There is no gainsaying that dogs are man’s best friends. Dogs are one of the most beautiful creatures in the world that can keep you company. However, sometimes, some dogs can be bad-mannered and misbehave.

If you have a dog that has bad behavior, there are ways you can make your dog obedient and well-behaved.

While there are many dog training manuals out there, I have tried some and only a few tend to work. A few months ago, I was searching for a manual for puppy training. After series of searching, I discovered the Brain Training For Dogs manual.

A lot has been said about the Brain Training For Dogs manual, so I decided to give it a try. I have used this manual for some months now and I know what this manual entails.

Since I noticed a lot of people would want to know about this program, I decided to do a review.

In this brain training for dogs review, I’m going to state everything about the program. It’s going to be a comprehensive review because it will cover everything about the brain training for dogs program.

To begin the brain training for dogs review, let’s start with the creator of the program. This way, you can easily deduce whether to trust the program or not.


Who created the brain training for dogs program?

Brain Training for Dogs Author with Dogs

An American professional dog trainer created the brain training for dogs program. Her name is Adrienne Farricelli. For most dog owners, Adrienne Farricelli should not be a new name to you.

Adrienne Farricelli has been helping dog owners for years. According to Adrienne Farricelli, it took her about 10 years to perfect this training system. Instead of keeping it to herself, she decided to share it with other dog owners.

The brain training for dogs program is battle-tested to make any dog well-behaved. She also promised that your dog would be intelligent after using her training strategy. So, why should dog owners trust Adrienne Farricelli? Keep reading this brain training for dogs review to find out more about the program.

A little more about certified dog trainer, Adrienne Farricelli

Brain Training for Dogs The Creator

Adrienne Faricelli is from Arizona, the United States. She lives with her husband, and together they have two Rottweilers, Einstein and Petra. I’m assuming they named one of the dogs Einstein because of her high intelligence level.

Adrienne is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assured (CPDT-KA).

Some of the notable things Adrienne Farricelli is known for include:

  • Featuring in USA Today and Every Dog Magazine
  • Contributed to eHow and Dog Experts
  • Helps dog owners all over the world to make their dogs well-behaved
  • Helped military veterans to provide training to their service dogs

According to Adrienne Faricelli, her simple techniques can unlock any dog’s natural intelligence. This includes taking away any bad behavior from the dog.

Now that we know who created this program, let’s further take the brain training for dogs. To do this, let’s look at what the training for dogs entails.

What is brain training for dogs?

Brain Training for Dogs Make Dogs Obedient and Intelligent

Brain training for dogs is a program that shows dog owners how to train dogs. According to Dr. J Coates, most dogs suffer from a lack of mental stimulation. The effect of a lack of mental stimulation makes dogs behave badly. Unfortunately, this is what most dogs go through.

This dog training program is a series of exercises and puzzles that will train your dog. The dog training program is a challenge and entertainment aimed to make dogs obedient and intelligent.

There is more to that your dog than what you know presently. With the brain training for dogs manual, you will discover all the abilities of your dogs. “Your dog is not trying to be a problem. Your dog is in a problem.”

If you want your dog to follow all your commands, this dog brain training is for you.

What are the features of this dog brain training program?

Brain Training for Dogs Modules of the product

This dog training program is an online course that contains 7 modules. To make this brain training for dogs review worthwhile, I will give you a sneak peek.

I shall quickly go through the modules to understand what to expect from this dog training program.

Module 1: Pre-school

This is the basics of the brain training for dogs course. In this module, you will learn how to make your dog follow all your commands. You will also learn how to tap into the brainpower of your dog. Once you understand this, your dog will become super obedient.

In this preschool module, you will understand:

  • How to train your dog to get his/her full attention. It is called ‘Target Training’. With this training, your dog can open doors or ring the bell.
  • How to have strong communication with your dog by making them look into your eyes. This is what your dog needs for super obedience
  • How to get your dog to pay attention to you. This is called the ‘Airplane Game’.

Module 2: Elementary school

Once your dog goes through preschool and masters the skills, the next stage is elementary school. In this module, you will know how to improve your dog’s senses to follow your commands. Some of the games you will get in this module include:

  • The treasure hunt games. This game helps dogs to be free from boredom. It has been discovered that the root cause of bad behaviors in dogs is boredom. With this game, you will get your dog into its natural way of life.
  • The muffin game. This game stimulates your dog’s mental faculty and keeps him/her from trouble.
  • The ball pit game. Some dogs are too aggressive, which makes it difficult to work with them. With this game, you will drain your dog’s energy, making it easier to train them. Draining your dog doesn’t cause any harm. Instead, it makes you have lots of fun with your dog.

Module 3: High school

In this module, your dog will get training on impulse control and patience. These are two virtues every dog needs to be obedient and fun to be with. Your dog will learn with the following games:

  • Bobbing for treats games. With this game, you will remove every fear of water from your dog. Your dog will get every excitement and reward they need to behave well.
  • Jazz up and settle down games. With this game, you will learn how to make your dog settle down quickly and a series of fun and excitement. Settling your dog quickly after being hyped up is very crucial to having an obedient dog.
  • The bottle game. What this game does is that it gives dogs some amount of exercise and also provides mental stimulation. This will make your dog act with better behavior.

Module 4: College

At this stage, your dog is now a college student (lol). Here, you will learn how to develop your dog’s motor skills. You will also learn how to improve his ability to concentrate on your commands. In this module, below are games for your dog:

  • The shell games. This is to develop your dog’s mental agility
  • The magic carpet games. This game is to develop dexterity and patience
  • The open sesame games. With this game, your dog will develop more patience and calmness.

Module 5: University

This module is strictly dedicated to developing your dog’s intelligence and patience.

If you notice, patience is one vital thing that this course focuses on. This is because a dog needs patience (among other things) to behave well.

In the university module, you will get the following game:

  • The hide and seek games. This game is to help you create a strong bond with your dog. Also, for dogs that are mostly lonely, this is a nice game.
  • The look at that games. With this game, your dog will stop unnecessary barking at people and other dogs.
  • The hot and cold games. What this game does is that it boosts dogs’ ability to build their confidence. If you think your dog is too shy, this game will help to build his self-esteem.

Module 6: Graduation

Now is the time for your dog graduation ceremony!!! In the graduation module, your dog will learn and develop advanced skills in terms of intelligence and motor skills.

In this module, you will learn the following games:

  • The serpentines and spiral games: These games will help your dog to always remain by your side and follow you, no matter how erratic your movements are.
  • Advanced leg-weaving games. With these skills, you can impress your friends.
  • The name recognition games. These games will help your dog recognize toys by their names. These are the best games to boost dogs’ cognitive abilities.

Module 7: Einstein

At this level, your dog is now a genius and you can impress your friends with your dog. Below are the games you will discover in the final module:

  • The tidy-up game. This game will help your dog tidy up after each session of playing. This is a very useful trick you need to learn
  • Play the piano game. Do you want your dog to play the piano on cue? Go through this game and what you will learn will amaze you.
  • The ring stackers game. This is to help your dog develop skills and patience

These are the 7 modules that come with the brain training for the dogs system. Once you are able to follow this dog training system to the end, you will have a loveable and obedient dog.


What makes brain training for dogs unique from other dog training programs?

Brain Training for Dogs Being Unique

There are so many dog training programs out there by different dog trainers. While some of the programs are good, a lot of dog trainers didn’t do well to create perfect training.

As for the brain training for dogs system by Adrienne Farricelli, let’s look at what makes her program unique.

Mental development

Most of the dog training courses today fail to address how to develop the mental faculty of a dog. This is a vital aspect of dog training that nobody should ignore.

When a dog receives enough mental stimulation, his cognitive ability will develop. When this happens, there is a high tendency that every bad behavior will fade away.

Solving any bad behavior problem from the root cause

Until you understand and solve the root cause of a problem, the problem will resurface. We are not talking about giving some simple techniques just to stop biting or barking. To make it a win-win situation, you to understand the root cause of any problem. This is what you will get with brain training for dogs.

Updated and best techniques

To give your dog the best training, you don’t need to apply the force and dominance technique. This dog training method is outdated and proven not to work by recent research.

However, with Adrienne’s brain training for dogs course, you don’t need to use force. Simple brain games will do the trick. Brain games have been scientifically proven to be healthy for dogs and are considered the best obedience training.

All you need with your dog is positive vibes instead of instilling fear in him. This dog training course will teach you how to do that.

From a certified dog trainer

Adrienne Faricelli is a certified dog trainer with years of experience. Most dog training courses out there are created by people with no certifications. You need to get a dog training course from people who have experience and are certified to do the job.

Using the wrong techniques on a parent dog or puppy can only make the situation worse. Therefore, stay away from a trainer who doesn’t list his/her certification.

As for Adrienne Farricelli, she is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assured (CPDT-KA).

Additional Unique Features

First of all, the program is fully based on positive reinforcement. This means that the program requires the trainer to reward the dog’s good behavior and ignore the unpleasant one. This sort of reinforcement helps your dog set a proper connection between the desired behavior and the reward. The program makes it fun and easy for the dog and helps establish a good bond with the trainer. Not only will you have a healthy relationship with your dog, but you will also get an amazing helping hand.


Who needs the brain training for dogs course?

Brain Training for Dogs Who Needs It

This is to help boost your dog’s natural intelligence. Once you achieve this, it automatically puts an end to bad behaviors from your dog.

If you fall into any of the following categories below, then you need this brain training for 4 dogs.

  • You have an aggressive dog
  • Your dog barks uncontrollably
  • You want puppy training for your puppy
  • Your dog hardly listens to you
  • You find your dog digging every time
  • If your dog chews things that he is not supposed to
  • Your dog frustrates you most of the time
  • If your dog keeps jumping up
  • You are regretting buying a dog
  • You are totally out of control with your dog
  • Your dog is always pulling on the leash
  • You are contemplating on giving up on your dog because of the bad behavior he is exhibiting
  • Your dog finds it difficult to settle down and always gets overexcited
  • You want to bond with your dog seamlessly
  • Your dog whines most of the time
  • You want obedience training so that your dog can obey you all the time
  • Your dog doesn’t understand what “No” means
  • Your dog is suffering from anxiety and fear

These are probably the problems anyone can have with his/her dog. If you have any of the issues up there with your dog, this simple modern-day dog training will help you.

Once you can go through the 7 modules in this dog training system, you will see amazing results.

What is the science behind the brain training for dogs course?

Brain Training for Dogs The Science Behind The Program

The dog brain is very similar to that of humans. Neuroplasticity is a common idea that has been researched by top scientists at Harvard and other universities.

Neurosimplicity tells us that the human brain is like soft plastic. This means that you can remold or reshape the brain to learn new behavior and habit.

Just like humans, this same neuroplasticity treatment can apply to dogs.

The brain training for dogs course has a bunch of information that will help you stimulate your dog’s brain. Once you can stimulate the brain of your dog, obedience training becomes easy and effortless.

With all the brain games in this dog reinforcement training, training dogs becomes easy and exciting.

Once your dog can learn new information, it becomes easier to listen to you. When this happens, you can easily address every bad behavior in your puppy.

In summary, the more intelligent dogs are, the better their behavior becomes. The same principle applies to humans. Children tend to cause troubles or misbehave if they are bored or their mental faculty is not stimulated.

When you use the games in brain training for dogs, your dog’s mind will stimulate. When this happens, below are what you will experience in your puppy or whichever you have.

  • Your dog’s behavior will change for the better
  • Your dog’s temperament will improve
  • You will have a stronger bond with your dog
  • There will be a boost in your dog’s health
  • The learning abilities of your dog will shoot up
  • Your dog will be highly obedient

What are the benefits to enjoy when you buy the brain training for dogs course?

Brain Training for Dogs There Is No Way You Won't See Results

When you buy brain training for dogs, below are the benefits you will enjoy:

Benefit #1: You get solutions to your dog’s bad behavior

Whatever the challenge you might be having with your parent dog or puppy, this behavior training for dogs course can correct it. Some of the problems this behavior training for dogs course can correct include:

  • Chewing
  • Whining
  • Excessive barking
  • Hyperactivity
  • Dealing with aggression
  • Impulse control
  • Not following your commands
  • Jumping
  • Potty training
  • etc.

These are just some of the trick training videos you will get from this course.

Benefit #2: Brain training for dogs uses force-free techniques

Dogs are naturally intelligent. However, to get the most out of your dog, you need to unlock his natural intelligence. Once this is done, every other bad behavior will automatically be corrected.

Unlocking the natural intelligence of dogs doesn’t require force. In these training exercises, you will get step-by-step guides on brain training. Once you go through the course, you will be amazed of the wonderful dog trainer you have become.

You don’t need to use force when training a puppy or an adult dog. In this adult and puppy training course, you will get videos and pictures of what to do. Everything will be demonstrated for you to see.

Benefit #3: Personal support from a certified dog trainer

Adrienne Farricelli is a certified dog trainer with years of experience. When you buy this dog training course, you will tap into her expertise in dog training. The training philosophy used in this course is a modern one that every dog owner can easily follow.

Creating this course took years of study and finding solutions to hundreds of dogs’ problems. If you follow this brain training for dogs program, you won’t waste your time trying to correct your dog again.

Benefit #4: Brain training for dogs has a huge archive

Whether it is a puppy, a service dog, a rescue dog, or any other one, this training course covers all. As a dog owner, you won’t need any other course after this one. All dog problem behaviors are covered in brain training for dogs. All you have to do is to determine the one that relates to you and use the techniques.

If you want to know potty training or any other training for your puppy, this course covers everything.

Benefit #5: There is a private forum

If you purchase brain training for 4 dogs, there is a private forum to meet like-minded people. It is always a good feeling to discuss and shared ideas with like-minded owners. You will definitely learn something new from the members of the forum.

After gaining more experience in dog training, you may decide to give back by sharing your experience. The private forum is only for people who buy the brain training 4 dogs program.

Benefit #6: Adrienne has trained countless dogs for her clients using the same formula

Adrienne Farricelli is a renowned trainer that has helped hundreds of clients all over the world. She uses the same formula in brain training for dogs to train dogs. So, you can rest assured that what you are getting is going to work.

If you are a dog enthusiast, you might have heard of Adrienne. A lot of folks have called on her to create a dog training course. After much consideration, she decided to put her years of experience into a single course. Her formula is genuine and she uses modern techniques in catering to dogs of all breeds.

Benefit #7: Simple-to-follow training

The best training for dogs is one that is simple to follow. Unfortunately, most dog coaches out there use outdated techniques that are cumbersome. When you buy their courses, it only takes you a few days or weeks before you give up.

Having understood the tricks for training dogs, Adrienne developed a simple-to-follow guide. With her method, it won’t take you too long to start seeing amazing results.

Another thing about this simple-to-follow guide is that it works for a variety of problems. The course contains obedience lessons that any trainer can follow.

Benefit #8: Adrienne has an amazing track record with her clients

One of the ways to know if a product is good or not is by asking people who have used it. Before I bought this program, I took the time to ask other users. Most people I asked testified how amazing the course is and have seen outstanding improvements in their dogs. The testimonials I got were online.

Since I am from the United States and know some of Adrienne’s clients, I ask questions. I met one or two people to hear from them personally. From what I gathered, Adrienne is an expert in what she does and her training course reflects her experience.

She has a good review and most of her clients are proud of her achievements.

Benefit #9: All the theories in brain training for does are battle-tested to work in real life

Every tip inside the brain training 4 dogs program has been tested and proven to work. They are real-life case studies that will deliver results to anyone. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, the training will work for you.

Making a dog obedient to your commands starts with intelligence. Once you can unlock the natural intelligence of your dogs, obedience follows automatically.

This is what this brain training 4 dog is all about. The best part is that it is coming from a certified trainer with years of experience.

Benefit #10: You will understand the root cause of your dog’s bad behavior

Understanding the root cause of a problem is the best way to start treatment. With this training, you will find out the root cause of your dog’s bad behavior. Once you know this, the treatment part becomes easy and straightforward.

Adrienne’s training formula is capable of handling virtually every problem related to dogs. If you can follow every tip in the course, you will get results.

What will you get more?

You get 10 benefits just out of the box on this training formula. But what’s more? 

  • The program is a cost-efficient dog training program, which does not cost a lot of money.
  • The type of training formulated by the program is not forceful and does not cause the dog to feel annoyed or intensely dominated.
  • It doesn’t matter where you are staying. If you are a member, you can easily access your area of training.
  • The modules of the program progress in an organized manner from beginner level to advanced, with separate steps to ensure proper advancement.
  • The training causes stimulation of the intelligence of the dog. It includes training the dog’s behavior and obedience.
  • You do not have to purchase the program several times as it does not have an expiration. Purchasing the program once will grant you lifetime access.
  • If you find no noticeable differences in the behavior of your dog and are dissatisfied with the product, then you can get the chance to get your money back. You can claim a refund within sixty days of your purchase of the program.
  • You get a wide variety of tools for training your dog. They comprise various types of articles and videos. These will give a better understanding of how to train your dog. It will also help you make the training more fun and innovative.

Things to keep in mind

You will need to read a lot to get a proper idea of the program. You will need to read about using it to train your dog and ensure it finds the training fun and innovative.

  • Even though the program contains various helpful videos, the video contents are not of high quality. It is because most of the content is either image or text.
  • The sound quality of the video is poor.
  • The entire procedure of the training requires a high amount of time. Therefore, the dog owner will have to show serious commitment and dedicate a hefty amount of time.

Do I need a dog training experience to use this training book?

Whether you have experience or are a complete newbie in dog training, you can follow the training. The training program is simple and easy for any trainer to follow.

If you go through the sales page of the course, you will see newbies giving their reviews. Some persons have no single experience before buying the course.

So, whether you have experience or not, you can use this training program for your dogs.

In what form is the training course?

It comes in both book form and videos. If you are comfortable with the book, you can read it. For those who prefer a video to a book, you can watch live videos.

In my opinion, I think using the book and the video is beneficial. You will see all the pictures in the book and get real-life demonstrations from videos.

Anyway, you will get both the book and videos. Whichever one you like you can study.

In what form is the training course?

It comes in both book form and videos. If you are comfortable with the book, you can read it. For those who prefer a video to a book, you can watch live videos.

In my opinion, I think using the book and the video is beneficial. You will see all the pictures in the book and get real-life demonstrations from videos.

Anyway, you will get both the book and videos. Whichever one you like you can study.

Virtually every customer has a positive review about brain training for dogs

Brain Training for Dogs Testimonial

Before writing brain training for dogs review, I took time to read other reviews and comments. So far, the review has been awesome. Most people that bought this course took action immediately and saw amazing results.

Although some folks got quicker results, the good this is that almost everyone got results. However, I think I saw a review about a guy that wasn’t so good. The guy complained of not having time to go through the course, hence his progress was slow.

As for my own personal review, I can tell you that you will get results. If you go through the 7 modules and apply them, you will love your puppy more.

So far, I will rate brain training for dogs 95%. This is because I considered those who didn’t finish the training, hence, didn’t get good results.

How long before I solve my dog’s bad behavior?

Getting results depends on how fast you are able to apply the techniques. For some individuals, they don’t go through the manual immediately. If you go through the modules and apply the techniques, you should start seeing results as soon as possible.

Dogs are fast learners and they are intrigued to learn. Unlocking their natural intelligence doesn’t take time. Once you follow every tip in the training, you will definitely see results.

Brain training for dogs: Where to buy the training program

The best way to buy any items is by using the official website. So, if you want to buy brain training for dogs, the best way is to visit the official website. Even if you are buying through an affiliate marketer, you will be redirected to the official sales or introduction page.

Once you land on the sales page, you will see other buttons that lead to the payment page. The payment page is well-secured and you can pay through different methods. As soon as you enter your details and make payment, you will receive all the training details. In my case, it took just a few minutes to receive my training course.

Brain training for dogs is an online program. This means you have to go through it online. The best part of it is that you get 24/7 support in case you need one. Also, there is a private forum where you can discuss with other like-minded folks.

I have been using the private forum to learn more things from experts with years of experience. I will strongly advise you to take part in the forum. So many activities going on there, and you will likely learn new things.

Are there any bonus items when I buy brain training for dogs?

Brain Training for Dogs Training Videos

To be honest, you don’t need any other bonus with this system. As long as you can go through the modules and apply all the activities, there is no way you won’t see results.

Nevertheless, Adrienne Farricelli decided to add a special package that will make it more interesting. She added a special bonus for those who buy her program. Below is the bonus:

Behavior training for dogs

This bonus is in line with the original product. The essence of this bonus is to tackle the frustrating bad behavior in dogs. I am not sure if this bonus will do more, but getting it is never a bad idea.

Just make sure you go through the main product and apply everything. The items in the main product should be enough to get you what you want.

What is the guarantee that the training product will work for me?

This is a very important question most individuals like to ask before buying a product. Nevertheless, it is a good one because nobody wants to waste his/her hard-earned money.

Back to the matter! Is there any guarantee that brain training for dogs will work for me? The answer is yes, there is a guarantee. If you follow the way Adrienne teaches you and apply it, there is no way you won’t see results.

Nevertheless, in case you do all that’s in the program and still didn’t see results, you will get a refund. Adrienne’s program comes with 60 days money-back guarantee. This means that you have 60 days to use the product and get results. If after using the product and seeking help from Adrienne and there is no result, you will get your money back.

This is to tell you how confident the creator of the product is. I believe 60 days is long enough to see results.

Most genuine product creators give their customers a money-back guarantee. This way, you are sure about investing in a legit and effective product. There is no risk involved because it is either it works or you get your money back.

However, I will advise that you put the program into use before asking for a refund. It would be unfair to do nothing and wait for 60 days and ask for a refund.

I can assure you that most folks that ask for refunds didn’t take out time to practice the games in all the modules. If they did, there won’t be any need requesting for a refund.

Just take your time, go through the training, and apply everything inside. When you do this, you will never think of getting a refund.

Brain training for dogs review – My final verdict

Brain training for dogs is a special program for unlocking the natural intelligence of dogs. The formula in this product is quite similar to how to develop the human brain.

Most of the bad behavior in dogs can be easily corrected by unlocking their intelligence. If your dog has any bad behavior, going through the modules of this training will put an end to it.

Whether it is chewing, jumping up, whining, or any other bad behavior, you can solve it with this training.

Adrienne Farricelli is a certified trainer that has years of experience in dog training. She has put together her wealth of experience in creating this course. It took her years of study to gather all the information in this program.

When you buy this product, you have nothing to worry about. This is because it comes with 60 days money-back guarantee. If for any reason you didn’t get results after 60 days, you will get a refund.

I have used this product and I can assure you there will be no need for a refund because it works.

A lot of people have testified about the efficacy of this product. You can give it a try to see what it contains. The techniques are modern and it will be fun applying them to your dogs.

I hope you find this review helpful.

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