Get the job you want with The Ultimate Guide to Job Interviews

Being ready for a job interview is as important as your qualifications, if not more so. If you can’t show your interviewer that you have what it takes to work for their company, it won’t matter how qualified you may be.

The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview

Interviewing is a skill, and if you have not been practicing it, you are not going to be able to perform to the best of your ability. What you may not know, is that when a human resources director interviews you, there is more going on than think.

The questions you are asked are not at all informal, and you are being tested psychologically.

Bob Firestone knows all the tricks

A veteran of the corporate world, and master interviewer for the human resources department at IBM, Bob is here to help you navigate the often tricky world of the modern job interview.

The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Bob Firestone knows all the tricks

An interview can make or break you in the eyes of a potential employer, and any interviewer is going to come at you with questions that seem easy to answer, or even friendly. But these questions are anything but idle chat and need an open review if you are going to excel.


The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers Review

Any experienced interviewer is going to have a battery of leading questions at their disposal. They are going to do everything they can to make you nervous, and feed you questions that you think are easy to answer, but are designed to make you give self-defeating answers that will hurt your chances at getting hired.

Interviews are all psychological 

Companies want the perfect employee. And with this book, master interviewer Bob Firestone shares his techniques that can help you avoid the traps that your next interviewer lays for you, turn their psychological games into an opportunity for you to sell yourself, and get the job that you deserve.

The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Interviews are all psychological

When an interviewer asks you a question, they are giving you the chance to help or hurt yourself. Review what is in play when you are being put on the spot. Many people think that they can go into an interview, be themselves, and get the job.

But it doesn’t work that way at all. You have to prepare yourself, be calm, and use every opportunity that you are given to put yourself into the position that is being offered.

Learn proven strategies that will get you the job

It is no accident that this book gets amazing reviews, and is in its seventh edition. What Bob brings to the table in this amazing e-book is valuable in any field. When you go into the office of an interviewer, you need to have your strategy ready, and that is exactitude what this book will give you the ability to do.

The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Learn proven strategies that will get you the job

People who use this book get results, they do it by learning what interviewers do, and tailoring their interviewing strategy to what they need to say to get the job.

Work from a position of strength

In this e-book, you will learn how to take any of the questions that interviewers use and turn it into a way to make yourself look like the perfect candidate for the job. If you prepare yourself for success and know the psychological tricks that are being used to manipulate you, you can use them to your own benefit.

One of the biggest tricks in interviewer uses is a negative question. Or more precisely, they give you the opportunity to talk them out of hiring you. Learn how not to take the Bait! Countless people have given this method glowing reviews, and this is why.

Confidence gets hired

When you go to the interview, the HR officer wants to hear that you are the right person for the job they are offering. So you need to be ready to show them that you are exactly the person that they are looking for.

When you start to answer questions, the key to giving good answers is confidence and speaking positively about yourself.

The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Confidence gets hired

You need to be able to “package & spin” your work history, in a positive way, to whatever needs your potential employer has.

S.O.A.R.L. Means success

When you interview, you have a little bit of time to make a big impression and secure the job of your dreams. When your interviewer asks a question, they want you to give them an easy to understand, relevant answer.

Using the SOARL method, you will have an abundance of relevant, made-to-use professional stories that will boost your chances of making that all-important great impression.

S.O.A.R.L. is simple and powerful

You need to be able to put your interviewer right in the middle of your work history and past successes. This is where SOARL shines:

  • Situation- Give your interviewer a feeling for the situation you were in.
  • Objective- What was the goal that you and your team had in the situation?
  • Action- Describe the action that you took based on the situation and objective.
  • The result- Tell your interviewer how the situation ended, and how you did.
  • Learnings- Always show that you came away from the situation having bettered yourself.

When you go into an interview, you need to be ready to communicate your work history and make your resume come to life. SOARL is the most efficient way to illustrate your strengths, and demonstrate to your interviewer that you have what it takes to work for their company.

You can prepare for an interview with this book

SOARL works in concert with the powerful psychological methods that Bob refined over the course of his life inside of the big business. The fundamental idea that Bob Firestone presents in this e-book, is that when you are given the opportunity to talk about your work history, you need to be ready to sell yourself, and be prepared for the most common questions that your interviewer will have in front of them.

When you read through these pdf’s you will find all of the questions that you are likely to encounter in your next interview. Not only will you be ready, and know what your interviewer is going to be asking, you will be prepared to answer the questions, and put yourself at the top of their hire list.

All of the most important questions are right in front of you

One of the most important parts of the pdf is the huge collection of the most frequently asked interview questions. Once you have looked them over and learned why interviewers rely on them, you will be 100% prepared to ace your next interview, no matter how smart the HR director thinks they are. Some sample questions you will be introduced to, and learn how to prepare for are:

  • So…tell me about yourself…
  • How do you go about learning new technical skills?
  • Walk me through the steps you took to reach an important long-term goal…
  • What have you learned from your mistakes?
  • What would your last manager say about you?
  • How much money do you expect if we offer this position to you?
  • What happens when you have to deal with an angry customer or client?
  • Tell me about an important written document you were required to complete.
  • Are you good at delegating tasks?… Tell us about the process…
  • What motivates you to go the extra mile on a project or job?

The difference between someone who is prepared, and knows the kind of questions, and their psychological underpinnings, and someone who doesn’t is huge.

The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Confidence gets hired

Bob knows what it is like to interview people, in the face he has personally interviewed more than 500 people for major international corporations. If you want to know what it is like on the other side of the desk, this ebook is going to make all the difference for you.


 The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview


If you have great stories and know all the questions you will succeed 

Sitting down for an interview can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the biggest things that this book will help you do is stop the stress cycle that goes along with looking and interviewing for a new job.

Preparation is the most important thing and a person who has a number of positive work stories that flow is going to do a lot better in an interview than someone who doesn’t. Your skills and work history have to be relevant to what your interviewer needs to find for their company, making your track record fit their needs is perhaps the most important thing you can do in an interview. In essence, you will learn to “package & spin” your work experience to fit the needs of your prospective employer.

When you are able to show them that you have what it takes to do the job, the position is as good as yours. When you build a comprehensive knowledge of the questions you will face, combined with a group of bulletproof SOARL based stories, you will be unstoppable.

Metrics make all the difference 

Using numbers to show just how effective an employee you are is invaluable in the interview process. One of the things that you will review in this book, is how you can employ numbers, or metrics, in order to give concreteness to your past performance. It is easy to tell an interviewer that you were able to improve output, but when you tell them that you were able to “boost output by 47% over a two year period” they will have a firm footing to appreciate just how effective an employee you really are. These are all things that Bob will discuss with you in this incredible ebook, and we are really just scratching the surface of what he will share with you.

Make them tell you how good you are

Remember, in the interview is mostly psychological, and knowing how to manipulate human psychology to your advantage is going to give you a huge advantage. Being confident, and telling your interviewer that you are perfect for the position is great, but what if you could make them tell you how great you are for the job?

The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Make them tell you how good you are

You can, and this pdf will show you how to do it. When you use the SOARL based stories and tailor them to fit the needs of the interviewer, using metrics and other means of persuasion, the interviewer will have to agree that you are exactly what they are looking for.

This represents a very powerful psychological mechanism, that will affect the interviewer at both the conscious and unconscious level. This is only one of many techniques that this book contains, and everyone is guaranteed to give you an advantage over your unprepared competition.

Buy this book, and get a library for free

Bob Firestone is serious about getting you ready for your next interview, and every interview that you will go to for the rest of your life. When you buy this book, you will receive a number of other works by Bob, all of which will help you when you interview and will continue to guide you once you get the job of your dreams. Check out a few of these great titles, included free when you buy this ebook:

  • Understanding the reasons why you get nervous
  • Classic memory improvement books
  • Interactive SOARL story creation templates
  • Seven essential patterns of behavior for success

And there are even more included, just check out Bob’s website for more valuable information.


• Learn all the tricks from someone who’s done it, and knows how to get hired over and over again, and it’s worked for over 20,000 people.
• Getting the interviewer to talk about how good you are isn’t going to be a mystery after you read this book
• You’ll know the right metrics to make you seem knowledgeable and the right person for the job
• You’ll learn how to tell great stories that get the interviewer hooked
• You’ll be prepared for all the questions you might get asked in your interview


• This will take some amount of work to learn all the methods and learn to apply them
• You will also need to practice these before using them in real interviews to really ingrain them into your head so you’re ready to go when it’s time
• Once you land your dream job, you probably won’t need this book anymore (until you’re looking for a new dream)

This system will work for you

There is a reason that this book has been around for more than ten years, and is still relevant and getting great reviews. It helps people get the jobs they want, it’s not a scam and it really does work. And it can help you too, more than 20,000 people have used this system to even the odds in the world of high-pressure interviews. Get a copy today, and the next time you have to interview for a job, you will be better prepared than anyone else in the room.

 The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview

Get access to The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers – and you’ll always know exactly how you can answer those tough interview questions!

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  1. SOARLis powerful! I followed this method during my interview and I did well and now I already have my dream job. Finally!!

  2. After being unemployed for nearly a year, I am so glad for this article. I’m not saying I got this job because of this article, but I came back from my interview and I found this tab still open. I studied this before I went to the interview. I got the job. I could literally cry right now!

  3. I have struggled a lot in interviews. I don’t know why but I get nervous and screw up even the ones where I know I would have gotten the job. This is why I love this and it is truly the ultimate guide on giving interviews. Especially love the S.O.A.R.L. approach. Highly recommended especially if you get nervous like me.

  4. My lackings were killing my shot at good jobs. It’s not that I didn’t have any potential but I was somewhat introvert and that was ruining everything. But after I started using the methods I finally got my confidence back. Now I finally have a job that pays well. Thank you so much!

  5. Surprisingly awesome. You just nailed the psychology of the employers. A must read for all the job seekers.

  6. Helped me understand the interviewer’s point of view very well, I know so many new things and I can definitely prepare better for my next job interview. In fact, I am sure I will get that job 🙂

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  8. Tabitha D. Jacks

    Getting an interview call is not something to be really happy at as being successful and getting the job is the real call in the end. Learn the article to master how to respond to interview questions vigilantly.

  9. All past job interviews I gave were a total disaster and I remember preparing as well as I could by going through everything available on the internet. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong, what was the core of my problems till I got the ‘Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers’.
    I cannot thank the makers enough as I got a job all because of this guide!

  10. Neil Georges

    Everyone wants to build their future and be successful. Everyone wants to make what’s on their “dream wall” come to life. But before we’re able to reach this, it is inevitable to go through job interviews. You have to ace that first before the next step to success. This is a comprehensive and well-written guide on how to answer those questions effectively and ace that job position you’re aiming for.

  11. William Vega

    What a fantastic guide to acing your job interview! This book is a must have for anyone fresh out of college, who is looking to start on a occupation or even the high school student who is trying a summer job. But if you think you’re credentials are far-reaching and your resume is enough, think again!

  12. John Cervantes

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