How To Work On A Cruise Ship

Hi there. I am writing this review of How to Work on a Cruise Ship because, well, who doesn’t want to get paid while traveling around the world and practicing your languages? I think this is the dream of every adventurer spirit.

Just ask anyone, what will you do if you had a lot of money? More than 80% of the responses will be:

  • To travel the world
  • Know new places
  • Meet new people

It’s our number one or two dreams: travel and knows the world. But then, we have the biggest obstacle of all: MONEY.

Nowadays, to travel is cheaper than before. However, depending on your habits, you can save money on accommodation and food.

Who is not aiming to know at least 20 countries in your life? So you can tell the different adventures and stories to friends and relatives.

  • If you have you considered to work on a cruise?
  • Ever thought about working and partying at the same time?
  • What will you say if I tell you that you will have almost all your salary saved while working?

Well, there is something call SHIP LIFE.

Why should you work and travel?

Well, after working for more than four years with an International Organization. Talking and sharing daily with youth around the world, in more than 136 countries, I got stung by the “travel bug”.

Because of this, I found how

  • Big the world is.
  • Different we are in diverse cultures
  • How even if you speak the same language there are huge differences.

Not having the means

Unfortunately for me, my wallet, and my job didn’t allow me to go and travel around the world. It was so frustrating to see my friends who could travel, to see all the pics and hear their stories. Meanwhile, I was just working an office job that rarely allowed me to even take a weekend off.

Falling into

  • Having friends in different countries
  • Promising them to visit soon
  • Soon never comes
  • Seeing how your life passes by but you are not really moving forward.

Finding a solution

Well that was me, so I started to look desperately for a solution to my problems

  • Not enough money to travel
  • A nice job with more than twenty days off
  • Cheaper options for traveling

I was surfing the web, reading and asking everything that I found related to my problems, I found too many scam pages that promise a lot of money with freelance.

How To Work On A Cruise Ship  Finding a solution


After you enroll, you need to pay lots of money to get a premium account. Only in this level you can actually make money and live off of that. So, it was not really a solution.

Multilevel companies that promise enormous quantities of money, but only after you complete basic training, mostly paid, or get the minimum amount of people to join without that much effort.

Well, I don’t have to explain how that is a BIG scam.

And finally, I read a review about How To Work On A Cruise Ship. This would change my perspective forever.

 How To Work On A Cruise Ship

Learn How To Work On A Cruise Ship Today, And You’ll Soon Be Living A Life Most People Only Dream About!


This term popped out almost everywhere. I read crews reviews and blogs, almost everyone referred to that term to describe their adventures only lived on board.

They love their boat life and all it comes with. Frightening, but at the same time as satisfactory as a lifestyle can be. I understood it a bit later, and to be honest, is hard to explain as well.

What you can try to picture is the following

  • No traffic jams when commuting
  • Instead of walls, you have the sea
  • If your party the club is where you live
  • Meet new people every day

I could write and write good stuff and not be close to what I have experimented there.

How To Work On A Cruise Ship  A SHIP LIFE

Other benefits

Then you have the financial benefits of it:

  • First, you don’t pay RENT
  • Here, your room is provided and it’s for FREE, so you can save that money.
  • Food is provided by the boat
  • Unless you are a cook, you don’t cook it
  • Save time
  • Medical expenses are covered
  • Check-ups are mandatory

What can you WIN and Loose

As you can see in the review, so far it’s only a win-win situation.

Because it’s not only money what you earn, it’s also your social life. You can imagine how fun it is to work while having the opportunity to meet new people, from all over the world, almost every day.

And that is if you talk with passengers because almost no one knows about the crew`s benefits

  • Crew only gym
  • Crew only bar and lounge
  • Dining areas
  • Exclusive deck

Picture this: the crew is specialized in making parties for other, just imagine how they throw parties for themselves.

How To Work On A Cruise Ship  What can you WIN and Loose

Meeting new people

You will have international friendships. Yes, because most of your crewmates will be not from your home country

And that is without counting the passengers, you will meet amazing people of countries that maybe you didn’t know they even exist. You will have open houses to crash if you need or want in the future.

Open your mind by listening to different points of views and getting a richer vocabulary and even new languages. You set your own limits.

Taking a break

How do 2-4 months of vacations sound?

Well, that is the average vacation period that you get while working in cruises. There are even some lines that will pay for the flight back home. Just imagine all that free time that you will get. Also, plan how you will spend all the money saved.

There will be no excuses to go and discover the world on your own and visit the friends that you made during your working time. Being able to easily decide which part of the world you will visit during your break, is such amazing freedom and feeling.

Working it out

Finally, we come to the best benefit, in my own opinion: You will work while traveling the world and having the chance of exploring every port you reach. Yes, you won’t pay any extra money to go and see the world. All the crew has free time while in port to go out and explore.

If you are not considering to list in the next cruise as a crew member, well in the guide How to Work on a Cruise Ship, this information is more detailed, including all those facts. I wish I could include all the details, but you will find them in the guide and they are quite a lot.

Where do I sign?

Isn’t this the common question after reading what other crew members have written about How to Work on a Cruise Ship? Getting a job on board is easier than you think.

So, I decided to do it on my own. I applied for a job there, and I had my own reality check.

How To Work On A Cruise Ship  Where do I sign

Is it that easy?

Little did I know, I wasn’t ready for that job. I thought will be the same and as easy to apply for any other companies, but no, is really complicated.

First how many times have you seen where to apply to a cruise? Or do you have any idea where to send your resume?

Well, that is only the first obstacle to overcome. Then, you have the complicated process, if you weren’t aware, are the rules and requirements for it.

Frustration started to grow in me. I had found an interesting field I would love to work in, but didn’t meet some requirements.

After some time, I decided to read How to Work on a Cruise Ship, immediately after deciding to buy it. Here, I found what was, literally, the answer that I was looking for.

Getting started

After getting the guide by Derek Baron and Liz Aceves, and started reading. I understood all the mistakes that I had done in the past.

They explained, so easily:

  • How to create an appropriate resume
  • Q&A on life onboard
  • Interview tips
  • Common questions and answers
  • How to adapt to your new life
  • Going through the hiring process

I was ready to get my dream job and, the best part was, it didn’t take me four weeks like all miracle products on the web, it was one day. Yes, in one day I was ready to get me the job, and I GOT IT, all thanks to HOW TO WORK ON A CRUISE SHIP.

Getting started


If you dream to see what is out there in the world, but you don’t have the money or time to do it, maybe it’s time to consider a different job.

In this guide, you will learn all you need to get hired and live the dream of being paid while traveling, meeting new people and still saving money!

The guide will be of great help to look for options, find the one that is for you, prepare you for it, and get you sailing ASAP. If you speak English, you have a great advantage. If you are reading this, most likely you are. So, welcome to your new job.

 How To Work On A Cruise Ship

Start Living And Working On A Luxurious Cruise Ship, And Get Paid Big Money For It Today – Click Here To Learn How To Work On A Cruise Ship Today!

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  1. Normally, you need to have a degree in tourism in order to get a job in a cruise ship. My degree is not possibly fit for the job in a cruise (I possess a degree in accountancy). But thanks to this program, it made the impossible, possible!

    In the coming month, I’ll be sailing to European countries in a five star cruise ship! With just months of applying the program, I got accepted immediately. It’s definitely worth it when you can attain your dreams.

  2. For sure I love travelling so much. In addition to this, I have a degree in tourism and event management. I have learned how I can now make those bucks while of the ship. I totally never imagined this way for sure. But I am optimistic that all will be well. Make those bucks.

  3. This is my dream come true. I get to see new places, go on adventures, and I have always loved the sea.
    Since I started working I have met so many new people and made friends all over the globe.
    This is the best way to live 🙂

  4. Donna Anderson

    If you are aiming working on a cruise this one is really helpful. You will learn all you need to get hired.

  5. Every year, I always take time just to learn and know how things go by for sure. It is something that amazes me so much. I am happy now that I have gained some important tips which will help me make some bucks and even use them during the holiday.

  6. I found this training really simple and important. I bought this guide when i was looking for a job in a cruise ship. It took me some few days to understand how i should work and everything i needed to do.

  7. The creator of this program understands so much about cruise ships. I have to say that this is the guide that gave me the job that i am working on now.

  8. Stephen Granger

    You have the ability to improve your job on a cruise ship and move up to a higher paying one. There are opportunities to cross train in different departments and try new things.

  9. Crew members do work long hours, the staff are treated quite well. Most ships these days offer very high-quality crew accommodation, along with several dining halls, crew bars, crew shops, Internet cafés, coffee bars, crew gyms, and party areas, all specifically for the crew.

  10. The most challenging part was cabin fever. Even though there are plenty of days spent in port, there is a ton of time spent on the ship, and it’s easy to feel trapped after a while.

  11. Nancy Toothaker

    Lead a high level of service for passengers. discover new people, experience, and learn more about yourself. improve service quality,patience, great opportunity to learn about service standard.

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