Are you into horse race betting and have been having hard times winning? This horse race preditor review will show you how to bet in horse races and win.

A lot of people have tried so hard to make money from horse racing. Unfortunately, instead of winning, they lose money. Some people have even graduated from betting into gambling. Is there any difference between gambling and betting? Read on to find out.

This predictor is not the regular horse racing tips. Unlike conventional tipping services, this race predictor is an automated software that makes betting easy.

After a series of research on how to find the way forward in horse race betting, I finally discover this AI race predictor. The software can predict today’s flat races and tomorrow’s races.

In this review, I’m going to show you everything about the horse race predictor. In the end, you will be able to tell if it’s your thing. “Book writing jobs have caused horse racing appear to be like a firm stable business.”

I like starting my reviews with the creator of the product. This way, people will be able to tell if they should trust the product or not. Nevertheless, before I do that, let me share my betting experience with you.

How I started betting on Horse Racing

The Horse Race Predictor How I started betting on Horse Racing

I started my betting journey as a football bettor. At the early stage, I was lucky to win a huge sum of money. Seeing that I won good money, I was carried away and started using my emotions to bet. Before I could say, Jack, I became addicted to it and saw myself gambling that I became so broke.

You see, most people don’t understand the difference between betting and gambling. To me, betting is about using your common sense, while betting is using emotions.

I like betting on real estate, where you take calculated risks and are almost certain to make money.

On the other hand, gambling arrests your emotion and get you drowned in it. Once you are into gambling, getting out becomes difficult. That was the stage I got myself into.

I struggled with life for some years before a friend of mine introduced me to horse racing. At first, I didn’t want to have anything to do with it because it almost ruined my life. However, seeing that my friend was successful in horse racing and isn’t addicted, I decided to try it out.

The first time I tried it out on my own, I failed woefully. It was later I discovered that my friend was using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence uses mathematical techniques to bring out possible outcomes. My friend introduced me to the race predictor, and the experience so far has been amazing.

I am now a full-time bettor making money from betting for horses. Anyone can also make money from betting for horses with this software. There are times when I win the best five bets in a day, which means a lot to me.

The creator of the Horse Race predictor software

The names of the guys behind the software are Gav Summerhill and Dave Nevis. Gav is a professional bettor with years of experience. After much contemplating, he decided to roll out a predictor software for the public. Together with his friend, Dave Nevis, a computer programmer, they were able to create the horse predictor. All the standard race data were considered, including distance, surface type, jockey, going, weight carried, etc.

According to Dave Nevis, putting together the AI race predictor was not easy. It took them trials and errors to eventually come up with the software.

Initially, they were not sure whether to release the AI race predictor to the public. However, after trying it out severally and winning consistently, they thought it was time to release it.

They made the software so simple for both complete beginners and professional betters. I have been using this betting system for some time now and the results have been amazing.

So, you can rest assured that this software is created by horse racing experts.

How does the Horse Race predictor work?

The Horse Race Predictor How does the Horse Race predictor work

This horse racing software is to make bettors make money with their bets. The AI race predictor uses mathematical techniques to get the best bets. This software works with factors such as simulated annealing, fuzzy logic, gradient descent, and iterative processes.

Apart from the software giving users updated information, users also get advice from experts. These experts have years of experience and understand how it works.

The horse racing predictor has different features and I will be sharing everything with you.

The features of the Horse Race predictor

When you buy this AI race predictor, there are different things you will find inside the software. Below are the features of the racing predictor.

The 24/7 private members’ area

Most people tend to overlook this feature, but there is a lot to get from here. In the member area, you can seek advice from racing experts and learn new things. I took out time to carefully go through it and it was useful for me.

To me, this section is a give and take section. While you get help from others, you should be willing to share your experience with others.

Besides, I get amazing predictions and stats from the private member area. I urge you to spend time on this area if you eventually pick the software for your predictions.

Method suite and bet builder pro

The Horse Race Predictor Method suite and bet builder pro

When you buy this AI predictor, you will get horse racing tips and standard race data to make winning possible. There are 12 proven methods of winning with this AI race predictor. However, you don’t have to rely on them alone. You can create your own proven methods with a good estimated value of winning.

Unlike conventional tipping services, the horse racing tips you get from this software will help create bets continuously. Having bets continuously means winning continuously for you.

Once you download the data you want to analyze, you can manage everything in excel to get a clearer picture.

Easy-to-understand stats

For you to develop winning strategies, one of the most vital horse racing tips is taking note of every race possible. This is something I knew even before I bought this AI predictor.

However, before I bought this AI predictor, it used to take a lot of my time to develop better strategies. The mathematical techniques employed by the horse race predictor system make betting easier for me.

With this system, I have been able to win the best five bets in a day. The stats are easy to read, and you can develop your strategies from them. While it took me some time to get the best five bets, I now understand how to win most of the time.

There is a course you can go through for a better understanding. The course shows you how the AI predictor works to make you profit. I have been making a profit by using the service of the horse racing preditor.

Club betting

The Horse Race Predictor Club Betting

For you to become a professional in whatever you do, you need to learn from people ahead.

Just follow the gurus in these clubs and interact with other users for more experience. Every club uses the software in different ways. Thus, this gives you the opportunity to learn something different from each club.

Who can place bets for Horse Races with this software?

As long as you are interested in making money through this medium, you can use the software. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced bettor, this software will be beneficial to you.

I started using the software just after I was introduced to betting in horse races. So far, the service has been nice and I am getting better results day by day.

What are the benefits of using the Horse Race predictor system?

The benefits of this system are enough to fulfill your betting needs. The software offers an easy and robust system for everyone.

Easy-to-use system

 The Horse Race Predictor Easy-to-use system

Whether you are new to betting for horse races or not, this software offers a service for anyone to understand. You don’t need any tech skills to understand the logic of its service.

The system updates regularly

The service I enjoy from this app makes it the best app I have used so far. What makes it the best app? It updates regularly to give you an extensive database, covering everything you need. With an extensive database covering everything you need, making profits is 99% guaranteed.

So many people are capitalizing on the service of this software to make a good income every day.

Get advice from friendly members and gurus

Inside the member’s area, you can get advice from friendly members who are ready to help. Most of the members have years of experience, and they are happy to share with newbies.

Get financial freedom with the system

If you take advantage of the mathematical techniques employed by this system, you will make money. It combines various factors such as gradient descent, fuzzy logic, iterative processes, and simulated annealing to give amazing results.

You may not find all these from anywhere because it was designed by a high-profile computer programmer. The computer programmer took his time to put everything in place for a wonderful experience.

What you get from the system far outweighs what you will pay

The Horse Race Predictor What you get from the system far outweighs what you will pay

You get the chance to win in every single horse race. Your chances of making a profit in every single horse race are more than what you will pay for the service of the system.

No server problems, natural disasters, or telecommunication errors

Another thing is that I have not experienced server problems, natural disasters, or telecommunication errors. Server problems are common with many of the prediction software out there. There is nothing as frustrating as having server issues when using prediction software.

I have used quite a number of software and understand what it means to experience server problems.

Is the Horse Race Preditor a Google play store app?

No, it is not a Google play store app. This horse racing software is premium software for its subscribed members. You have to pay to get access to the software. To be a member, you have to subscribe by using the official website of the creator. That way, you will get access to everything you need to get the best.

How much can I make from the Horse Race Predictor system?

The Horse Race Predictor How much can I make from the Horse Race Predictor system

Honestly, there is no estimated value of what you can make. However, you are sure of standard race data. Also, your active period of play will determine how much you can make from the software. The more active period, the better the chance of making more money.

I have taken this as a full-time job and the experience so far has been okay for me.

I will advise you to go through the proven methods, understand them before any bets. Starting this way will give you an amazing experience from the start.

What are other users saying about using the horse race predictor for Horse Races?

So far, I can’t tell you that 100% of the users are making good money by using the horse race predictor. However, more than 90% are having good success. Most of the people not having good success are working with their emotions.

If you take your time and understand the simple principles, making money is also 100% sure. Nevertheless, you should also understand that it is betting and the outcome can’t be favorable all the time.

With that said, the reviews from other users have been great, although there are a few still struggling. Get advice from the gurus in the member’s area and take your time to understand the system. Once this is done, you should start seeing results from your bets starting from today.

What if I don’t make a profit from the horse race predictor system?

This is a common question most people like to ask before buying any product or service. Of course, no one wants to waste his hard-earned cash.

Judging from my perspective, I am pretty sure you will make cash from this system. I have used it and know how it works. Nevertheless, to create transparency for new users, there is an assurance policy.

If for any reason, you didn’t profit after 60 days, you will get a refund. This means that the product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

I believe the creators want to prove that their product is legit, hence a 60-day return policy. With this policy, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

How to subscribe to using the Horse Race predictor

The best way to become a member is by visiting the official website of the software. You can use any of the links on this page to redirect you to the website.

Is it a Scam?

First, you need to understand about the program is not some form of scam. You do not have to possess excellent knowledge of technology to be able to properly use it. The system is suitable for both professionals and rookies. 

It is quite user-friendly, and therefore, it will help you learn various strategies. It will also give you different hints and insights that will help you win your bets and make a lot of money. You will also be able to see the highest betting opportunities every day. This will increase your chances of betting on winning numbers and make huge profits.

The software is always active. It never takes a break and keeps working twenty-four hours, every day, throughout the entire year. The program provides you with a functioning working platform that enables you to build your wealth or assets. 

The program will also provide you with different guidelines. The guidelines will provide you different goals and targets that will help you maintain your focus and stay disciplined.

Therefore, you will not only have the chance to have a profitable side income but also have enough opportunities to make enough money to invest in other places.


I believe you have the information you need about the horse race software. My advice is to study the stats and seek advice anytime you have issues.

If you are scared of not making cash with the system, the 60 days refund policy covers you.

You can use any of the links on this page to check out the system and register as a member.

Whether it is surface type, going, jockey, distance, weight carried, etc. you will get it in this AI race predictor. Get the best betting experience with this user’s updated software that can predict today’s flat races and tomorrow’s races.

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