Have you ever wanted to have a job you truly enjoy? The kind of job wherein hours turn into minutes and you will be disappointed that your shift has ended? It has been proven that almost 60% of the population hate their current job. Why?

People want the kind of work that is easy and quite manageable, most are stressful to the point of turning you into a robot. I, for one, didn’t like waking up in the morning at 6 in the morning in order to get ready for my 8 am work shift. Commuting is another factor, mornings are rush hours and you may arrive late at work.

Once more, when I arrive I will have to do paper works for 8 hours! Sometimes, I need to go overtime because of too many tasks. You’re lucky if your company gives you great benefits but in my case, we don’t even have overtime pay!

I normally go home at around 10 pm (due to tasks and traffic). Then, I’ll crash into bed immediately. This is a routine of my life from Monday to Friday, I don’t have time for my family and social life. Work is eating up my days.

People say, “You have weekdays to have fun!”. Sadly, it’s only 2 days and I mostly just sleep in because of the tiring weekday events. If you want that kind of life, work in a company until you’re 80 years old! For me, I’d never walk this path again!

Gaming Jobs Online

Why Is Positivity Important At Work?

Most companies aim to gain profit from their products and services while employees need a salary to maintain a certain lifestyle. Where’s the importance of organizational attainment or employee engagement?

Why do employees resign in an industry? It may be due to several factors such as; Stress, Employer-Employee relationship, Employee competitiveness, Engagement at work, and Policy.

1. Stress
This is the number 1 factor for why employees complain about their work tasks. Stress comes with illnesses which means the employee won’t be able to complete his tasks. In order to have a perfect work balance, the Human Resource department should find a way for their employees to distress.

2. Employer-Employee Relationship
Work environment may sometimes be claustrophobic due to this reason. The employer is too concentrated on sales that he/she doesn’t realize their employees’ well-being. Thus, appreciating an employees’ work production needs to be given more importance.

 Gaming Jobs Online  Why Is Positivity Important At Work

3. Employee Competitiveness
Wouldn’t it bore you to do the same tasks for months (even years)? When you get used to a certain schedule, workplace, and job, it’s possible that your motivation to do well will decrease. So, most employees’ finish their work as not as outstanding but just neutral.

4. Engagement at work
Employee engagement is when the employees’ should be given more attention and rewards. They say 2 minds are better than one, so that is where team building comes in.  Since it is in a person’s nature to interact, the company needs to look this over and evaluate.

5. Policy
How’s your company’s policy? Is it too strict or inhumane? Company Policies is there to aid both employers and employees, not make the workplace feel suffocating and unmanageable. It’s important to re-evaluate and see if it’s the right thing to do or not.

So, why is positivity important in the workplace? It’s a way for an employee to continue working excellently, basically a motivator to earn and fulfill in life. What if you tried it and didn’t like it? Well, have you ever thought of making your favorite hobby as work?

Gaming Jobs Online  Policy

The Essence Of Video Games

Video games are one of my favorite activities in my free time. It will never get old or boring because the graphics and storyline are unique. People play video games to unwind from the stressful events of their life, it’s a way to cope this.

From Clash of Clans to League of Legends, you won’t run out of things to do alone or with friends. Games such as GTAV or Left for dead are popular games that even a century later, is still played.

People believe that video games make a person violent but there are no studies that have proven this misconception. But what has been proven is how it makes a person relax and shut down from the real world.

Studies have found that Millenials and Generation Z are one of the most creative generations, as to date. Due to their exposure to technology – the internet and games online -, their ideas on creating new and exciting inventions are too extreme.

The Essence Of Video Games

How do they obtain these ideas? One of them is through video games, it makes a person think out of the box and avoid doing the same mistakes. This helps a person be independent and intellectually artful. It sounds crazy, I bet you think “You can achieve that through playing games?!” YES!

As I have mentioned before, what if you can turn your hobby into a job? Wouldn’t that be more fulfilling? Well, how does “earning thousands of dollars while playing games” sound? Many people will think that it’s an impossible dream!

Glen Anderson has made your dream into a reality. He created an online company that can help you earn thousands of dollars per month by playing video games! What’s the name? Gaming Jobs Online.

The Story Behind The Making Of “Gaming Jobs Online”

The making of Gaming Jobs Online started when Glen Anderson, a frustrated gamer, wanted to find a way to fuse together his love for gaming and money. It started off as advertising his skills on the internet or visiting gaming companies.

One day, he stumbled upon a gaming company that isn’t as popular as Nintendo or Sony. This particular company gave him an opportunity to test their new creations and in turn, he would give feedback. It was simply a task that he never thought would be possible to be work.

But after his feedback on each game, the company let him work as a game tester. It was a fun experience for him because he can play games all day long. He has the freedom to choose the game and play it from start to end.

The Story Behind The Making Of “Gaming Jobs Online”

He later became a popular gaming tester. A gaming tester is a person who tests games before they come out on the market. Of course, like any other job, this is just as important. This is the foundation of the product when you see a glitch it’s important to report it immediately.

A simple glitch in the game can decrease your sales in the market. Whenever Glen finds a problem in the game, the company gives him more pay. One rule to become a game tester is to be observant of the graphics and storyline if you feel it’s off then saying your thoughts is a must.

Nowadays, Gaming companies look for testers through YouTube. There are willing gamers in the YouTube industry who advertises the games they like and gives their concern after each level or mission. Through this, it helps make the game improve and be competitive with other video games.

Website of gaming jobs online

What Is “Gaming Jobs Online”?

Making your dream into reality comes from a person’s perseverance to excel in life. Gaming Jobs Online is a way for Greg Anderson to help fellow gamers earn money.

Since not everyone can have a popular YouTube channel or be accepted by gaming companies, Greg brought the game jobs to you! But how is this different from other gaming jobs?

1. Legibility
This business has been ongoing for more than 5 years, it has created a platform of loyally skillful players. That is why popular video games ask Gaming Jobs Online to rate their newly released games.

The Story Behind The Making Of “Gaming Jobs Online”

2. Daily Feedback
Once you are accepted in this industry, you will need to write your personal details and sometimes have interviews. When you get accepted to be a game tester on a certain game, it is a must to give daily/weekly reviews.

3. Monthly Subscriptions
Since being a game tester pays a lot, you will have to buy the monthly subscriptions but for a low price. Here, you will be able to get more jobs when you’re a long time employee or gamer in Gaming Jobs Online.

4. Unending Game Requests
You will be a certified “employee” if you are able to complete at least 10 game feedback and work for a year. Then, you will notice a high demand for your services from different game companies.

Glen Anderson created the Gaming Jobs Online for one reason only, to make a job that people will love. He has experienced different kind of jobs from engineering to accountancy but it is never as fulfilling as being a game tester.

The Story Behind The Making Of “Gaming Jobs Online” Glen Anderson


  • Easy To Use
  • Fun and Exciting Job
  • High Salary


  • Limited Slots Available

Reviews  Of Fellow Gamers

The best moment to remember is when you receive your first pay just by playing video games! That would be heaven indeed, especially thanks to Anderson.

In a review by Dren from Australia, he was still a college student when he found out this opportunity. What he did was have a part-time job in this online gaming world while he studies. Later on, he decided to make this full time!

Years later, he has his own home, 2 cars, and thousands of dollars in his bank account. Dren never finished his college degree but here he is now, happy and balances with his job and social life.

Other reviews from gamers indicated their pleasant surprise when they found out that there’s a way to earn money while having fun! Well, people may think it’s not a “real” job but as long as you earn and make a living then you’re good to go.


The Story Behind The Making Of “Gaming Jobs Online”


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  1. These jobs are usually entry-level but require you to have a set of skills such as the QA job by Blizzard. It definitely does not pay as much as what Gamingjobsonline claim, and definitely not working from home too.
    To add on, I recently read about an article by here which depicts the life of a QA tester, which is really not as glamorous and appealing. The article talks about how these jobs usually are: Monotonous, boring, lack of compensation, poor job security and more.

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