Have you ever seen the Storage Wars, where they bid on who gets to own the items inside the small square compartment? It’s a risky task especially when you can’t go inside and examine the furnitures.

It’s the same as Real Estate deals, but you can do your research on the house, the owner, etc. What’s risky is if you’ll gain profit or not, if it’s worth your time to spend your money for a house. Especially properties which has a tax lien marked on it, you really need to pay attention to the quality of the land and estimate the costs you need to pay to make it livable once again.

Did you know, the reason why people want to learn to invest in real estates is that it’s the easiest way to obtain money. But if you don’t have any clue how to start, keep reading for more details!

Creating Wealth Without Risk

What Is A Tax Lien?

Tax Lien is when a landholder hasn’t paid the taxes for the property. The state where the property is situated takes hold of the land. This means the land is owned by the state until the landowner pays the debts with interest. Investors can purchase the tax lien. Why do they? To gain profit from the property.

What happens when the landowner did not pay the tax lien?

According to a law which the government has legalized, When the current owner did not fully pay his debts in a given amount of time. The government will grant the tax lien officer (you) legal rights for the land. You will receive the property but in turn, you need to pay the remaining balance of the land. When you paid the debts, the property will be in your name. It is your choice to either sell it at a bigger price

Creating Wealth Without Risk What Is A Tax Lien

Steven Waters’ ‘Creating Wealth Without Risk’

Steven Waters is a man who had no knowledge in real estate business but with the aid of professional investors and years of reading on wealth in real estate properties, he got the upper hand of the game. Now, he’s helping people who are new in this field. In order to do so, it took him years to make a program and here it is.

The bidding and real estate business is tricky, especially on people who have no idea in this business industry. That’s why ‘Creating Wealth Without Risk’ is essential for wannabe investors in real estates. This is simply all the information you need to start establishing your skills in the field.

The program aims you to:

  • Understand Tax Liens
  • Learn how to gain money from it
  • Decide the target area
  • Be familiar with the laws of the particular location
  • Know your responsibilities when owning a Tax Lien
  • Choosing a property

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Creating Wealth Without Risk What Is A Tax Lien

Tips To Select The Right Property To Invest On

1. Do Your Research
Before you acquire the tax lien certificate of a property, you need to find out if it’s profitable. It’s also important to be aware of the background information of the real estate owner. You can buy a property which you receive thousands of dollars (because of the owner’s debt on tax lien) but then, you find out the reason why the holder doesn’t pay is that he has been unemployed for years. You need to be sure that the property you purchase equates to the owner’s capability to pay the debts.

Elements of research on:
– Landowner’s Background (to see if he’s capable of paying).
– Area of the Property (there are some cases where the property isn’t compensated because of the environment; exposed to chemicals, pollution, etc).
– Amount of Mortgage (don’t purchase a property with little profit).

2. Calculate Your Investment
Most investors target the most profitable property they can find. Most of the time, banks gain the properties which everyone wants through connections and highest bid. That is why you can ask loans for real estates you desire to buy.

Before you bid, you need to familiarize yourself on the estates showcased. Do not choose a property that gives you little to no profit, but select one which can help you gain more than 5% you spent.

3. Set A Bid Limit
Your competition here is between individual investors and banks. You need to bid on a real estate which would give you substantial rates of interest but bidding is quite risky. There are cases where you might have to pay more than you’ll gain later on if you don’t know what you’re doing.

It’s crucial to set a limit to a certain estate you want to acquire. If it goes over your range, stop bidding because you’re after profit, not bankruptcy

Creating Wealth Without Risk What Is A Tax Lien Set A Bid Limit


As I have mentioned before, Tax Lien Certificates Business is better handled by professionals but with Steven Waters Product, you’ll be able to comprehend how this business works.

Manual: Creating Wealth Without Risk
This is the core foundation of the whole course. It’s where you’ll need to familiarize yourself on the laws of different states concerning Tax Lien. The needed information on the kinds of government you should accord with and strategies which will give you the utmost advantage in the bidding wars.

Audio Version Of CWWR
Since the main product is in PDF form, it will be hard for people on the go to read it. So, Steven Waters provides an audio version of the 30 page manual which is divided into 4 CD’s.

First Audio: Focuses on the reason why tax lien certificates is the best way to earn money. Further in the course, you will learn the process, issues, and methods in taxation.

Second Audio: In this part, the discussion will go deeper on the most outstanding states and divisions you need to choose so your investment can be in full extent.

Third Audio: This is where the author talks about identifying the tax sale list which will be beneficial for you. You’ll learn the types of information you need to know in order to reduce the list of potential tax lien certificates.

Fourth Audio: The last process of investing on a tax lien certificate is discussed such as the different procedures in purchasing the property. The techniques on bidding systems, including the benefits and demerits.

Tax Free Returns Manual
The manual will focus on the advantages of Self-Directed IRA. A Self-Directed IRA is a trust fund in growing your thousand dollar investments into millions in a short amount of time.

Audio Course of Tax Free Returns

Bonus 1: This focuses on the importance of Self-Directed IRA and investing the money you accumulated in a trust fund.

Bonus 2: You will acquire information of the process in marketing a tax lien certificate with the aid of Self-Directed IRA.

7 Days of Property Listings
The title says it all, you’ll have a week of free access to estate’s which is for auction, debt, foreclose homes, etc. You’ll have detailed information of the location, price, and blueprints of a particular property. This is where you can do your reviews on a particular land you’re interested in.

The National Directory Manual
A directory to aid you in contacting the states and government which has the property you’re interested on. It comes with the maps and high tech research tools.

Personal Session
All of these is not enough when you’re new to the business. So, Kevin is kind enough to help you out every step of the way by having a one on one consultation through call, interview, email, or any type of communication method you prefer.

Real Estate Forms
Before you can be able to own a tax lien certificate, there are certain forms and documents you need to present. It will be a long process but the technique is to hand it out beforehand. In this course, you’ll be informed of the required documents in certain locations.

Creating Wealth Without Risk Real Estate Forms


With the help of the program, it has given a lot of people the opportunity to earn money safely without risking the loss of a big amount of cash.

A review from Bennet in California states how the training manual has helped her in gaining knowledge of Tax Lien Certificates, she hasn’t stopped reading it.

Normally, the talks about Tax is boring for many but in this program, even a young adult could understand the complicated terms which only law personnel’s comprehend.

Other reviews mentioned the importance of attaining a certain level of awareness in real estate investments. In fact, it will take years for a person to know the business but because of the 300 page PDF and other freebies which Steven offered. It has helped a lot of people in starting up independently.

I love how when you’re not satisfied with the contents of the program or when it’s not effective as you think it is, they will give your money back within 60 days.

In my opinion though, The program is very effective that I haven’t stumbled upon any bad results of it. The quality of the product is worthy of praise. The materials are made that of a professional. Given from the fact that the author only accumulated these information’s in a small amount of time.

Now, I highly recommend for you to click and purchase it now while it lasts.

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  1. ‘ Wealth Without Risk has become a classic in the field of financial self-help books for one simple reason: it works. His safe, legal, and proven approach has already started millions of Americans on the road to accumulating wealth through better strategies for personal finance, tax reduction, and investment.

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    Having made and lost two fortunes, popular financial guru Givens says he now has the keys to successamong them, no-nonsense use of credit cards, tax-favorable self-employment and home ownership.

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    There are 15 strategies here for you to envision your wealth. The more important ones include 1. determine what you want and create a dreams list, 2. use positive affirmation, 3. eliminate negative thoughts, 4. create a “values” list. 5. create a visions board to visualize daily, 6. write out your goals and pledge statements, 7. eliminate destructive values, 8. spend the majority of the time on those goals and objectives that are most important to you, 9. being each day and end each evening with a visualization of your goals.

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    Givens assembles the ground rules of his fourth self-made fortune into 268 “strategies” for personal finance, taxes, and investment.

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