Most of us have regular jobs. But with the many responsibilities we have to attend to every day, our salary is just not enough. Time and again, you may have thought about supplementing that salary, or just quitting your 9-5 to start a business.

How to Make More Money, Develop Passive Income, and Start Saving

If done right, it could be the beginning of a financial journey like never before. You will get to make more money than you have ever anticipated.

5 passive income streams you can build

One way to start earning more money is by venturing into passive income streams. Do not get me wrong. The word passive is not used to mean that you will just sit back and get money. For this to work, you have to be ready to invest some capital upfront, and your time into the venture. Otherwise, it won’t work for you.

Rental properties

Investing in real estate business can never go wrong, according to my experience. What’s more?  You are assured of a consistent income stream. You can opt to delegate the running of the properties to a management company.

Rental propertiesPeer to peer lending

At one point in your life, you have applied for a loan but received the ugly news that you don’t qualify. This happens a lot, but you can make a business out of it. Lending money to those people who aren’t able to access traditional loans, and getting an interest with the return. The best part is you can decide on the people to give these loans to.

Affiliate marketing

We spend most of our time online. So why not use this time to make some money instead? By being an affiliate marketer, your job is to partner with different companies that sell their products online. You get to advertise these products on their behalf and earn a commission on each item bought from your recommendation.

Affiliate marketingNetwork marketing

Some of the huge companies today are using this technique to sell their products. What you do is buy some products up front as an investment, then build a team that will buy these products off you and sells. You will get commissions for every sale they make.

Social Networking and People Connectivity ConceptSelling Stock photos

With the evolution of technology, you probably have the latest smartphone with an even better camera. You can take original pictures and submit them to stock sites, which are the sites that provide pictures for different websites. Whenever your photo is purchased, you earn a commission.

Selling Stock photosIs there money in blogging online?


Many people start out their blogging careers for fun, to pass the time or as a channel to write about their thoughts and interests. For most of them, making money out of it is not the primary issue. But how cool is getting money out of something you love doing? To be able to make money blogging, you first have to create a strong online presence.

Your content speaks for you, and it’s what attracts people to read your blog. Therefore, it has to be well-written, entertaining and informative. You also have to know that the money is not from the blog itself. It is majorly from the products and services that are offered using your blog as a platform.


Advertisements on different products are strategically placed on your blog with the hope that readers click on them to purchase the goods offered.



You must have come across free giveaways on certain blogs. Well, this is another way you can earn money as a blogger. A company will ask you to review their product to your readers and even give out a free sample .the best part is, apart from the free goodies, you will be paid for the review.

Sponsored posts

These are not so different from the reviews. However, in this instance, you will be required to work with a company to publish a blog entirely about a given product or service.

Selling blogs

If your blog is doing really well, you may get offers from different companies wanting to buy you out. In other cases, you can obtain a small blog, develop the content, grow it and then sell it later, of course at a profit.

Selling digital products

Maybe selling other people’s products is just not for you. Well, you can develop your own digital products which include eBooks, online courses, conduct webinars, images and apps and sell them on your blogs.

How to start an online business

Gone are the days when you had to have a physical location to be able to run a business. Today, technology has made it possible to start and manage businesses online. It is actually an easier option because you save money that you would otherwise have used in renting space to conduct your business.

You may want to finally start an online business to make some extra money. But how can you do this successfully?


Even without a background in Business related studies, you should know that planning should be the first step you take. Think about the kind of business you want to develop. What is its structure? What are the products you intend to sell? How will you come up with the prices to enable you to penetrate the market and remain competitive at the same time?

All these questions should be preceded by a business plan. If the plan is written well, it will pave the way for you to answer the above questions comfortably.

Be ready to commit

When starting off, you have to be willing to invest in your business. You need financial resources to get a website and inventory. There are various ways you can get money if you don’t have enough to start with. This can be through getting loans or help from friends and family. It is vital that you are ready to commit your time as well. This is as good an investment as money.

You have to spend time coming up with a viable business idea, register your website and be patient before the business becomes stable.


There are many successful online businesses out there. You might want to know what the owners did to get to that level of success so that you emulate the same.


You should also read up on various regulations governing online businesses so that you avoid breaking the law.


For any business to thrive, advertising its products plays a significant role. After you have set up the website and have the required inventory, think about launching the products. For you to remain competitive in the market, you have to stay relevant. This means that you will sell your products every chance you get, in all platforms available.

Is it better to save money or make more money?

Everybody, especially those in their 20s struggle when answering this question. There is never a direct answer for this, just arguments that speak for both sides.

Is it better to save money or make more money?

To start with, it’s important to note that you cannot save money if you are not making enough. Most of us have many responsibilities and don’t remain with much after tax and after settling our living expenses. Would you rather save that little you remain with or keep making more money?According to me, making more money triumphs saving. Why?

We all want the nice things in life. We all want to be able to enter a store and buy whatever we want without fretting that we won’t remain with any money.When making more money, you can enjoy yourself, and you can even save a good amount.

Always struggling to save the little we have leaves us worried all the time.With more money, come more options. You can either chose to spend it all or save some amount. Either way, you always have a choice as opposed to when you are trying to save the little you earn.

I’m not in any way advocating for a careless living, where you don’t care about the future. Absolutely not! All I’m asking is that you should strive to make more money so that you can enjoy life and be able to keep a portion away for the future.You must have come across people who lived destitute lives just because they were saving money.

Learn to enjoy what you have worked so hard to gain. Do not save money as a sacrifice to a life you could live today. Instead, work harder and be innovative such that you can manage to make more money to enjoy life with and save for future use.

You must have come across people who lived destitute lives just because they were saving money. Learn to enjoy what you have worked so hard to gain. Do not save money as a sacrifice to a life you could live today. Instead, work harder and be innovative such that you can manage to make more money to enjoy life with and save for future use.

How to balance life with making more money

For most of us, especially when we are just beginning to be independent, money is the only thing on our minds. We have forgotten to enjoy the life we work so hard in getting. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t want to make more money. Rather, you should work on integrating the two. But why let that mindset rule all the areas in your life?

I had friends who at one point, could not even take care of themselves because all they kept thinking was how to make more money. The only outcome is that life passes you by and by the time you realize, even that money you were so bent on getting cannot get back the years you’ve lost. So just how can you learn to balance life and pursuit for more money? Create time for your loved ones.

First, you ought to know that there is more to life besides work. You have friends, family, and even children who would give anything to spend time with you. Always create time for people in your life. You may not know what this life has in store-its pretty dynamic. You will need these people one day.


I realized that most of the things we are pressured with at work are not even that critical. You may find yourself getting stressed about the coming year’s sales. Is that really necessary? Know what’s most important in life and focus on that.

What is the secret to making more money?

We all undergo so much pressure when it comes to achieving financial stability in life. Sometimes the responsibilities you have are no match for the money at hand. You find yourself wondering how you can make more money so that you can live comfortably.


All the people who have made it in life have been good planners. You have to know what you want, set goals and ways on how to achieve these goals. You will not achieve much if you don’t sit down first and strategize on the way forward.

Spending money

You cannot expect to make more money if you don’t spend the money you already have. This can be through investing in a business that will give you extra income.

Be innovative

Think about all the businesses you can start that can have you earning more money in no time. Start small, and aim at expanding the business. You can start a blog, be a freelancer on different platforms, be a part time tutor or even be crafty. These are among the millions of ideas you can capitalize on. With good planning and investment, you will have kick started this journey in style.

How to ask for a raise at your job

Asking for a raise is probably the most tasking period for any employee. Most times, we ask for a raise and are met by rejection, even when we think we are entirely justified.


Do not, under any circumstances, ask for a raise without conducting any background search on your position and value within the company. Consult widely to ascertain how much a person in your position should earn. Walk into that office with a precise number in mind and not just estimates. This will help you negotiate better and be able to back your requests.


Go over your pitch as many times as possible to ensure you get it right. Confidence is key when it comes to asking for a raise. Any sign of weakness or unpreparedness will make it easier for the manager.

List your accomplishments

You know that you have been excellent so far. But can you be able to list what it is that you have particularly done in the company? Being able to communicate your wins in a professional manner lets the manager know that you are good for it, that you know your value and what you are worth. Be upfront and share specific instances when you made a positive impact on your colleagues or the company.

In addition to that, also talk about your future in the enterprise. It makes the employer know you are in it for the long haul.

Anticipate different reactions

You might have been through this before. Therefore, you are aware that a ‘yes’ is not given. Be prepared to get a positive or a negative response. Accept the feedback gracefully and suggest other ways to get you the raise. This can be through an interim performance appraisal that can guarantee the same results.

Make more money by getting this income stream

Getting passive income streams will help you get more money in the long run because technically, this is money you are getting alongside your regular income source. When you make extra money, no matter how little, you stop worrying about some things like paying the bills. This is because the extra income you are getting will be covering those bills.

Try out the following income streams if you would like to make extra money.


The best part about starting your freelance business is that you will be using the skills you already have. If you are an IT technician, for example, you can start a side business providing IT solutions to people online. For a writer, you can start a blog and use it as a platform to sell your products.

Make more money by getting this income stream

Affiliate marketing

Getting into this requires time and patience but when you finally get settled, the money will start coming in almost instantly. All you are needed to do is create a website then register with companies and start selling their products through your site. As long as your website generates traffic, then selling the products will be so easy for you.

Flea markets

You have probably heard of this in your neighborhood and they must be happening every other weekend. Why not join in the craze? With flea markets, people sell all sorts of your case, you can start with all the things you no longer use in your house. You are guaranteed to get a few bucks for them on the market. These are among the many income streams out is up to you to know what best suits you and pursue it. You can never have too much money. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and start tapping into your skills to earn a couple of extra bucks.

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  8. Passive income is attractive because it frees up your time so you can focus on the things you actually enjoy. A highly successful doctor, lawyer, or publicist, for instance, cannot “inventory” their profits. If they want to earn the same amount of money and enjoy the same lifestyle year after year, they must continue to work the same number of hours at the same pay rate—or more, to keep up with inflation. Although such a career can provide a very comfortable lifestyle, it requires far too much sacrifice unless you truly enjoy the daily grind of your chosen profession.

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    Index funds give you a passive way to invest in the stock market. For example, if you invest money in an index fund based on the S&P 500 Index, you will be invested in the general market.

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