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If you love horses and more especially using them to race then you will agree with me that there is a lot that one should know. Horse racing is not just getting on the back of a horse and move. To become a champion in the sport, there are quite a number of things you should put into consideration.

Comprehensive Guide on How You Can Start Horse Trading and Win
However, horse racing, is such a wonderful sport like in other. When we talk about horse racing betting, we are referring to the things you should consider before you choose your winning horse. Here are some of the tips you can use.


How to Pick the Winning Jockey

It is an issue that is taken lightly by many people but very important before you place your bet. The type of jockey you pick may change everything. What should you look at when choosing a jockey?


Jockey’s Skills

Different jockeys have different skills and abilities. You will always be able to spot the best jockey from a number of things that they do. If you are able to understand the skills of a certain jockey you will know who to choose and when. Here is how you can know their skills

  • Looking at their previous records
  • Watching them race
  • Also knowing their hidden tricks for winning.

Comprehensive Guide on How You Can Start Horse Trading and Win

Relationship between the Jockey and the Horse 

As much as racing depends more on the ability of the horse, the jockey plays a very important role. Note that a jockey can make a horse run better than its ability. At the same time a jockey can ruin a better horse making it lose. All this depends on the relationship between the jockey and the horse. The relationship between the jockey and certain horse. To judge this, look at the previous records of the jockey with a certain horse. A jockey can have better records of winning with a certain horse than the other. Relationship between the Jockey and the Horse 


In doing this then you should note: Never to give a good jockey a bad horse, or a bad jockey a good horse. In doing this you will be assured of poor results. Nevertheless, sometimes you can change the jockey. In doing so, you should be very careful to ensure that you get the best horse the best jockey. Looking at the previous races, if you spot a good horse that you think has better ability then you can assign another jockey. Always go for the best jockey to get the best results.


Horse Racing Betting Vs Other Sports

Have you thought of other sports compared with horse racing? Or have you tried betting for other sports and you want to join horse racing betting? What is so special about horse racing? Here are the reasons why you should consider horse racing betting instead of other sports.


  1. There are results at all times

Sometimes people place their bets only to end up disappointed by the results. What is the meaning behind betting on a sport that you cannot have results? This means that you lose your money and at the same time miss the fun.

Relationship between the Jockey and the Horse 

Let take an example, football. You place your bet and sit to wait for the results. But what do you get? The two teams end up not scoring each other. Irrespective of professional players in the field, you do not enjoy the game and neither do you get your money. But in horse racing at least there is always a champion.


  1. No Strings Attached

There are sports where there are so much of loyalties attached to the team and the players as well. I have seen people being disappointed simply because a certain player has not been included in the squad in a certain much. Others are also disappointed because a certain player has is in the squad and they think he/she does not play well. Other sports such as rugby, football or cricket people have very strong attachment to their teams. This definitely calls for commitment and affects your betting. For horse racing betting is a one-time thing. All you have to do is spot a food horse and a hood jockey. More ever, here is the best part; you do not have to support the same horse even if it keeps on loosing for the sake of attachment. You can as well bet against the same horse if it loses. And once you win, go on and shout all the way home since you have made it.


  1. Bet For Horse Racing All The Time

Have you seen people who bet for a certain sport but they cannot do it on a regular basis. You are left bored since the sport comes in seasons. What will you be doing? Some people can only bet for a certain championship of league in football. This means that they get nothing when the season is over.

Bet For Horse Racing All The Time

However, for horse racing is a full-time sport. Maybe except for the holidays. And not all holidays. Only two days in a year; Good Friday and Christmas. It does not matter where the racing is being done. You are able to race all the time.


  1. The Odds

 Unlike other sports where the odds are calculated individually, the horse racing betting is different. The formula is different. The odds will account on the total amount of money you placed. The odds will always come to the final odds from each race rather than your odds when placing the bet.


How to Pick the Winning Horse in Minutes

To make sure that you place your bet wisely and get something from it then you must be quick in picking the best horse. A horse that will win the race. To do this, there are a number of things to look at. They include:


  1. Look At the Race Day Program 

You cannot know what is going on in a race unless you read the race day program. By doing so, you will be able to identify the horses racing and other things necessary for betting. The program will also show you the history and statistics on all races.



  1. The Horse’s History

Studying the horse’s history will help you determine its abilities and chances of winning the race. This will start by determining the class levels your horse has been racing at. Competitions and classes of racing will determine the horse’s ability. As you go up the class levels, the ability and quality of the horses increases. There are different race classes for horses which include:

  • Maiden races
  • Claiming races
  • Allowance races
  • Stakes races

Bet For Horse Racing All The Time

Depending on the horse’s performance, they will move up and down these classes throughout the year. By studying movement of a horse through the classes you will be able to pick the best performing horse. Apart from the classes there are other things that can help you pick the best winning horse. By seeing the horse race you can tell the abilities. If you are keen enough, you can determine or judge a horse’s power by viewing it in the field. You can also pick you horse by considering on more thing among others listed above. What is the history of the horse and the jockey? The best horses have the best jockeys. If you view it this way then you have the best horse to win you some cash.


Why Horse Racing Is Better Than Other Sports

 There is always a big difference between horse racing betting and other sports. You will always prefer horse racing betting over other sports because of its numerous advantages.

  • You get to choose you horse without considering you feelings and attachment to the horse. Unlike other sports where people are so much affected by their feelings for a certain team.
  • The performance of the horse is not affected by many factors as compared to other sports. The only factor that can affected the performance of your horse is the jockey. However, you can change the jockey.

Why Horse Racing Is Better Than Other Sports

Unlike other sports where injuries, squad, attitude, history, individual players and coaches can affect the performance.

  • In horse racing betting there are variety of betting options. The sport does not take hours like other sports like football. You can place your bet and if you lose you can place a different one in the next few minutes.


5 Things to Look For Before Placing Your Horse Bets

Horse racing betting is considered one of the best. However, like any other betting issue, you have to consider a number of things before you place that bet. If you want to walk home richer than you are then you have to closely follow all the tips am about to outline here.


  1. Know The Sport

In case it is your first time betting or you are used to, you need to understand the game before you pace any bet. Horse racing is a different sport from other sports that you know. Whatever is done in horse racing will be different from what is done in other sports. To do this you must understand how horse racing is done. You can go to the field and watch the race. You can also read on different records or talk to someone who can take you through what happens in the field.


  1. Study The Race

 When it comes into studying the race, this will help you understand which horse to place your bet on. Depending on various conditions and factors during the race you can determine where to place you bet.

Comprehensive Guide on How You Can Start Horse Trading and Win Study The Race

To start with, look at the distance to be covered during the race. The number of furlongs to be covered will affect the ability of the horse. Some horses will tire very fast before completing the race. How about the day’s weather? Does it really affect the horse’s ability in the race? Yes. Depending on the track conditions, you may lose or make money. By comparing which is the perfect surface for a certain horse and the current conditions in the track, you can know where to place your bet.


  1. Choose a Winning Horse 

This is where the real tricks. How do you choose your horse for the race? Will it tire before finishing the race? Is it able to race on that surface? Before you start placing that bet make sure that you have identified the best horse for the race. Different horses have different abilities in the track. Depending on the speed, strength, and the finishing power of the horse you can know which one to win. To do this you can look at its post positions. Previous races will give you detailed information about the horse.

 Comprehensive Guide on How You Can Start Horse Trading and Win Choose a Winning Horse

To start with, you must know the horse’s ability. You can know this by studying its previous records. How many competition has it done? How has the horse moved from one class to another? You can as well look at the horse in the field to identify some of its unique features. When choosing the best horse you should also consider each horse’s individual characteristics.


  1. Get Familiar with the Track and The Betting System

You may decide to come earlier before the race starts. You do not just get into betting without knowing what it is all about. To enable you do this. You can get things like the handicapping tip sheets, racetrack program to study everything you need to know. As part of this preparation, remember that you are betting against other people. You can interact with other people to get an idea of what is happening. Which is the best horse and why? Also make sure that you study the relationship between the horse you are about to place your bet on and the jockey. It is well known that a jockey can determine the ability of a horse. By choosing the best jockey for the best horse it increases you chances.


  1. What About The Odds and Types Of Betting

You cannot place any bet without knowing what you are about to get from the bet. Familiarizing yourself with the types of bets and the odds attached will help you know how much to place. Each race is supposed to contain certain odds that will help you know where best to make money. The combination in terms of odds are not the same as those for other sports such as football. Understanding this will help you know what sum of money to use in the bet and your possible win.


The History of Horse Racing

 Horse racing is a type of sport that has been there for a very long time. The sport involves 2/more jockeys riding horses over certain distances. The sport is known to have first occurred in the Ancient Greece, Babylon, Syria and then Egypt. However, the sport has been developed with time and many changes have taken place. There are also different types of horse racing which have developed with time. Understanding these types will help you know what to do in terms of racing and the best to be involved in. These types include:

  • Jump racing-It is also known as Steeplechasing and in other countries National Hunt Racing. This is a race where horses race over obstacles.
  • Flat racing-For this type of racing, the horses will move and gallop between 2 points. The race is always done on an oval or straight track.
  • Endurance racing-The horses have to travel over extreme distances and across the country. The races are generally between 25 and 100 miles.
  • Harness racing-This is much different from other races. The horses run pulling the driver who will always be in a sulky.

 Comprehensive Guide on How You Can Start Horse Trading and Win The History of Horse Racing


Their Breeding 

Horses are always genetically different like other animals. There rate of growth and maturity will always vary from on gene trait to the other. Over the years, racers have always gone for the best breed in terms of its performance to make sure that they get the best results. To improve the horse’s ability in the track, the breeders have been working all years to provide better and better breeds than the previous ones. For example: Arabian, Paint, Thoroughbred, Appaloosa and Quarter Horse are the most used breeds for the flat racing.

Comprehensive Guide on How You Can Start Horse Trading and Win Their Breeding 

With this type of technique of breeding horses, people have done it for business with everyone trying to come up with the best breed.


Why Is It Important To Know About Breeds?

  • Helps you to understand differences in the characteristics of different horses.
  • It will help you choose wisely when looking for a winning horse.
  • Helps one to identify which breed is good and for which race.



Horse racing betting is not entirely a new thing. The whole fun comes from their finishing power of the horse and what you get after placing a bet on a certain winning horse. Betting for horse racing has developed over time with different achievements coming up. Did you know? Currently the system being used for American tracks betting was developed in the late 19th century by Pierre Oller. 

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