What really is traffic? I would bet that when you hear traffic, your mind flashes back into our busy highways. Well, this type of traffic is not our topic of discussion. At least not now.In the case at hand now, web traffic is what we are going to look into.

What really is web traffic? This is the amount of information that is passed between visitors of a web site and the site itself. Both efforts in generating the traffic are largely ignored in this particular aspect. Web traffic remains the largest portion of internet traffic.

Website Traffic

Seems we have come across a new vocabulary. At least I would say for those hearing about web traffic for the first time. Those already familiar with the topic, I would hate to burst your bubbles, but even you learned in someday from someplace.

Internet traffic is a movement of data through the internet. Since the internet is widespread all over, here is hardly any measure for the total traffic of the internet. Internet traffic may also be used in some instances to describe web traffic since it is the amount of information exchanged between visitors of a web site and the website itself.

What is Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O)?

Search engine optimization is the act of influencing how visible a web page or a website is in a web search engine’s results which are not paired. This is more commonly termed as organic or natural results.

Basically, this is how it works; a search result page that is higher ranked and appears more frequent compared to other pages in the list of search results attracts many visits from people who use the search engines.

SEO process information flow chart

These visitors are the customers in lay man’s language. They are the reason the owners of the web pages are in the business and are directly proportional to the performance of the web page. Lack of visitors to your web page is something you would not wish for hence the need to ‘advertise’ it by ensuring it appears highest possible on search engine’s results.

It is more like the kid who always want to be at the front of the line when sweets are being issued. Love for self is evident even as early as in childhood. Everyone wants the best for him or herself or anything that is his or hers. S.E.O can target various aspects of the web which include;

  • Local search engines
  • Academic search engines
  • Video search engines
  • News search engines
  • Industry-specific search engines

Let us take time and give due respect to the key players in this field of search engines. The major search engines are the following;

  • Google – am pretty convinced you heard of google first maybe even before you learned of your first president’s name. This engine is largely known from early childhood days. To most students, it is better tool better than all books on your shelf if I may say.
  • Yahoo –not far behind Google in popularity comes in Yahoo
  • Bing – though not very popular as compared to google and yahoo, am sure you have it somewhere in your internet exploration. If this is not the case, as I said earlier, it is never too late to learn. Bing is also another excellent search engine.

S.E.O is a tool used in marketing that is mainly focused on increased visibility in natural search engine results. It is made up of both creative and technical elements that help drive traffic, improve rankings and also increase the rank of sites in search engines.

To earn higher ranking it is important to make sure that site has a structure such that search engines understand it with minimum challenges. To optimize traffic in your web page it is of high importance to make the page friendly to the visitors and conventions. As they say in business satisfied and happy clients almost always come back.

Key points you may need to note down as long search engine optimization is concerned are;

  1. Use of key words and phrases that are attractive and may invite visitors
  2. Making your site as friendly as possible to the search engine that is being used
  3. Marketing your site through unique aspects, values or attributes. Remember, competition is higher where all enterprises deal in the same product.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

An upcoming trend in generating traffic to your site is the use of social media. Despite the numerous curses that fall on social media from angry parents, social media is also a key tool in generating traffic to sites. Parents’ complaint in regard to social media is not out of the blue since most of the today’s generation people spend most of their time engulfed in social media. This is just what owners of sites need, numerous visits to their links.

I am pretty convinced barely 6 hours have gone by since your last Facebook login. Oh! Mind you, some are still logged in. Despite all these social media influences, search engines remain the primary navigation method to most users of the internet

Flat style browser window

The uniqueness of search engines is that it provides traffic that is targeted or strategic to people looking for what you are offering. Incredible opportunities are missed out on if search engines cannot include what you have to their database missing the traffic that would have visited your site.

The rate of returns is considerably higher to those who have invested in S.E.O when compared to other marketing strategies.


Do I Necessarily Need S.E.O In Order For Search Engines To Identify My Site?

Use of S.E.O is not necessary in order for the search engines to identify your site. The engines themselves are smart enough to find it out through their advanced technology. The technology digs deep into the web to avail best results to users. However, it is important to use S.E.O as additional help to the search engines’ efforts.

How to Generate Targeted Traffic, Rank Higher For Listings

Like any tool out there, for example using sheers to cut your nails, the wrong usage of S.E.O can have negative effects. It may hide your site deep down in the search results where visibility is low. Due care should be taken when using Search Engine Optimization. S.E.O, in addition, is also useful in increasing the rankings of your site hence searchers will readily find it.

Competition over the internet is becoming more and more fierce disadvantaging those enterprises that do not use S.E.O whereas their competitors who use S.E.O appropriately have an advantage in receiving more visitors.

Can I Do It All by Myself?

Your understanding power you may be able to understand the ‘complex S.E.O world’. The word complex is not meant to discourage you in this context but is to prepare yourself for the actual ‘SEO world’.

5 Tips You Need to Be Using Right Now

To rank your content high on the search engines, you need to check in the following areas of your web content or articles:

  1. Quality of the Content

As a starting point, it is important to note that Google will not rank your article just because you have highly optimized the search engine. The quality of your content plays a key role in earning your site a better ranking. From my personal experience, many block posts do not increase traffic.

Back then when I was a beginner, used to write many blogs in order to attract traffic to my site. This move I still regret to date. Instead, a wiser move would have been to improve the quality.

How to Generate Targeted Traffic, Rank Higher For Listings

The simple rule is this; ‘you have to pay particular interest to the quality of your blog in order to create large traffic to your site’. Google displays content that is of high quality while the low-quality content may not be displayed. If it is displayed, it appears deep down in the search results list. This is in view of satisfying its (google) customers who usually are readers out seeking the best information available.

  1. Article Length 

Generally, someone who seeks to know something well will not want to bypofs any information no matter how minimal it is. We can appreciate the fact that google knows the taste of its customers who mostly are people out seeking information that is detailed. Logically, a longer article has more details as compared to a shorter one on the same topic.

As a result, Google ranks articles that are long, 2000 words and above, better that those below this number of words. I can see that wicked smile you have in view to increase your blog’s ranking. Sorry to disappoint you but that is not all when it comes to length of the article. Stretching your article is not any good trick to rank better the article.

It has to be precise. That is, offering information that is useful to the reader. I will be okay is the smile is because you now know you have to make your article more detailed hence desirably long but not wrong. My advice is that you should ensure that your content is long enough depending on the situation at hand.

  1. Usage of Keywords

 S.E.O emphasizes on this as its backbone. As such you have to pick the words that you use in your articles correctly. Additionally, just where you place the words is essential in making your piece rank better on search engines. Keywords are more like spices you use in preparing your food. You would not put too much of it neither will you use a spice in the meal it is not meant for. Or would you?

  1. Images in S.E.O

When you include an image to your post, ensure you tell Google what the image is all about. Who talks to Google? Well, we need not necessarily ‘talk’, but it is about letting the search engine know what the image is about.

How it is done

When you use an image, use the alt tag for all images. This ‘alt tag’, is what I refer to as telling the search engine. Beginners usually ignore this or do not know what it is all about. Now you know and you should never ignore it

  1. How You Use Keywords

Having makeup is not what makes you attractive, rather, it is how you apply it. You should pay particular interest to where and how you use keywords. Keywords at beginning of the title of the post are of significance since the title is a crucial S.E.O element.

Keywords / Word cloud concept background

Search engines, for example, google, easily recognize keywords placed in the title and rewards them accordingly. Do not use too many keywords. No one admires a person who has overdone makeup, at least I believe from my point of view. Use keywords in the right proportion and spread them evenly.

As you use keywords, it is also important to ensure it sounds natural and not just a ‘patch-work’ if you know what I mean.

How Important Is Using Proper S.E.O to Generate Traffic

 S.E.O is a set of rules that are followed by owners of websites to make their websites rank better in search engines. It increases the quality of the site as we had earlier mentioned.


Today’s market is a very competitive one making S.E.O more important than ever. Very many users get answers to their various questions or possible solutions to challenges they experience from search engines. Using search engine optimization is of significance because;

  • It is helpful when it comes to social promotion of your website. Individuals who are impressed by your web site are more likely to spread the word across other social media avenues such as Facebook for instance. Despite the competitive nature of the current generation, we all wish to share the best with our friends, but at times this is limited to the condition, ’we have nothing to lose in doing so’.
  • Most of us as users of search engines have learned to trust these engines. As such, seeing a site at the top of your search results almost always implies it is just the thing we are looking for.
  • For smooth running of web sites, especially big web sites, SEO is important. Web sites which have more than just a single author enjoy benefits from SEO both directly and indirectly. Increase in the search engine’s traffic is just the direct benefit whereas indirect benefit may be seen where the same checklists are used before the publishing of the content on the site.
  • When searching for something, you would more often than not look up the first thing that you come across similar or related to what you are interested in. As such most users of search engines click one among the top 5 results that are displayed. Your site is among the top spots earns you an advantage in that you gain more visitors to your site or customers who visit your online store.
  • Being ahead of the competition gives you an advantage over your competitors. Nothing does this better ‘online’ than SEO. If the products are similar, the search engine optimized web site will have higher chances of landing more customers thereby making more sales.
  • Ethical SEO improves the web visitors’ experience and makes use of the web site easier.

How to Check Your Competition’s SEO and Make Yours Even Better

Ever had of the saying about keeping your enemies closer? Well, that is largely brought into play here. You need to know what your competitor is doing mostly in view to outdo them. You should keep an open eye on your competitor’s strategies. If you were my competitor, you should not be surprised to find me searching you up in the internet.

You may tend to believe I admire your work but there is more to it than meets the eye. I could be just checking on your ranking on the search engine.

Hacker with computer wearing balaclava

Tools have also been advanced to do the ‘spying’.  You may use the tools to keep track of the performance of your web site as well as that of your competitors.

Tools for Analyzing SEO Competitor

 Here is a list of some search optimization tools the role they play in the world of SEO;

  1. Alexa – this tool monitors traffic
  2. Simply measured – the tool is useful for curating the social data
  3. InfiniGraph – the InfiniGraph monitors trends in social media
  4. Open Site Explorer – this tool keeps track on backlinks
  5. Followerwonk – analyses activities on twitter
  6. Monitor Backlinks – review backlink profiles
  7. Moat – locates where advertisements are running
  8. SE Ranking – tracks rankings
  9. Ispionage – keeps track of keywords
  10. SpyFu – views competitors keywords
  11. Mention – finds real time-links and coverage
  12. SpyOnWeb – sees behind any obstructions
  13. Complete PRO – obtains demographic information
  14. Ontolo – markets content
  15. Quantcast – views audience insight

Proper usage of these tools can reveal a lot about your competitors and his or her strategies. Using the information obtained this way, you can come up with plans to counter the competition and retain your position.  At the apex of competition.

Ways of Building Quality Backlinks to Your Site

A backlink is a website that mentions another website. It links a website to another. It not only gives reference to the website, but also is a clickable link that uses href attribute within the code. Backlinks are usually visually seen as underlined with a color that is different from the text.

Backlinks Technology Online Web Concept

When authoritative websites link to your website, you attain better ranking and also get more traffic. This seems like just a walk in the park. Right? Well that is not all there is to it. You have to get the authority websites to link to your online business.

If you follows the ways listed below to achieve this, it might be just what you imagined. ’a walk in the park’.

Key Ways

 Here are ways you can use to build high quality backlinks to your site;

  • Advantage of guest articles – in order to reach new audience, guest blogging is important and most effective. When you present your article on popular websites, your content will be presented before new readers hence more exposure. Increasing you online reputation is by far more important than the backlinks you get.
  • Spy on your competitors – you should take an idea or two from your competitors on how they build links as well as learning their marketing method.
  • Promoting your content – when you have content that is of high quality, you must set out to ensure that your piece gets to the world. Be it through social media or any other avenues possible.
  • Broken-link building method – the method is particularly awesome for you in that it creates one-way backlinks. It involves being in contact with a webmaster who reports broken links his or her website. At such instances, you recommend other websites to leave that link and take up a new one. It is at this point that you mention your very own site. Reporting the broken links increases backlinks to your website.
  • Build internal links – in view to run a blog that is successful, it is important to pay attention to internal links. These can enable you use your anchor texts as they are passing link juice. When you employ a good structure in internal linking, you help users to easily navigate your website bettering their overall experience.


 In conclusion, search engine optimization is very important when it comes to online marketing. It is the equivalent of advertising and may even work better. Would you operate your business without advertising in an environment full of competition?

If your aim in business is running away from customers rather than attracting them your answer will be an obvious yes. Review your strategies. Embrace Search Engine Optimization.

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  11. It takes resourcefulness, dedication, persistence, and creativity. This is especially true because of the constantly-changing nature of Google’s algorithm.

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