Since the eBook is an insight into the jobs available in the railroad sector, it is only prudent that we have some background information about railroad careers.


There are basically more than 500 companies that constitute the U.S railroad industry. They provide the country’s passenger and freight transportation services on a network of 300,000 route miles of railway track. Railroad employs a huge workforce of services that manage and maintain this extensive network.



In 2014, workers in railroad careers held 113,300 jobs. It is estimated that with the continued economic growth, freight demand will shoot by 67 %within the coming 20 years. Railroads will, therefore, be expected to employ 80,000 more employees.

The most prominent railroad companies include:

  • Amtrak
  • Union
  • Pacific
  • Southern
  • Canadian

Railroad workers undertake the following responsibilities:

  • They inspect and maintain the mechanical condition of the trains
  • They put on record any issues that stand out that may require closer inspection
  • They operate the trains and ensure the schedules are observed.

Freight trains shuttle billions of tons of luggage across the country to various ports where they are shipped to different parts of the world. Passenger trains on the other hand transport millions of commuters to varied destinations around the country. Railroad workers are an integral part of keeping the freight and commuter trains operating properly.

All the workers work hand in hand to ensure that schedules are observed and successful. For example, engineers must travel with conductors and sometimes with the break operators.The must in addition constantly communicate to keep each other updated on any changes in the condition of the train.

Signal and switch operators must keep communication open with the railroad and train engineers so that the train goes to the right destination.All the crew in the train must keep close contact with the dispatchers who give them instructions on where to go and which activities to undertake.

Railroad jobs are very rewarding. A career in a railroad company will offer you:

  • Economic stability
  • Opportunities for a long-term career projection
  • Competitive salaries
  • Amazing benefits.

The following are the careers in the railroad sector:

  • Locomotive engineers
  • Carmen (both men and women)
  • Conductors
  • Truck workers
  • Technicians

Locomotive engineers

These are the people who drive the trains.The engineer of a freight train must be aware of the goods that he is carrying because different types of luggage demand different driving speed; also depending on the state of the rails. For instance, he will use a different speed for a train carrying hazardous material through a snowstorm as compared to a train ferrying coal through a mountainous region.

Engineer’s responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring speed, air pressure battery use, and other factors to ensure that runs properly.
  • Use various controls to operate the train e.g. throttles and airbrakes.
  • Communicate through the radio with dispatches to get appropriate information about the schedule changes.


Conductors operate in both the passenger and freight trains. They mainly coordinate activities of the rest of the train crew. On the passenger trains, they have the responsibility to keep passengers informed about different ongoings through announcements and ensure the comfort and safety of the passengers. They undertake the following activities:

  • Supervise the loading and unloading of luggage
  • Help passengers to safety when necessary
  • Take payment from passengers and issue tickets
  • Verify the passengers’ tickets
  • Control unruly passengers to ensure the safety of the rest of the passengers.
  • Make announcements when necessary.


These people coordinate the activities of railroad crew in the rail yard. They direct the engineers about where to move the cars to make planned adjustments or to load and unload luggage. They also ensure the right luggage is on board before the trains leave the yard. The following are the daily duties of the yardmasters:

  • Confirm schedules, switching and shipping orders of luggage trains.
  • Facilitate the removal and repair of faulty cars.
  • Move train traffic to a different section of the railway line to allow other inbound or outbound trains to move without accidents.
  • Assemble or break up train cars according to a given schedule.

Rail yard engineers

They drive the trains within the yard. For example, they move trains between tracks to ensure the organization. They may also move trains to or from the repair shops for maintenance. Some may use remote technology to move cars within the yard.

Switch operators have the duty of controlling equipment that keeps the trains operating smoothly.

Brake operators help in coupling or uncoupling train cars. Sometimes they are of the train crew.

Signal operators install and control signals along the railway tracks and also within the yard. Signals are essential since they facilitate communication between the train crew and dispatchers to prevent accidents.

Locomotive firers monitor trains and tracks equipment to find out if any of the equipment is faulty. They also weed out any obstacles on the railway track and other potential problems.

How to prepare for the pre-employment test

The job vacancies are mostly posted on the websites of the railroads. You must, therefore, apply online with the railroad that you desire to work for. You will be contacted by the railroad. To do well in your pre-employment test, take time and prepare yourself. The following are pointers to help you prepare effectively.

Prepare your resume

Include in the resume your education and work history. Time spent in the army is also a great booster to your chances of being hired because it indicates that you are professional and you possess attention to detail.



Engage in a training regime to build your body strength. Strength training is part of the employment requirement. The degree of strength training will vary depending on the position and the company.

Ensure documents are in order

Your driving record, criminal and medical records must all be flawless. Your background will be checked. The details must match the ones that you have provided. Any mismatch will have you disqualified. NOTE: You are not allowed to update or change the details you have provided in your documents.

Basic skills

Polish your basic skills. Basic math, reading, and comprehension will most likely be tested. Being ready helps to make you less anxious and you will perform much better in the interview.

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Dress appropriately

Do not be too formal or too casual. You will be safe with business casual. Be tidy and ensure your clothes are clean. (Gym shoes and sneakers are an absolute no)

Railroad workers training

The engineers are mostly given 2-3 months of the on-job-training before they can operate a train by themselves. The training involves being paired with an experienced engineer who will teach them the features of a given train route. Some of the things they learn are:

  • Length of the track
  • Location of the switches
  • The presence of unusual features on the rail track.

Even an experienced engineer who makes a switch to another route will take a few months to study the route in the company of a fellow engineer who is more conversant with the route. Continued training is provided by companies to engineers so that they can keep refining their skills.

Conductors and yardmasters mostly receive one to three months training on the job. The major railroad companies carry out training of their own workers while the less established companies will send theirs to training facilities.

Yardmasters will receive their training under an experienced yard master or join a training program. The training mostly involves learning how to manage the railcars in the rail yard and the operation of remote train technology. Conductors will be taught the procedures to load and unload varied types of luggage. Those who will be working on passenger trains are trained on the ticketing procedures and how to manage various types of passengers.

The rail yard engineers also receive training on the job. The length of the program depends on the company.


The engineers must be certified by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). The certification is conducted by the employer. The engineers have to undertake a knowledge test, skill test and have the testimony of a supervisor to confirm that he has mastered all the aspects of a given route on which he will be operating.

All engineers must also get certification if they change their regular route to a new one. Even without any changes in route, continuing engineers are recertified every so often. Vision and hearing are part of the certification process.

Conductors are also required to become certified. The railroad assigns and administrates a test which is approved by the FRA.

Essential qualities for railroad workers

  • Communication skills

To keep trains on schedule, all the workers must have the ability to communicate with other crew members.

  • Customer survive skills

Most of the workers work closely with passengers to ensure their safety and comfort. They must, therefore, be respectful and courteous. They should also be tactful since they may sometimes have to deal with unruly passengers.

  • Hand-eye coordination

This is an important skill for engineers who will be performing various activities simultaneously while at the same time maintaining awareness of their surroundings.

  • Hearing ability

A hearing test is mandatory to ensure that you will hear warning signals and communicate effectively with other crew.

  • Mechanical skills

All the railroad workers operate complex machinery at some point. They must, therefore, be knowledgeable about most of the equipment.

In addition to the skills, you will also be required to pass the following tests:

Visibility test

The engineers must pass a visibility test. The test will include:

  • Eyesight
  • Color vision
  • Peripheral vision


Railroad jobs are very lucrative. The average salaries for railroad workers in 2015 were as follows:

Locomotive engineers                                                                                                    $56,240

Railroad conductors and yardmasters                                                                   $55,930

Railroad brake, signal and switch operators                                                        $54,020

Locomotive friers                                                                                                             $48,470

Rail yard engineers                                                                                                          $45,780

Railroad jobs guide

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  • Class 1
  • Class 11
  • Class 111 and how to determine the one that is right for you.
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  • If you buy the product, it will boost your chances of making a positive impact on the people in the interview panel.


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