Anyone who is remotely familiar with the functionality of websites is, in one way or the other, familiar with the SEO. In this review, we will discuss the importance of SEO and how you can use it to your advantage, for personal or professional reasons.

What is SEO?

SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”) is a collection of interconnected strategies that share a common goal: increasing the organic traffic of a website by targeting keywords. Its premise is straightforward: the better position your site has on internet browsers, the more natural (non-paid) traffic it will attract.

Consequently, the likelihood of potential buyers also increases. The most common web browser in the world today is Google, and its algorithm calculates the position of a website based on its system. Naturally, the better the SEO, the better the place of your site will be.

But what is good for SEO? What is bad SEO?

There is no universal formula for good SEO. However, there are few guidelines you should follow to rank your website higher than your competition.

Also, there are more and more tools (usually software) designed to help people with SEO, and today, we will be focusing on one specific tool, one that helps its users discover high-value Long-Tail keywords.Keyword Researcher Program

On Keyword Researcher

The tool I was talking about (and will talk about for the rest of this post) is the Keyword Researcher, an easy to use keyword discovery tool. Once started, the software mimics a human using Google autocomplete function, goes through the loop until it checks every possible inquiry.

I assume you can already see and understand the vast potential this software has. Furthermore, it saves and stores the Gooogle’s predictions.

For instance, if I type in “What is the X,” the Google will offer “meaning of life,” “answer to life, the universe, and everything,” “time,” where X is the Google’s prediction. It is about storing the Long Tail keyword phrases.Keyword Researcher Program

Software’s user-friendliness

The most important thing this software is trying to accomplish is time-saving. If you used (or are using) Google Keyword planner, then you should check out the Keyword Researcher because this software does most of the things for you.

It automatically processes what was once done manually, thus saving you a lot of time. Other reviews praise it for its all in one SEO solution, allowing you to manage both your keywords and website articles. The software’s user-friendliness directly applies to:

  • being able to maintain thousands and thousands of keywords
  • helping you write SEO optimized website articles
  • helping you organize the entire SEO websiteKeyword Researcher Program

Six steps of using Keyword Researcher

Ok, that was enough talk about theory. Let us see the pragmatism of it, the practical use of this software. Remember, this software was designed to smooth the entire SEO process. So, without further ado, let us take a look at how this program works.

Step #1: Discover and Import Keywords

Right from the getgo, you can use Keyword Researcher to find the right keywords. Also, if you wish, you could import the CVS keyword files using the Google Keyword Planner. When it comes to using the software, you can just drag and drop the data into the software, and all your keywords will be sorted. That was easy, wasn’t it?

Step #2: Removing Junk Keywords

It is highly probable that some keywords you download won’t fit your project. Now, it would be tough to manually go through all the files and delete what you dislike. Instead, by using this software, you can “Black List” the keywords. Once you blacklist a particular keyword, you won’t have to repeat the process ever again.Keyword Researcher Program

Step #3: Searching optimal Keywords

So, the bad ones are out; now you need good ones. How do you find them? Well, Keyword Researcher has several functions you can use to find keywords. You can also combine search functions with features. For example, a “logical expressions” feature would allow you to use more user-friendly phrases.

Step #4: Organisation of Keywords and Articles

Just like you have to organize your site, your article, you have to arrange keywords. The best to do this is to store them in categories. This program provides tremendous help when it comes to organization. You can create your groups, drag files in and out, and it is all apparent.Keyword Researcher Program

Step #5: Implementing the Keywords

Once you prepared everything you needed, you can start working on your articles. The software is beneficial here, allowing you to highlit the number of keywords and their position in the article. Also, the program will also inform you if the keyword is in the slug, title and content area.

Step #6: Ready to publish!

You’ve made it! Your SEO rich article is done and ready to be published. The software can help you generate native WordPress XML files. This means that you can import a large number of done articles and implement them in the WordPress database.

List of features

Here is the list of all the features this program has:

  1. Search options: you can search for long tail keywords on Google, Amazon, and Youtube. The function stays the same regardless of the platform.
  2. Write good SEO content: you can use the “create content” function to create web content and implement the optimal Keywords.
  3. Plan ahead: develop your strategy by creating groups and categories for more natural management in the future
  4. Blacklist: as I already mentioned, you can blacklist keywords you aren’t planning to use. However, if you do change your mind, you can unmark the specific keywords, and that keyword will be available to you.
  5. Advanced search options: if you use this software you will probably have thousands of keywords. Because of that, you will need a superior search option to save time and energy.
  6. Tagging: tag your keywords to organize your storage even more precisely.
  7. Import and export: you can import your Google Keyword Planner and Microsoft Excel files to speed the process. Moreover, you can also export to CSV and XLS, or even XML.Keyword Researcher Program

Developing your Content Strategy

You come to Google and type words of your interest. After that, Google compares your input with its database, checking if the word already exists. If Google finds the word, phrase, question, a fragment of a sentence or even a whole sentence, Google will fetch the URLs of the websites that contain the word you inputted.

This description is straightforward, but more or less precise process of web browsing. So, you can see why SEO is essential. SEO is also the reason why you need a strategy when you are creating your content.Keyword Researcher Program

What kind of people do you target? What specific audience? Are you presenting, selling, reviewing? What are you trying to achieve? Are you opting for a product-based business model or advertising based model? All of these things are something you should include in your content strategy.Keyword Researcher Program

Should you buy this program?

As you can conclude, the software Keyword Researcher puts a lot of emphasis on keywords. Why? Well, you need to generate the list of keywords that people are inputting in browsers. Google Keyword Planner is of great help when it comes to this.

If you aren’ familiar with it, you should check it out. By downloading their data in the form of CSV files, you have access to critical information. For example, these CSV files contain info such as Keyword Search Volume or Keyword Cost Per Click. But a lot of people get lost in the sea of Keywords.Keyword Researcher Program

For that reason, I suggest you try this program. Instead of squandering your time on searching and selecting, let the program do that for you. Not only that; cluster your keywords! Create a brand, make a difference, stand out, be different.


  • Easy to use
  • Great UI
  • Has a lot of potential
  • Time-saver
  • Can be used for personal and professional reasonsKeyword Researcher Program


  • Lack of customer support
  • Requires some basic knowledge about SEO

Focus on uniqueness


I tend to focus on uniqueness when I write my posts. Similarly, the Keyword Researcher focuses on uniqueness too. By elevating you off the pressure, it leaves a lot of space. That space is yours to use.

Do you want to be efficient, more productive or use the extra time to be extra creative? The choice is yours. Also, I highly recommend you check the product page by clicking on one of the links in the middle or at the bottom of the post.Keyword Researcher Program

There, you can find all the information you need regarding the software. Moreover, you can see some of the general ideas about the SEO, content strategy and business. I especially recommend this to beginners. Rarely I find such a well-written product page.

To conclude, I remind you to be smart and unique. Save time where you can and focus on the things that will make you stand out, no matter what it is. Work on your SEO, try the software and invest the time and energy this software creates in something that is creative and new!

Keyword Researcher

Start finding the very best keywords for your website using Keyword Researcher today – click here to get access to Keyword Researcher today!

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  1. It is a system that i have found to work very well. It is dependable due to its easy functioning system. It is very easy to use making it the best. The program has helped me a lot in my work since it is fast to work with.

  2. Jessica P. Wallace

    It is a system that has made my work much easier and i am so happy about it. I do not have to struggle so much about keywords any more. At the same time i do not have to struggle myself with so much work and accuracy levels since i have what i needed.

  3. David Mayes

    Getting keywords is not easy. When you get a program that can do that job perfectly you have to be happy. I am happy because this one has really helped me out in getting keywords faster.

  4. SEMRush is great for competitive keyword research. If you look at the organic competitors section of the tool, it will show you who you’re competing with for common keywords. You can then go in to each of those competitors and identify keywords that you might not be targeting now, but you should be.

  5. Catherine K.

    When I get out of ideas in terms of my present website’s content. I quickly through some searches in this tool & explore different long tail searches which are happening in those particular niches which I am targeting. It gives me some really cool long tail keywords which are somehow grammatically correct.

  6. Jared Knights

    You can add in everything else, like the pre-millennium interface, and search volumes so vague they could run for political office. A nice touch is that it also displays annual search volume trends, so you can plan around those seasonal lulls.

  7. Almost all paid keyword tools offer some kind of URL or competitor analysis function, in addition to being “traditional” tools. Uncover ‘easy to rank’ search terms that’ll offer a positive ROI.

  8. Focusing on your audience and then using keyword data to hone those insights will make for much more successful campaigns than focusing on arbitrary keywords.

  9. Jeanette Wilson

    The answer is that what you want to rank for and what your audience actually wants are often two wildly different things. Focusing on your audience and then using keyword data to hone those insights will make for much more successful campaigns than focusing on arbitrary keywords.

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