The popularity of video marketing is increasing day by day. And if you still haven’t taken advantage of this then your competitors will soon leave you far behind. You won’t want that, will you? The SEO experts are using tons of videos to attract traffics to their sites and build a full-time business using various monetization ways.

If you want a home based business that would make you tons of money, then today you are in luck, my friend. I will be telling all about how to that with this Easy Video Suite Review. It is one of the best tools that can really ease up the whole process. Moreover, it’s really a multi-purpose video marketing software that can be used to record, edit, upload, publish and track videos. In simple words, it can make all your video marketing business be incredibly easy.

Easy Video Suite

I can definitely understand that your time and effort are quite useful and you don’t want any scams. Well, I can say in that case, it is not one of those scams on the internet but a legit way to solve the problem. You will be amazed about how a software can really solve all your troubles in a jiffy! So stay tuned if you want to know more about it.

What is the Easy Video Suite?

Easy Video Suite is an essential tool that is made for video marketers for recording, publishing, marketing and tracking their videos. Videos are a great way to express yourself and increase your profits, therefore, tools like this one are becoming crucial for marketers.

This is the age of tough competition where people know a lot about everything. By using various software’s or YouTube videos most people are becoming a pro at doing what they do. On the other hand, video marketing may give you an advantage over your competitors. This tool is not limited to one purpose, but it allows you to perform many functions, which I will discuss a little later. By the way, the creator is Josh Bartlett.

Easy Video Suite

Easy Video Suite is designed in a manner that it works on all devices such as mobile phones and laptops. It is even compatible with WordPress, which can be a plus point as many bloggers prefer WordPress over any other platform. The best part is that It also works well with third-party services like PayPal and Aweber.

You can use your dashboard to monitor your videos such as stats of the income from your videos, traffic to your videos and much more. You can record videos through it and it’s super easy, any newbie can do it in a jiffy.

Start Using The Easy Video Suite Today, And You’ll Soon Discover Just How Powerful Of A Marketing Tool Video Is For Your Business!

How Much Can I Earn?

It is really hard to actually say how much you will earn through it as it depends on a lot of factors. Mainly they depend on your experience level, your content, your strategy and many other factors. If you think that you will just make money with poor content then think again. You have to make quality content and for that, the product will help you. But if you think that it’s going to do all the work for you then you shouldn’t buy this.

YouTube has so many videos and the videos keep increasing day by day. You can always use this opportunity to jump start your business and make videos quickly, but you still have to do the work. Though you will not get rich just right after making a video; So, you have to work for it.

Easy Video Suite How Much Can I Earn

Moreover, you have to be patient if you are a newbie because it’s not going to be easy. Just be patient produce the right content and you will start to make money soon. As it is a video marketing tool you have to have knowledge of video marketing.

Experienced marketers might make some good money through the use of this tool. It is not so hard for an experienced marketer as compared to a newbie to use this tool to increase his income and traffic.

What is Included in Easy Video Suite?

The product includes bundles of software’s, and each one is designed for the specialized task. That will help you score your goal much quicker.

Record and Edit Video

The main task of this software is to record and perform the basic editing function. You have two options for recording purpose and both are easy to start just by clicking a button. The first one is from the camera, allowing you to record video using a webcam and the second one is built in screen capture device offered by this software.

After recording the videos you can edit it. This is extremely basic editing. You can only trim the edges here.

Push Button Convert and Upload

The major problem that every video marketer faces that the video doesn’t sync with the web browsers, and mobile. The videos may work well with one browser but not with the other. So being a video marketer your time gets wasted in testing your video before publishing it.

Even after you publish it the codec and frames tend to be a lot of problems after that. But thanks to the software, you will have a complete solution for this. Therefore, right after clicking the upload button you will be able to upload without any worries.

You can always record videos from other tools and use this after that. It’s not mandatory to record videos from just this software for editing after. Remember it will be uploaded on the online web-based dashboard on the Easy Video Suite.

Easy Video Suite Push Button Convert and Upload

Player Customization

Right after you made a video, converted it and uploaded on the production server you can do a lot of customizations. There are a lot of features available for making your video more attractive. So, you can easily use the options to edit your videos for making them look good.

For example, you can customize following things;

  • Player: you can choose a specific width and height, Auto buffer, auto play, cookie auto play, cover image! Pretty cool, right?
  • Frames: you can always convert your videos to make it look like iPad or iPhone.
  • Bar: you can use this to integrate social media icons to make it go viral.
  • Shadow: the shadow feature helps you to increase the quality of the video.

Video Timeline

Here, you can add new features to your videos and it is divided into two things. First, one is Chapter and the second one is called Events.

In the chapter, you can edit and add chapter numbers in your video. If your video is of an hour length then you can always add chapters and their duration starts and end time. It mainly helps your viewers to just start to a point where they like to watch.

Events are the popups that tend to pop in the middle of the video. They are mainly triggered by a specific time. Well, you can add graphics, opt-in forms, affiliate links, goodbye buttons, social sharing options or any other specified action in those pop ups. It helps with your marketing overall.

 Easy Video Suite Video Timeline

Customizable Web Pages

This feature helps you to upload your videos on their web pages and add other features like a Facebook comment, add a title, text, opt-in forms, and images. But I think it’s better to have your own server. That way, you have full control over all the things.

But it can be the best choice if you don’t have any personal website. There are a lot of options available on the right side. And you can drag and drop those features to your web page, and that’s it.

Video Analytics

You will get guidelines on how to improve your video quality. This is the best part of the whole package. The software actually interprets the data very well and is very specific. Like where the videos are skipping your videos after watching this. It will tell you to check it and make it more attractive for the viewer’s

Other more popular items included in these categories are;

  • Conversions you get from this and income.
  • Upsells and income from upsells.
  • Total sales during the period and income.
  • How many people are sharing and commenting on this video?

SEO Features

Now many people are earning good amount of money from YouTube. This is simple, you just have to rank your videos and promote affiliate offers. This truly converts well, and if you know this art, then you may be the next person to earn full-time income through video marketing.

Easy Video Suite helps you in this way by showing that whether the video is SEO optimized or not. It will also create video sitemaps, and thus check your view, engagement, and profits.

Video Security

One of the biggest problems with the internet is to protect your content. This tool will help you do that. The software provides the most advanced encryption technology that hides all the coding that could be used to rip or copy videos

The risk of getting your content copied is very high in video marketing. People can really download your videos and alter them making them look genuine and earn money by uploading it. The tool definitely helps you to protect you from this threat.

Provides 100% money back guarantee

This is the best policy of the software that it is a risk-free investment. The product offers a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. Yes! They will definitely refund you when asked for returning the money within 30 days. So, you have much time to use the product and see if it’s worth your money or not.

Easy Video Suite Provides 100% money back guarantee


  • You do need to install it. But also you will have your account on their site.
  • You have no video bandwidth limit and no limit on the number of sites you can use this software on.
  • Record videos from your desktop PC and MAC or from any device.
  • Enjoy basic video editing.
  • All features are very easy to use.


  • It is a little expensive, but the results will be worth every penny you spend on it.

Final Remarks

In simple terms, this is a tool created by marketers for helping other marketers. Just by scratching the surface, I can say that it offers many more benefits than this. So if you are looking forward to video marketing than this could be the right tool for you.

Though the cost is a bit high but the offers that they provide are tremendous. There are thousands of positive customer reviews who have benefited from using the software. But if you are a beginner then this tool might not be for you. It’s more of an intermediate or professional level tool.

 Easy Video Suite

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it. My advice would be to learn video marketing and then using this software to help with the process. So start making videos now and earn money!

Click Here To Get The Easy Video Suite Today, And Discover Just How Many Sales And How Much Exposure Video Marketing Will Do For You!

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  1. Charles R. Nelson

    I have just noticed that people today have moved from being impressed by textual content and now are on video content. So when we make good use of this amazing opportunity, I am so sure we will go far. Time to understand the tips around this approach and go in fully.

  2. I have been making videos for years but lately, I have understood the actual importance of this amazing tool and the Video Suite has helped me learn the art of video marketing to promote my products and my website in a perfect sense. I highly recommend it for all the people who want to promote their business in more effective manner.

  3. I have been using this Video suite to build strong and effective videos to promote my client’s business and work. I highly recommend this new tool to ensure a strong market presence because after all, what we see is what we can sell.

  4. Ryan Bullins

    Today, a video will be watched more than the textual ads. With this notion, then we can always ride on the opportunity and make a good outcome from it. I am looking forward to an amazing experience using the video.

  5. Samuel Rowe

    It is always a good move for sure to turn to video for marketing. Today people have moved to videos and hence not more interested in the textual marketing content. It s now time to be more smart for sure.

  6. Barbara Lara

    I have been using this Easy Video Suite for around two years. It worked great! Thank you, Josh Bartlett, for such an amazing tool. It saved me money and time. If you want to defeat your competitors and increase your profits, this multi-tasking tool can play an important role.

  7. Barbara H. Aronson

    Using Video suite is an excellent idea for your marketing purposes. Ask me and i will tell you it is now one year since i started using the system and it is working really well for me. The program is well organized such that it is easy to move around and use each step. Secondly, is that it does not fail you. I have been able to increase my sales by a huge margin by using video marketing through this system.

  8. I am saying this guide is very convinient because it has made my work so easy. It has helped me achieve more and within a short time which is great. It makes all my marketing work easy since i do not have to spend so much time on the same task.

  9. Leonard Fiorillo

    I am so happy that i bought this system. This is because it has been working exactly as i expected. I have increased my leads as well as my earns by a very big margin and i am happy about it.

  10. Jeffrey Picard

    Easy Video Suite is a program designed for video marketing. It provides powerful features of recording, publishing and marketing your videos and track down its performance in optimizing your business market. The software comes with robust features designed for the convenience in online marketing. You can easily create and upload a video directly to your site. The video can be instantly recorded from your own computer screen or computer camera. The application is easy to use since you can easily upload your video anywhere. The application also provides a URL for the video you created with a uniquely embedded code that you can use when uploading the video directly to your site.

  11. Melisa Gilford

    If i could be honest about the easy video suite i would say that i have never come across a system so effective and straightforward. The truth is that i am happy i bought it. And it has surely worked for me which is something i like.

  12. Kristine Brown

    The marketing on the internet is usually filled with scams but I have found this one to be not a scam but a well made program. You will love it and that is why you need to make sure that you have used everything that is within your reach to get to the top. This is one of those tools.

  13. Kelly Ashmore

    You will not find anything that is better in the market right now and that is the reason why you need to make sure that you have gotten this one. Anyone who is involved in video marketing, video publishing, recording, and also tracking will need one of these.

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