancel your membership anytime you want. And membership cancellation enables you to get back the refundable amount.

Jon’s recommendations

Ensure you are using bet fair, or any other gambling site that will fetch a good price for your stakes.

crowd at the Kentucky Derby

The main reason is, it’s only in bet fair that he experienced the best prices for his bets


  • The tips are availed at night before the games kick off. This enables you to get a good price especially if you place the bet on the same day or very early in the morning. You, however, need to use a betting site that you know has a greater price on bets. Such includes bet fair. The end result is higher returns that do not match the stakes made.
  • The sole advantage of this service is that you do not have to make calculations of which bet to place and which not to. Jon bears all the risk, all you need to do is to check your mail between 9 pm and 11 pm, get the tips sent to you, place the bet and wait for profit.
  • You stand a chance of getting a higher return on investment for the amounts that you stake. The returns will, however, vary with the site used. For higher returns, use sites that fetch a greater price.
  • There is a 60 day refund policy that covers you just in case you are unsatisfied and want to cancel the membership.

The Winning Way BettingDisadvantages

  • A possibility of rookie investors losing money as there is no indication of the specific amount of money one is required to start with.
  • Nothing is completely guaranteed, and even the firm sales page states that going forward, and no profit will be guaranteed.

Costs involved

For the first month, you will pay $5, from where you start paying $47.

Do you need this? 

Jon as a Tipster, he has been making an average of 25 points every month. In most stances, he hits the regular winners, 26% most of the time. On average, he places 52 bets every month. As such, you can accept at least 1-3 tips every day. For higher returns on his bets, he uses the bet fair betting site. Based on the statistics shown above, betting $10 per point will see you make an average of $254.89 every month. The figures shown here are just to demonstrate that you can earn income from your betting bank, depending on how much you have invested in the same. Betting is in itself a hard game and it’s also quite challenging to have a tipster who gives consistent profits throughout. As such, you need to be careful when buying to avoid making massive losses.

Who should apply? 

This service is only meant for you if the answer to all these questions is yes.

  • Would you like to make a guaranteed and a consistent 26.9% income as profit?
  • Do you prefer up to 3 tips per day or no tip at all throughout the month?
  • Do you get in on bets quickly?

How it works 

The Tipster Superstars spend most of their time telling us how Jon Redbrook makes his selections. They do not divulge into details on the assumptions and wisdom behind Jon’s suggestions. This they hold to their discretion.

The Winning Way Betting How it worksThe selections, ratings, and all the procedures at winning way are based on personal ratings and also captures doubling down. Doubling down is the scenario where the company will recommend a two stake instead of the common one. Unfortunately, Tipster has only two options which are rather too disappointing to those who want to have more than one stake.

How to join Winning way 

Join the winning way today, after paying the required fee you will be required to subscribe with your email address. It is this email address that Jon will send the predictions and selections. Jon makes his selection a night before the racing, at times this can be late. Selection emails will be sent between 9:00 pm through to 11:00 pm. According to Jon, he recommends his clients to place bets on platforms that fetch a good price. Such include bet fair among others; you can, however, use any bookie for the same. The fact that tips are sent to you a night before the race means that it is not difficult to get a great price. Whether you are up or asleep at this time, or an early riser, the selections will still be waiting for you. Always remember that the earlier you buy your stakes, the higher the possible return.

What does the Product offer?

The winning material sales material makes it look like you are already a winner. The tipster services go along to praise how the tipster Jon Redbrook makes the selection without giving further details. So then, what should you expect from the winning way?Honestly, there is nothing much to expect from winning way. The management of Tipster Superstars does not clearly jump out to show how the selection is done. Jon Redbrook issues two to five selection to the subscribed users every day.

One of the ways that enable tipster superstars to stand out is the fact that they give the predictions on the evening preceding the match day. As such, you have ample time to digest the selection and decide on which one to bet for. The designed staking plan is based on one to two stakes that are very easy to follow and distinguish. Finally, the tipster superstars have achieved an average strike of around 27% which is neither bad nor standing out.

Initial investment 

Access to this site is one of the stronger points. You will need to give monthly subscriptions of $20. It is worth noting that currently, this is the only option that Tipster Superstars have. Payments are made via click bank, and they come with a 60-day cash guarantee. You are therefore sure that the subscription fund will be refunded if you are unhappy with the site and wish to cancel the membership.

The rate of return 

Placing bets involves a higher risk. The direct relationship of performance and risk indicates that expected return will be higher if the risk is high. As such, the anticipated revenue from these ventures is always high. According to the company’s sales page, Redbrook has been giving bits of advice to various people since the beginning of the year. During the entire period, the firm has made a profit of 330 points. This gain reflects a high return on investment of 29% as per the proofing put out. Profits are a good indication of success in the various business fields.


All factors considered Winning way is not a bad option as far as Tipster services are concerned. The only issue is that some details do not add up. Despite the fact that this service was started last year January, the website was only registered in July 2016. For the particular type of people who do not mind gambles as much, the prices are fair, and the profits are not terrible. This would arguably make it easier for someone who wants to get started. This is so due to the 60-day money guarantee. This advantage will enable the users to give Jon Redbrook a fair trial.

Start Using The Winning Way Today – Win those horse races by betting with a proven money-making formula!

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  1. Juanita Murray

    I think I’m getting addicted but I make money so I’m fine. Thank you for the honest review and warnings

  2. Amazing, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before, thank you for sharing! This is quite impressive and will totally give it a shot. horsebetting re-invented 😀

  3. Kevin Newland

    This is just the right way to bet on horses, I could not find a better guide out there. Highly recommended!

  4. Hey guys. Do not waste any more time on programs that do not help you. Why would you stick to something that keeps on failing you all the time? This is my advice, go for the winning way program and you will not regret. It is a masterpiece.

  5. I have surely benefited from this program. It is an intelligent system that is well programmed to help you understand the whole thing about horse betting and make sure that you are able to win when you place your bets. The truth is that the system has enabled me make a lot of money for a short period of time that i have been using it.

  6. Shelley Hall

    This book is quite a fun read and inspirational and the passion of the writer comes through in this book.
    “The Winning Way” is just that, a discussion about winning and what it takes to win in business and in life.
    If you have read the book, let us know your thoughts about the book in the contents …

  7. Roy Cassidy

    The idea that “winning” is not just achieving your goal or target but to understand psychology of the people, juxtaposing business lessons with lens of sports to enhance your leadership quality, how our body language can tyrannize over opponents confidence, how optimistic attitude and mental grit can help to make the path to victory lucid and vincible, how our way of thinking can make difference in seeing opportunity in every problem, team building and maintaining oneness factor throughout the execution and how to give the best in first attempt are key points the book theorize on..

  8. Doug Kercher

    the link doesnt even work lol

  9. Roger Smith

    So if you want to start making money from gambling then you have to stop making betting decisions on what you think will happen, you don’t know! Start making them based on price.

  10. Amanda Kilmer

    Tips are normally received the evening before racing and specify the individual stake for each bet. One point is the norm but occasionally two pointers are advised.

  11. Maggie H.

    The Winner sports betting website looks quite “busy”. There is a whole lot of information presented on your screen when you first open it, but unlike other bookie sites, its elements aren’t laid out in a confusing manner.

  12. The service doesn’t come cheap, however – which is fair enough as JK needs to protect prices for his elite group of followers – so this is is for high-rollers and serious gamblers only.

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