Froggies Favourites

Froggies Favorites a website that provides online horse betting services. It however significantly differs from the other online betting sites. We will explore this later on.

Let us first familiarize ourselves with horse race betting.

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports. It has actually been baptized the sport of kings. Horse race betting allows horse race enthusiasts to participate in and enjoy the horse races by placing a winning wager on some horses.

Froggies Favourites Let us first familiarize ourselves with horse race betting

In the process, the fans get to win some money. Betting is part and parcel of horse racing. It has been an integral part of the sport since the very beginning. The sport would probably not exist if betting was not so popular.


Types of bets

There are two types of bets that a bettor can choose from:

  1. Straight Wagers.

This is the kind of betting where you pick a favorite horse and predict that it will finish first, second or third.

  1. Exotic Wagers.

Exotic wagers will allow one to make many bets on multiple horses in one single bet.  They are generally very difficult to win as compared to straight wagers, require a more advanced degree of skill in picking your favored horse picking and are generally more expensive.  The earnings are much more than in the straight wagers.

Froggies Favourites

There are many factors to consider when picking a winning horse.

  • You need to know the statistics history of the horses.

You then need to know the level in which the horse has been racing.  The levels of competition in horseracing differ:  The better performing horse will be found at the top of the class.  There are generally four classes of horse races:

  • The Maiden races.
  • The Claiming races.
  • The Allowance races.
  • The Stakes races.

Froggies Favourites You need to know the statistics history of the horses

It is important to note that Horses’ performance keeps varying and they, therefore, move up and down the classes all times.  Also, a change in the class will determine whether a horse wins or loses. Assuming you pick on a horse in an allowance race.  The horse has been performing well in the claiming races it is wonderful that the horse has been performing well in that class, but it might be outperformed by the competitors who are experienced in the allowance race.  Therefore, you realize is not a good idea to bet on the horse in this particular race.

  • Past History on a particular Surface type

Race tracks have varied surfaces.  For instance, some surfaces have natural dirt with grass tracks while some others will have permanent artificial tracks.  The performance of horses differs depending on the kind of surface they are racing on. You will a horse that enjoys to race in the dirt but has never mastered the art of racing on the artificial surface.

Froggies Favourites Past History on a particular Surface type

  • History with Jokey.

Jockeys are not all equally good.  A certain jokey will consistently win, or come in second regardless of the horse they are riding.  So, you may choose to place your bet on a horse that may not have to win the first position on the strength of the jockey who has been coming in first.

Froggies Favourites History with Jokey

  • Carefully study the odds.

In every race, there are the odds that the horse will win.  The one that is likely to win has the lowest odds.

  • Watch all the horses keenly.

Horses are just like human beings.  They have their good and bad days.  Is the horse jittery, nervous, or is it calm? A jittery horse will be spending all its energy worrying about the race, consequently reducing its chances of winning.

Froggies Favourites Watch all the horses keenly

  • Other Random factors.

You can use random factors to determine the horse on which you will place your bet. For instance, you can wager on a horse because you like the name, or it’s donning your favorite color.

Sounds like a lot of work, having to know all the information above, doesn’t it? Remember this when we come to Froggies Favorites.

Online horse race Betting.

Let us now briefly review online bettingTraditionally, all horserace betting took place at the race tracks. You:

  • Personally visited the race tracks.
  • then you would review the program.
  • Choose your favorite horse for the race from the list provided
  • Placed your bet.
  • Sat back, watched, cheered and waited for the results.

Not so with online betting. Online betting has greatly revolutionized horse race betting.Online betting is one of the best technological advancements to have taken place in the sport of horse racing. Online betting involves the use of virtual betting sites that are easy to use. Once you have signed up and deposited some money, you can place your bet within seconds. All you need is to do is to locate the race you want to bet on, click on your selection and enter the amount of money you want to stake.


  • The online betting is convenient; you don’t need to leave your location. You just need a computer and internet access.
  • Betting sites, for the most part, are seen to be safe. As much as there are some sites that you would not trust, most sites are trustworthy.
  • Online betting sites offer a lot of freebies: Bonuses, Rewards, and Rebates. Online betting offers extra value. There is a lot more that is up for grabs.  For instance, many sites give sign up bonuses to new customers, and other rewards to their regular customers.
  • Better odds Comparison
  • Online betting gives better odds than those available anywhere else. Betters also find it easier to compare the odds given online.
  • They traverse time zone. Bettors are able to access worldwide races that may interest them. The sites also accommodate bettors who still want to enjoy the sport with limited time to do so. They only need to spare a few moments of their time to go online and bet.
  • Multiple options.Online betting allows you different options to buy services. Credit cards, wires, checks etc.  Withdrawing the money is equally easy.
  • Online horse betting allows you access to all the data you need to make informed decisions. Actually, you get more data online than on the racing tracks.


With all the advantages, you would expect online horse race betting to be flawless. However:

  • Online betting does not give the excitement that one would experience on the actual racing track. Nothing can replace the shouts and yells of fellow fans.Also, seeing the actual movement of the horses is more gratifying that watching them on some screen.
  • You are limited to your hardware and software. You may find that some sites will work well with Firefox while others will better use internet explorer.
  • The other setback of online betting is the threat of scam and deceptions. There are many fake sites that prey on innocent beginners and con them out of their hard earned money. You must choose the betting site with uttermost care. It is prudent to seek guidance from an experienced person who has been betting online for a while.
  • All sites do not offer the same quality of services.Some betting sites, for instance, will charge very high fees for their services. Review several sites, do your due diligence and make your choices wisely.
  • The other disadvantage is that bettors fund their wagers using credit cards and electronic cash. This once again takes away the excitement of watching the movement of money on the screens. The virtual transactions cannot replace the thrill of actual hard bills changing hands.

Having understood online horse betting sites, let us now turn our attention to Froggies Favorites.

What is Froggies Favorites?

Froggies favorites is a newly introduced software that offers betting guidance for lovers of horse racing. It is a tipster that enables horse race enthusiasts to profit from everyday horse racing. It aims at helping you to accurately pick the winning bets instead on relying on luck or leaving it to chance. The software utilizes the power of private information to predict the winning horses.As a subscriber of this service, you receive daily tips that are sent to you in the Email account.You are expected to use these tips to predict you winning horse as you place your bet. The tips are a collection of different trends and consistent success pointers given by a variety of expert horse trainers.

The software is developed with the algorithm, hence its accuracy in the prediction of the winning horse.The betting site has for the first time brought private information from horse racing fraternity to the public sphere. It has allowed you to gain access to the secretive, horse racing community and cash in on the same winning horses reserved for them. Froggies Favourites has received numerous reviews.

But first, some background information.

Froggies Favorite was developed by Reece Fraggart.It claims that on the death of his father (Dylan Frog art), and time when he was dealing with the reality of the failure of his business, Froggart’s family found hundreds of thousands stashed by his late father in bank accounts. The cash was allegedly from winnings from bets on horse racing. It is claimed that the father’s success was aided by a system he (Frog art’s father) developed with a distant Irish cousin. However, there are no details on this system. It is at this point that Reece decides to release this treasured system in honor of his father.He dedicated it to bettors who got frustrated with a loss after loss.

Subscription: The three steps

                Step one: sign up for Frog art Favorites system

                 Step two: Get the Reece Frog art winning daily tips

                Step three: Make the most money every day

Let’s get a clearer picture of the process. If you are interested in the service, the first thing you do is to pay an initial payment of 37 pounds. Once you have paid, you will receive a pdf document. This will also have enabled you to buy:

  • A manual with examples of how to best find bets that Reece personally uses.
  • The techniques he uses for betting successfully on the UK Exchanges.
  • A bonus document that gives a simple method choosing a strong bet from any day’s race card, for horses under all classifications (Otherwise known as Reece’s gold mine).

In addition, you get to receive daily tips on how to pick the winning bet for the upcoming race. It seems to me that the site should appropriately be renamed ‘the gambler’s manual’, wouldn’t you agree?  Having subscribed to the site, you are now armed with all you need to grow your wealth. You are expected to follow the instructions given to make a choice of the horse that is likely to win the upcoming race. What is left of you is to log into your account, look up the tips and place your bet and watch yourself win. This could even take just three minutes of your day.

The Claims:

  • The system is said to be is user-friendly. The instructions are very clear, easy to understand and follow (You do not have to have any kind of qualifications to understand the instructions). Even an inexperienced bettor will not have any problems making good picks from the given instructions.
  • Every subscriber makes money through this tipster. The minimum returns per month are estimated to be 1,500 pounds.
  • The system uses the algorithm. The tips are therefore said to be reliable and consistent. The adherents of the system place its accuracy at 92-96%.Even if the horse that you placed your bet on did not win, it would come a close second. You bet would therefore still earn you a good amount of money.


  • The system enables you to receive expert level tips. For instance, on your own, you may tempt to bet on the fastest horse.However, experts will tell you that it is not about the speed of the horse that matters. If the horse is not well trained, it will not live up to your expectations.
  • The initial payment is recovered within the first hour of using the tipster.
  • You do not need to have a racing background, be a horseracing fan to earn money; indeed, you do not need any previous experience. Contrast this with the other online betting sites, where you need to know quite a load to be in a position to place your bet.
  • You need less than ten minutes a day: 3 minutes are enough for you to go through the tips and place your bet. Your investment in terms of time is minimal.
  • The system is automated: It, therefore, helps you to bet with guaranteed success and at minimal effort.
  • The program provides reasonable costs. You can start with small amounts of money and gradually increase as you build your confidence.
  • The system offers you a lot of conveniences. All you need is a computer and internet access. You can actually place your bet through your email from anywhere in the world.
  • The service is completely risk-free. There is a 60 day, 100% money refund guaranteed. This is because Reece sells through click back.
  • To place a bet, you require no expert knowledge, no mathematical calculations, and absolutely no prior experience. You only need to commit a few minutes of your time every day to read the tips and place your bet.
  • There is a one-off payment. You do not need to buy anything else: no monthly charges and definitely no annual renewals.
  • The risk of placing bets through this service is very low, with major financial gain.
  • You can get out of debt and afford early retirement just by subscribing to the tipster.
  • The program gives you the tools that you require to make huge profits and simply transfer-tax-free money to your account.
  • No need to work the whole day in order to make money.


  • You must follow the instructions to the letter, failure to which you will not get any money.
  • You require an internet connection without which you cannot operate the tipster.


After many reviews, there have been various issues raised concerning Froggies Favorites. The critics say that there are significant gaps in the available. For instance:

  1. The claim of a 92-96% success rate, without any proof to back it up, raises serious concerns. There are doubts about the truth of this assertion. This has made some people uncomfortable and wary of the tipster.
  2. There is no real information about how the election of the winning horses takes place. This raises issues of the authenticity of the system. The critics actually wonder whether it is a scam.
  3. The system uses a g-mail account as its main form of contact with the subscribers. It does not offer any evidence to support its claims other than some inadequate screenshots of bank and betting account statements, some of which go back as far as 2012. Once again, this raises concerns about the legitimacy of the betting site.

Are these the telltale signs of a scam?

There is no evidence that Reece Frog art even knows the sport. Just because his father was a successful bettor does not mean Reece is one too.The weekly and monthly win amounts quoted are pretty impressive. For instance, it is claimed that the potential income for one week is 989 daily, 8000 weekly and 60,000 yearly pounds. However, there is no indication whatsoever of how much one needs to risk to earn the said weekly and monthly amounts.

So, is Froggart Favorites a scam?

Opinion is sharply divided between the critics and the proponents of the service. Curtis, one of the critics not only raises serious doubts about the authenticity of the program but also goes ahead and warns that you should stay far away from Froggies Favorites. There are those, on the other hand, who believe in the service, give it good reviews. They believe that it will give them huge profits and effortless financial freedom. So, is it a scam?The long and short of it is this: thoroughly equip yourself with information about Froggies Favorites, review the information available and make an informed decision.

Gain access to the exclusive horse betting system that actually works, without having to guess or rely on luck, and start winning big!

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  1. Richard R

    After giving some tries I think that my choosing methods have improved and start winning small bets, soon I’ll start to increase my earnings and get a Holiday who knows

  2. betting really sometimes depends on how much you know about the game you are investing and 10% depends on luck.but mainly you have to be well acknowledged about it.i started my betting journey with plenty of loses.but this review helped me to change my i have started to winning by following these methods.let’s hope for the best now.

  3. Before using froggies favorites I was losing almost all the bets and I was about to give up. But after using this I started to win bets. Though they are small but it is a great turnaround for me. Hopefully, I will improve and start winning the big ones.

  4. Thomas S. Reich

    This system pays attention to a lot of the things I neglected in the past. I’m not making huge money with it (though it is true that I don’t bet very often), but I certainly made some money with this system.

  5. Rory L. Petersen

    Without proper knowledge when it comes to betting, then be sure that you will loose a lot of money. I am glad that there is this blog post and a point to the tools necessary to make things work well. Keep doing the amazing job.

  6. This article helped me in understanding the game from scratch and it improved my overall skills in this betting game.

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  8. You need to be the better who wins and not the one that is always trying and implementing new things. This guide teaches you the real essence of betting and the real logic behind putting a bet on a certain jockey! Highly recommended to all.

  9. Katharine Stamps

    Over time, I have learned many aspects related to best betting. I am happy and even more grateful to this amazing opportunity. I am hoping that I will keep on learning and becoming even better in this money making field.

  10. Deborah Waters

    I’ve always enjoyed horse betting from a distance as I was not sure how to do it right for myself. When I started reading Froggies Favourite I began to understand it better and even started to make money.

  11. I don’t know if this is the best way to win a horse race, but it is the best I found. Froggies Favorites is very methodical, almost surgical system in which all the concentration goes on winning bets. Its goals are clear just like its methods. And even if you don’t like betting you can still profit from it (I don’t like dentists yet they fix my teeth).

  12. I’ve been actively betting on horse racing for a long time now – and always had a mixed luck. It’s very recent that a friend insisted on checking out online tipster service. I can tell you, all the field experience doesn’t stand a chance before the science of Froggies Favourites and their experience and data collection. My chances have significantly improved after I made the switch!

  13. For me and my brother we have always followed into our dad’s footsteps and horse racing is one of them. We moved from being just fans to betting. When we were beginning the betting part we were really worried of losing but thanks to this program. It really showed us the way.

  14. Froggies Favourites is the place you should be going if you don’t have time or resources to go to a real horse race. You’ll be able to fully pick whichever race you want to bet on, and place your bets safely at home.
    You’ll also have access to a tipster software that can improve your horse betting odds, and help you predict the winning horses better.

  15. Froggies Favourites is actually a new rushing tout service that delivers you the opportunity to benefit from rushing daily of the week. The product claims to provide a major profit through low risk indulgent. With the help of this technique, you can free yourself of credit debt, fancy early retirement life or treat you to ultimately a spanking new vehicle. No past indulgent data is necessary and you will be able to get started with little stakes till your assurance grows. You don’t need to be compelled to be always a race fanatic to earn A lot of money annually and you certainly need not be compelled to possess any past indulgent experience. This Froggies Tripler all off of the exertions will be in dire straits you.

  16. Froggies Favourites, I knew almost instantly what to expect, however to those who are less aware it sounds like a real winner. First of all, in terms of what you can actually expect from the service, the sales material gives you very little information. From what I have seen, Froggies Favourites is a very typical example of a tipster service offering daily selections sent out via email.

  17. I have been in the horse betting for a long time. And i have to say that my greatest breakthrough came when i decided that i can use this system. I have made some really good money.

  18. The income potential for Froggies Favourites is by far and away its biggest selling point. Professional tipster service that uses a Gmail account as its main support contact.

  19. Evan Vanderhoff

    According to most people who’ve used this system, it has proved to be quite successful. Most of the selections which arise with this platform are long odds runners.

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