Over the years you have had people telling you how you should behave at the job interviews and when you get there, no matter how prepared you were, there is the sweating, the mumbling and the loss for words to speak. Well, what they didn’t tell you is that you can eliminate all that.

I will start by telling you ways that will boost your confidence because when you are looking for a job, you will want the employers to see that you are capable of doing the job with no doubts whatsoever.

Be Confident Like a Billionaire

  1. Dress Sharp

When you are well groomed, well dressed and clean, you will have the feeling that you are presentable. The first step to being accepted is to accept you. When you look at yourself in the mirror and say, ‘That’s awesome’, you will have been halfway through the confidence building.

  1. Know Your Lines

When you are going for a job interview, you will obviously be aware if what you are going to be interviewed about and the steps you should take to ensure that you are prepared are to research. Know who is going to employ you and then when you are confident that you have every piece of material that you need, memorize it and understand every single part.

The Scariest Meetings: Job Interviews

  1. Relax Or If You Can’t, Pretend to Be Relaxed

How hard can it be to relax when you are dressed sharply and you have your lines on your fingertips? It will be easy of you can breathe, maintain eye contact and be jovial looking. Just make sure that while you are acting relaxed and happy, you don’t overdo it.

Wowing the Interviewer

  1. Be Modest

Yes, you have all those skills and an impressive resume but you don’t have to keep on reminding them that you are qualified. Let the resume speak for you. All you can do is throw in a short story about the time you did this or that and let them corroborate the facts and what you are saying.

  1. Keep Your Social Media Clean

Well, you did have a few randy and careless years at the college, with your friends or just anywhere and you took some pictures and they ended up on Facebook with several likes and you left them there because everyone said they were nice. You should know that employers scan the social media sites for signs of mischief and bad behavior. So, sweep that house.

The Scariest Meetings: Job Interviews

  1. Arrive Early And Be Friendly

When you show up punctually, you will have proved something. That is, you can get to the job whenever you are needed and that you understand why time is very important. Greet people and be friendly but do not overdo it.


Be Creative

A certain man was applying for a job at a style and travel magazine. Here is what he did. He took three months, several people to help him and a good dose of creativity and packed them all into an impressive magazine.

In there, they found his alma mater, experience, hobbies and everything you can put in a resume. They were all creatively altered to be presentable and fun. The pictures, the prose, and the arrangements were just cool.

They didn’t even question him and he got the job immediately.

So, be creative with your resume and if you are not sure how creative works, please ask because you will not want to embarrass yourself.

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  1. Being a recruiter for a job is what I love best, you will witness different personalities and the way your interviewee speaks. It’s interesting to see how they try to impress us on certain aspects but there are particular traits which makes us say “We want you”, and this article covers most of it! Confidence is enough to be likeable, show you are even when deep inside you’re panicking. Practice impromptu speech and give an insightful one, finally, don’t ever give up if you failed your interviews because you’ll soon find a better one.

  2. Mary J. Obrien

    Been trying to land a job for quite some time now, I have the credentials and the qualities that they seek for the position though I am not sure why I don’t pass the interview. This lighten up things for me, now I have an idea on how to get that next interview like a pro! You’re helpful!

  3. This really helped me. I get scared during interviews and wanted something to help me control my nerves and nail interviews. Thankfully I was able to do this by using the amazing tips and tricks listed here. I have already gotten two offers and shortlisted for final interviews at three different organizations.

  4. Brenda D. Jones

    I am always scared of interviews and presentations. It has taken me some time through the guide of this article to be a better person when it comes to interviews. That scary feeling of interviews is a gone case for me at the moment. I am becoming better, thanks to the team behind this.

  5. I am timid and always hesitate to even go to interviews because of that. I ran into this article when I most needed it. I almost missed the job of my life. Thanks to you, I have my self-esteem back.

  6. Alvin Hartley

    I find it intimidating to go to interviews despite having been in one before already. There’s just something that makes me nervous. The things that this article pointed out is on point and I totally agree with you!

  7. I would recommend this guide to anyone there expecting a job interview. The guide has helped me a lot and not just once. Since I got it, every job interview that I have to go through I have been able to do well because of the tips I have acquired from the guide.
    The guide is a like a trainer. Provides comprehensive information about job interviews and the things that you can do.

  8. Shelley Hall

    As a fresher, I was so worried about my interviews. I had no idea what to do and how to do. But this article gave me the whole idea.

  9. The pieces of advice are amazing! And these particular ones are those that I won’t forget during the interview ha ha

  10. Willie Perry

    Wow. This is amazing. it has made me feel like i have always been doing it. The way these tips are explained make you feel confident enough. It feels good.

  11. It seems that when hiring teams are pressured to evaluate people and make good hires fast, they sometimes adopt downright bizarre practices or behaviors that put off candidates.

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