The Midas Method

The Midas Method is assertive money making trading system claiming to help you earn money on the internet. Any visitor can find the web page offering lots of enticements and promises. This trading system is more than 6 years and has been doing really good with the trading built-in system. The software suggested predicts instantly in milliseconds the details of the markets and the direction it will be going.

The 3.0 Midas Method is billed to be a racing bot with four strategies as the key center. Firstly, it is not a bot and very precisely, it relates to a piece of software automating selections based on the time to do the manual implementation. These sections may differ with each user depending on the search criteria refined to suit individual preferred choices of approach and at the same time, there will be changes in the selections as well during the racing ay course as they are completely based on the movements of the price.

The Midas Method Version 3.0 is automated betting providing suggested selections through its two main methods and two ‘bonus’ methods. This system identifies them and does nothing for you to place the bets, so thus it also rules out the worry that your accounts will get hijacked automatically.  Apart from this, as pro tipster selections, three weekly emails are separately monitored by the proofing team.

Is it solid enough?

A trader here by profession will easily know that as such there is no system right now that can inform you about the market’s direction.  On saying this, it is evident and true that the world acknowledges this revolutionary system of trading that does not take much time to research or even place betting on The Midas Method each day. The system is straight forward and simples that you should look for the information of the market and it is surely not taking you more than the best of an hour.

On the Midas method website, you can sign fast and the software is very fast that investing money online is done in a short time. The reports available here is easy and clear to follow. Though there are whispers that the betting system of horse racing is within the online communities, there is a silver lining as the Midas Method offers immediately a link to download the PDF report that is straight and concise. In fact, on reading this report even the first timers get to see the logic of betting strategy.

The Midas Method

The Midas Method is a web-based unique betting software with 4 built-in systems and also is capable of creating customized systems. Version 3.0 is a real giant leap from the 2.0 pdf version. The new software and additional filtering capabilities are making this one of the best betting applications that is powerful and user-friendly. Despite the betting software, Midas Method Members get to use the Midas Picks Tipster service that provides the users with regular tips that proven to profit horse racing tips and this is offered through email.

The Midas Method uses the betting exchanges to analyze the trends of the market so that they are able to spot the occurrences identifying a horse and is supported by insider knowledge.

The Midas Method refers to a Horse Racing backing system explained.  The system strike rates claims 59% for the win and for the place 87%.  There are two systems mainly, one before racing method and during racing method. The before racing method demands the users to follow the live racing. This is a straight forward system to operate and does not take much time. Apart from this additional bonus systems are given on purchase.


System requirements

The most important is that you need to have an internet connected device offering fast broadband access. Thus there is a must to have at least a Betfair account and one bookmaker account and it may be used in conjunction. The Midas Method required users to access the Racing Post and Betfair, besides few more bookmakers’ accounts. You need not pay a subscription to the racing post for the required information. However, it is best to apply during winter owing to quicker starting times as 12.30 to 1 pm.


This is a common question about money required to start. The answer is very plain and simple. The required amount is £2 or anything more to place your bet as the first.

To make some profits, effort must be applied to earn a week around 5-10 points. For method 1, you require every day around 20-30 minutes, while for method 2 you need to be within the easy accessibility of your laptop, computer, iphone or tablet, so that any time you can dip, this may be anywhere between half an hour to  seven hours daily.  Even methods 3 and 4 are equally time-demanding.

What you get

The Midas Method Review: Get The Best Way To Win Horse Race Bets

On paying the subscription amount, you receive an email informing you about your login details and the password. There will also be one-click route taking you directly to the website. Then you get access to the betting software based on your subscription period length that you have selected.  You will receive a concise pdf instruction manual that must be read prior to doing anything else. This is written very well, concisely that even an amateur can understand it in one read. To the advantage of the users there is FAQ section bearing answers and also offers you a simple method to contact and ask questions if you need to. With one-click access, you will see there is a galore of options to suit your requirements and customizing selections.

Simplicity and convenience

 The Midas Method Review: Get The Best Way To Win Horse Race Bets Simplicity and convenience

The two main methods are Midas before Racing System and Midas Live Racing System, inclusive of the bonuses the Steamer System and Drifter System.  The Midas Method is a betting system and is now for many years around. Likewise, using it is not any rocket science. This is the very first time; you get to use such a simple automated process that proves that innovation is easy and convenient.

Overall, there is merit in this automated selection process and you will notice that at frequent intervals winners come along keeping this betting interesting. Putting some extra research is sure to benefit users as they can place bets in two selections and enjoy a return of 15% profit for merely 15 minutes of work a day. The software is simple to operate, though it needs to amend the settings that are annoying. Sometimes, though rare, the selections fail to appear automatically and there is a need to click on each race using the card and this takes hardly a minute to do so.

The software is robust and so there is no delay or problem experienced by users. There are many ways the users can tweak the process of selection and make the results better, but you must be cautious before taking a step.

So with an annual cost of £79, accounting to just under 22p a day, the Midas Method 3.0 is recommended by users as it also allows changing the settings as required by the purchaser to reflect 50% price variation.

After subscribing to the Midas Method there are two different ways. First, you get email picks that includes three betting strategies: Midas E/W Bets, Midas Insider Bets and Midas Bet of the Day, while the second includes the upgraded system and gives away extra betting bot.

The Midas Method Review: Get The Best Way To Win Horse Race Bets

Email Tips are also sent every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday absolutely one hour prior to the first race starts. Normally, users can back around three to five horses.

Bonus Material

Apart from the email tips received before the betting time, you also receive a bonus strategy that is risk free and produces real good profits as extra.

Speaking about the price, you can choose a yearly or a monthly subscription. Of course on the yearly subscription you enjoy a saving of per month to around 50 % and more. In fact, using the risk free bonus strategy, many times, you are a winner that it will easily cover the expenses of your yearly fee.

The theory here is that people know who expects a horse to win and can back it, but the fact also stays that not all the steamers will win.

Right Timing

The Midas Method Review: Get The Best Way To Win Horse Race Bets Right Timing

The Midas Before Racing System is the core method. There is evidence saying it has earned profits a month of up to 74.75 points. However, the required information may be accessed through the website of members only. The price is recorded at 9 am from the Racing Post site and this is referred to as Time 1 and the now or current price is referred to as Time 2 and it informs you the difference. In case, the odds steam by some amounts, it is a bets on.

The prices keep moving at all times. This is said so because a horse that may have steamed at 11am may have drifted out by 1 pm. checking the prices and you find no steamers at 11 am indicates there may be surely some at 1 pm. Thus time plays a vital role. Thus, the instructions inform the best time is to check between 12.30-1pm as this is time during the trial. The reports are the readings taken, yet it is important to understand up-front that it is difficult to be a definitive test, as the results may slightly vary from the published results. Thus, you require a few of the missed steamers between 5/1 and 8/1 to earn the days profit.


There are no limits as to where you must see for the bets before placing a bet.  The site lists out the races of the entire day and so you can conveniently check the price movement of each horse. Actually, this is very useful. Besides it also has a tab My Selections that lists the horses that meet your steaming criteria. This is also highly useful and you can save it as a CSV file so that it helps with keeping your records.

Second Method

The second Midas method is the Midas Live Racing System. It works same as the Midas Before Racing System recording the Time 2 price just before 10 minutes prior to the race starting. The assumption is that smart money catches in the last few minutes, prior to the off.

This gives more steaming time to the odds, while you get more selections with this method. However, this is a method for people who can sit and watching the horses racing for the entire day that is nearly eight hours. Thus, it is useful for people who can be present consistently every day.


The third system is the Steamer System. It works same as the other systems, but measures the difference of price in two predefined times. As default it takes reading 30 minutes prior to a race and 5 minutes prior to the off, while with others, you may change this timing of coming up. This is an ideal choice to avid steamer bettor who desires for detailed customization.


Shoes at the tunnel

The Drifter System works the same as the Steamer System but it works to track drifters. Not all is proven that the drifters lose and only steamers win. There are chances to get a good value on backing drifters and this is also an important betting aspect.

Sum Up

Shoes at the tunnel

The Midas Method is a flexible system and it is impossible to test definitively. All the methods outlined are popular and useful methods. The system generates each day a lot of bets that in 2-3 weeks times, nearly 200 bets may get over. However, based on the trial movements and with consultation, users may get a consistent and better performance if they extend the trial period. Nevertheless, there is a Settings page in the software allowing users to customize their choice of settings. Here, you can set the Time source and avoid bookie adjustments or early price settlement. You can also change the number of runners, race distance and the odds range. As the system is customizable, the Midas Method is highly prominent.

The Midas Method

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