Traffic is, without a doubt, the lifeline of a business. With new traffic generation techniques, you can give your online and offline businesses the right push. This means that the importance of traffic cannot be overemphasized. If you do things the right way, your business or website will have more exposure, reach and swell bank accounts.

In his experience, John Thornhill woke up to what would have been a problem for others. A ban on his Google Adwords account. As a result, he devised traffic methods that did not include google Ads. The internet marketing niche is increasingly competitive hence making Google selective in their ad program. Although the ad program has many companies pumping their dollars in Google’s bank accounts, the system remains very selective.

What Is ” Simple Traffic Solutions “

Simple Traffic Solutions is a two-part online traffic generation training program:

  1. PDFs containing:
  • Simple Traffic Solution ebook
  • Worksheets
  • Mindmap
  • PDF version of each video tutorial
  1. Video Instructions: These tutorials are video presentations of 19 FREE traffic-generation strategies. The video instruction is divided into three stages (all accessible at the time of purchase)
  • Phase 1 – Theoretical Training On a theoretical basis, the theory training explores each of the 19 traffic approaches in detail.
  • Stage 2 – On-the-job Training Practical training demonstrates each traffic approach in action and is intended to be completed following theory training.
  • Phase 3 – Advanced Training. This section should contain advanced training methods and should be updated on a regular basis.

The skills that John discusses in his teaching range from the most basic to the most advanced. Unlike some other online traffic courses, which still relate to dusty obsolete tactics that are no longer relevant, John Thornhill’s instruction is contemporary and relevant to existing internet marketing practices.

Beyond the Ad Program

Simple Traffic Solution Account Shutdown

Like Google, SEO (alt attributes) employs several tactics, including title tags, meta tags, keyword research, page optimization, link building, content creation, sitemaps, etc. Without the right tools, getting your product out there could be daunting. John Thornhill, the author of simple traffic solutions, took a thoughtful approach by standing outside the popular product methods – Google, video, and SEO. Surely his method does not discredit SEO or keyword research; he only drives other tactics home.

Since this works for him, we decided to do a simple traffic solutions review. Note that the product doesn’t have anything about PPC marketing and advertising. Instead, it contains diverse traffic generation methods. All helped the author to record massive traffic while staying on top of search results for several years.

The Creator – John Thornhill

Simple Traffic Solution The Creator

John Thornhill is a traffic generation guru, and his success did not come out of the blue. He is one of the traditional providers of simple traffic solutions, and his famous book is so named. His success at diverse traffic generation training has helped the formulation of effective traffic methods. Since he has avid interests in simple traffic generation solutions, he can separate flaws from benefits. Recently, he used 20 internet marketing methods to generate traffic without spending a dollar. Instead, an in-depth review of his approach shows that he got over 2 billion visitors. Safe to say, John Thornhill is a traffic Billionaire.

According to him, his traffic generation products came as ideas when he was banned by google with no Google Adwords program access. This seems to be a trend in internet marketing, especially when you’re making headway. Many business owners trust Google by running ads through them. However, some of these corporations can disengage anyone from their ads program at any time. Sometimes, it is not an issue with the program. It could be a system shake-up or update.

His Approach

Since John Thornhill recognizes that traffic generation is the only challenge many brands face, he made traffic generation products simple. The book ‘simple traffic solutions’ has most of his traffic generation secrets. It’s so simple that it will be hard to miss it. It is fundamentally a step-by-step guide. Of course, it is a rather painful issue that after working with corporations on several products, you could get kicked out.

Simple Traffic solutions do not prepare for your adverse eventualities. It is a book that uses due diligence and enhanced sequence to help thousands of businesses. The book Simple Traffic Solutions takes inefficient old methods out of the picture while retaining more appropriate methods.

What to expect

Simple Traffic Solution How to Automate

The book is essentially a course of 50 modules. It explains what traffic is and how you can effectively generate them on your website. Each module contains practical and theory training. In addition to this, there is a checklist for every guide. Therefore, it contains an actionable answer to your questions.

Furthermore, none has a single feature. Rather, each has a different format point plus print media that you can see online or offline. According to the style and execution of the writing, John Thornhill shows professionalism. Despite his traffic generation products, the author critiques his work. It serves as a form of review for each traffic method, rating them on a scale of 5 stars. This in-house solutions review shows the more effective methods.

We will show the two components of simple traffics solutions in this review.

Components of Simple Traffic Solutions

Simple Traffic Solution Pdf Report


Simple traffic solutions created by John Thornhill include an eBook. The eBook acts like a mindmap for traffic solutions, and it has several step-by-step guides for each module. Therefore, they are a summary of each video tutorial.

Tutorial Videos

These tutorial videos have about 19 strategies for outstanding results. They are in three phases, so it is hard for anyone to miss them. with just one purchase, you get;

  • Theories- these contain one and more theoretical discussions for each strategy, feature, and likely result.
  • Ad Swaps
  • Article Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Blog Hopping
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Groups
  • Forums
  • Free Reports
  • Website Guest Blogging
  • Integration Marketing
  • JV’s (Joint Ventures)
  • Link Exchanges
  • SEO (links, alt attributes)
  • Signatures
  • Social Networking
  • Video Marketing
  • Viral Marketing

Unlike other traffic courses, the tutorial videos weed off outdated practices and stay on current tactics.

Practical training- hands-on experiences on how traffic generation strategies work individually and alongside each other. Practical training comes after theory discussions.

Advanced training- this is a link to advanced learning methods. These methods are subject to regular updates. Therefore, it would be great if you considered staying abreast of each update. The course is well thought-through and concise. The advanced training segment is more of a bonus segment. It deals with how to create a blog (with title tags, meta tags, and other tags), content creation, and expert opinions.

These two components of the book show that there is something for everyone since it ranges from similar to advanced.

Key features of simple traffic solutions

Simple Traffic Solution Start to see Results

Many simple traffic solutions reviews attest to the 60-day money-back offer. You have access to a refund of the original price with no questions asked.

The book includes;

  • Up-to-date product information and techniques
  • Accessible by anyone due to its simplistic approach
  • Reader-friendly and explanatory training. Thus affording people flexibility and ease.

Although this traffic solutions course is primarily online, you can download materials on Android phones, iPhones, iPods, etc. As such, you still have access whether you’re online or offline.

More Information

Simple Traffic Solution Important to be Honest

The principal aim of this 60-day money-back guarantee simple traffic solutions is to teach. Therefore, it is appropriate for people who are looking for something beyond running ads on Google. You can grab a copy with fields marked ‘comment name’ online. If you desire

  • A boost in your sites’ search results
  • Boost page optimization
  • Better website or online presence
  • Expansion of your product and business reach
  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in customer base
  • Conversions of thousands of potential clients etc

Then you may consider this book created by John Thornhill and its simple traffic solutions course. The values go beyond link building alone since it works for businesses and brand owners.


Simple Traffic Solution Verified Account

Even though what works for you may not work for the other guy, some online reviews support the claim that this product works. Thousands of simple traffic solutions review reports. If you’ve been running ads before, you will find at least one thing useful. Simple traffic solutions created by John Thornhill proposes tactics that retain good traffic, sites link, and website engagement despite Google disengagement.

The saying that ‘if it’s too good to be true, then it isn’t true. Well, simple traffic solutions may beg to differ since it is so comprehensive at a relatively reasonable price even without a discount.

Presently, the price of this traffic generation product will likely remain so until the author decides otherwise. From the tone, you can deduce that the author has an Irish accent, but it doesn’t affect his delivery.

Is there a catch?

Listening to a successful person is a common response to success. John’s account shows that he is a clever marketer who turned things around for himself. Furthermore, this simple traffic solution is a product that represents an entry point into his empire. He shows that as soon as you find an entry, there is no need to bombard you with promotional offers via your email address. Instead, he employs a subtle approach that simple traffic solutions review regard as irresistible. Albeit, at a ‘discount’.

On the other hand, his product offers great value without any pressure. He makes it look as though the choice to focus on learning is entirely up to you. Truthfully, it is, and you can explore one or several opportunities.

The Verdict

This simple traffic solutions review contains all you need to generate traffic, as shown by the author. It brings you to the core of effective tactics, which have more advantages when you’re willing to implement them. As you generate traffic, accomplishing your business goals becomes easier. The book is a worthy product for all brands, businesses, website owners, and people interested in online marketing.


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