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The internet is a myriad of information that is sometimes a bit hard to sift through. Everyone who has something on the internet that he or she wants to be easily seen by people, will have a hard time ensuring that it is the first one that pops up when you search that particular word.

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Traffic, SEO, and Social Media

This can be optimized and with time you will be having no trouble at all getting the traffic generated to your site spike up. You may get a bunch of visitors today and get none the next day. You need some of the best tricks that can help you make the traffic a constant thing.

By optimizing the search engine, you will have better and more traffic. So, below are the insightful SEO techniques that you will need.

How to Rank Higher In Google

Would you like to be on the first page of the Google search when someone searches your content? Well, there are ways to make that happen. And here we go:

  1. Keywords with Content

Keywords with content include the use of words like how, when and why among others. These ones make for specific and narrowed searches that lead straight to you. The only way to make this work for you is if you take a look at the way that other sites which are on the first page have done it and then do better.

  1. Use Data and Facts

Whenever you are writing on a topic, make sure that you have the cold hard facts which are derived from authority websites. This way, people will get to learn that you material can be trusted and that you have quality.

The more accurate and data driven your content is, the more Google ranks it higher. When you focus on the specifics of your content that is not discussed in other websites, you climb up the ladder a few rungs.

  1. Deliver as Promised

Am sure that at some point you have met sites that have really captivating titles and introductions that promise great information, only to find that, they are just lying to you. This makes you never want to go back there again.

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Traffic, SEO, and Social Media

Now that you know how it feels to be promised something and not get it, you will know better than to promise and fail to deliver.

  1. Stimulate the Need To Know

Curiosity will always get them to check out your content. But as I mentioned above, do not promise what you cannot deliver. So, even when making your titles phenomenal, make the content equally phenomenal. Don’t promise a miracle and give a kid’s magic trick.

  1. Be a Storyteller

When you want to glue the audience to your site, make sure you give them the juicy parts. Even when you are talking about serious stuff, inject humor and the occasional case study with interesting findings to keep them interested.

Top 5 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Methods You Should Be Doing

The following are the steps that you can use to do search engine optimization.

  1. Key Words and Phrasing

Whenever you are writing content, it is important that you make sure all the important keywords are included in the article. They should be a healthy number of them so as to be found first and the more of them you have, the better.

When you are searching for keywords, do not use broad words to describe what you do. For example, if you are selling laptops only, electronics would be too broad a keyword. You will want to mention laptop a healthy number of times without becoming silly about it.

Search for other similar products online and make sure that whatever you write is phrased better and the keywords are strategically placed in the titles and used extensively without appearing too repetitive in the articles.

Also, when using keywords, make sure that they appear mostly in the headlines and titles and the URLs to your site.

  1. Use Google AdWords

This is an application that was developed by Google. It will let you see how many times people have searched for whatever you are offering. They have a very good plan to make sure that you narrow down your search to make it a bit more unique and easy to find.

The tools provided will help you make the search more narrowed to generate more traffic. Yu can then check for any websites that are bigger than yours and see how high they are and if your keywords are too similar.

  1. Write Outstanding Content

You cannot expect people to visit your website if you are not writing great content. This is one of the keys to having more visitors. When finds that you have really good content, you will even find that they share the link to your website with their friends.

Write content that people will want to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp and all the other social media platforms. This way, you get to reach more people and get recognition because of the content that you have.

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Traffic, SEO, and Social Media

  1. Link Authority and Trusted Websites

The best way to have links to your site work for you is by getting the information you are writing and linking from authority websites like university sites, Wikipedia, Wikihow and other such websites.

When you are linking a certain website, make sure that you make them look good and cast them in the best light that you can manage. That way, they will let you link them in future too because these sites like the publicity too.

  1. Use Tags

When you are writing the content, you may want to include the following tags:

  • Title Tags- These are the keywords that are put in the titles of the content.
  • Header tags- The h1, h2 , h3 and h4…style of writing things is very good because you can optimize n keywords without being repetitive
  • Content Tags- The content of what you have written can have a minimum or maximum number of tags that you need to include. The keywords really are the key to optimization.

These techniques should be used in tandem with other methods such as Meta tags which include making the code contain the keywords to make the optimization better.

How to Get Backlinks for Your Blog Posts

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Traffic, SEO, and Social Media

You may wonder are there some methods that we don’t know that can help you get the backlinks. A backlink is a link from another page that points straight back to your website. There is a way to get these backlinks and how to increase them. The following are some of the ways you can use to get the backlinks:

  1. Make sure that your website has been logged into web directories. When you do this, you will get bookmarking which provides instant backlinks.
  1. Share the links to your website with other people. Mostly, the best way to get traffic flowing is if you share on social media because the potential of it spreading further is unlimited.
  1. Link the other social media accounts under your name with the site. These can include LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and the rest. This way, whatever you post is shared automatically to these networks. That way, someone is bound to see your link and use it to get to your site.
  1. Post Links to Forums whenever you can. Just make sure that when you join a forum, they are discuss something that you are conversant with, that way you can contribute by giving them the link to your website.
  1. Write great articles and submit them to internet magazines. This way, you can get a backlink to you from them and because of the amount of people who read these magazines is high, you can always get traffic.

The way to get backlinks is to make sure that they are out there first.

Should You Ask People to Share Your Posts on Social Media

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Traffic, SEO, and Social Media

This question is an easy one. Basically, it’s asking, do you want traffic, do you want backlinks and do you want to get the information as far as possible? The answer is always yes. You see, Facebook and other social media platforms are very big and they contain millions and sometimes billions of users.

This makes the perfect place to post your material. When you ask people to share your material on social media, you gain recognition and once the word gets out, you will start seeing more activity in your site.

But, before you go out there and ask them to post your material, ask yourself this one question: this material is original; can it be stolen by someone else? And if so, what can I do to prevent this from happening? Good question.

Make sure that if you are a creative writer, your material is copyrighted to keep thieves away. Of course, if you want to copyright your material and still get to share it on the internet, there are sites that allow you to publish with them and they copyright it for free.

So, yes, by all means, ask the people to share the material on social media. That way, you can get all the recognition that you need.

How Does SEO Boost Traffic

We have already discussed SEO and what it does. But, how does search engine optimization boost traffic. Here is how that happens. You are going to get educated on what the optimization does to get more traffic.

  1. By Use of Keywords 

Nowadays you have to be more careful with how you use the keywords. When you use certain keywords, they increase the chances of getting picked first. For example if you are selling used SUVs, don’t write ‘cars’. Use something more creative like ‘used SUVs for sale’.

This way you get to be first on the page and most people never go beyond this first page when searching for something. Hence more traffic.

  1. The Contents of Your Site

When you are writing about something, you have to be careful to include only interesting facts that are credible. The more credible your website is, the better you get. This means that your article can be featured first. As mentioned earlier, this boosts traffic greatly. Better content is equal to better traffic.

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Traffic, SEO, and Social Media

  1. By Prioritizing 

Search engine optimization aims at the best content. It doesn’t mean that because you have written lengthy, you get better ratings on Google. Always be aiming for the best content that could even be two pages but very useful.

This way, the priority will be given to you and this makes your site appear first on the Google search pages. They too value good material.

Is Free Traffic Better Than Paid Traffic

This will depend on what you plan to achieve. If you are just a beginner, it would be nice if you could just have free traffic instead of paid. Free traffic is that which is generated by sharing what you have on social media to increase visitors. It also comes as a result of search engine optimization.

On the other hand, paid traffic is where you have traffic redirected to your site after paying for it. This is done by ad clicks which are used to redirect visitors when they click on it. So, if you can afford this and you want to have traffic really bad, then by all means, pay for it.

Free traffic is better than paid because the chances are that, if you are getting traffic without necessarily paying people to get it, you are doing a good job with your site. So, sell your website through your content and prowess rather than paying for recognition.

So, in my opinion, I would recommend that you get you traffic from means that ensure you don’t have to pay for anything to get customers. This way, you have a solid fan base that does not depend on how much you can pay to get it.

Free traffic is easy to generate and does not require much of your time. You only need to optimize the factors that make you get ranked higher on the search engines and presto; you are connected and linked to hundreds of people who can be your traffic for free.

What Are the Most Important Ranking Factors for SEO?



When it comes to ranking in this category, you will need to do more than just throw in random keywords to get attention. There will be more work than usual to be done before you can get the higher ranking.

Google have developed more sophisticated methods of choosing what comes first and what follows. You will need to look at the following factors to get the optimizations right if you are to get better rankings. These include:

Cleverly Used Keywords– Google knows better than to just pick up on randomly placed keywords in heading and subtitles and use that as a factor. You will need to be more specific and you will need to use better keywords to get ranked higher.

Content– Ranking will depend on the material that you have written and how relevant it is, this way only the best is even considered. Hence, you will need to have factual information backed by statistics which show the best in everything that you say without being biased or inaccurate.

Good Site Structure– There are those sites which are hard to comprehend because of the way that they have been structured and they make it hard to find anything. Sometimes, the search box does not work the way it should. If you have a shoddily constructed website, be sure that it won’t rank high.

Write for People Not Search Engine– You see, for many years now, material has been written in such a way that the search engine picks up on it as top notch. You find that the use of keywords is appalling and the content is written more for the benefit of the engine than people. Don’t do that.

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Traffic, SEO, and Social Media

Does SEO Still Work In 2017?

The short answer is yes it does work in 2017, I mean, why would it stop working? The thing that has changed is that the way it works is more foolproof than the previous years when writers could fool the search engines to think that the material was worthy.

Nowadays, the material may have all the old tricks but they won’t work like they used to. You will need to do better than just write a bunch of random keywords and hope they work.

In Conclusion- when you have learnt all there are to the way the search optimization engines and their workings; you will realize that they all have a different way of ranking. You see, it’s not like it used to be nowadays. You will need more than keywords to make the cut. So, work on your articles properly and let the quality of your work speak for you.

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