We are aspiring to make big bucks or become high valued winners. The bet Alchemist is the ultimate horse racing Service Company that will enable you to win consistently. The bet Alchemist will enable you to win big with very high prices.

Join the horse racing service

Bet Alchemist Become A Member

For you to be able to participate in the betting service, you need to become a member. There are monthly plans which one can take up.

The monthly plan will require you to pay a subscription fee. The other one is the quartile one where you buy the plan every quarter. The reviews available will help you determine the best plan to buy.

The national hunt

Once you take up the membership, you will be on a roll to win big cash. The strike rate according to a review shows that one can have a strike rate of 77 %. As a member; you will be on a run for 27 out of the possible 35. This has been the position for the last 2 years now.

Bet alchemist helps you consistently

With the membership to the horse betting service, you are sure to win big every month; a year in year out. This service is not a scam at all.

The profits have been consistent for the longest time now. Many people who are fed up with losing come to the Alchemist and immediately their fortunes look up!

Guaranteed win

Bet Alchemist Satisfaction Are Guaranteed

One reason why 100% satisfaction is guaranteed is that the people behind the Alchemist uphold the following virtues:


The horse betting service is made up of professionals who uphold the highest value of integrity. Most people who have joined say in the reviews that they are contented with the way the betting affairs are run. You will not keep losing; you will win big with every national hunt that you take part in.

Straightforward approach

The dealings with the service are straightforward ensures that you make big profits.

Cancel the bet alchemist membership anytime

When people join the betting service, withdrawing could be tricky. One may not be able to cancel it at will. The position is not the same as this service. One can get started and leave at any stage without any recourse.

Free tips

There are tips from tipsters on certain days of the week. There are free email reminders that will be sent to you. The tips will enable you to make it big from the profits up for grabs. The tipsters have vast knowledge in racing and especially when it comes to the top-tier races. They will provide you with the most up-to-date details through the Ante-post column. The moment the Ante-post together the big handicap race free tips are published.

Best odds

The moment you join the horse racing industry, there are many things that you will run such as the odds for the races. You will come across odds such as:

  • 33/1
  • 25/1
  • 20/1

If you are not very familiar with the lingual used in horse racing, these are high prices which will give you value for your bets.

The hunting festivals

There are many national hunt services that you can join abs make huge profits  They include  Aintree and Cheltenham. By joining any of these festivals, you are guaranteed of making it big during the national hunt. Apart from the national hunt, one will be able to take part in Flat Festivals as well.

Proofing of bets

The starting prices of this horse racing betting service are known as Betfair Starting Prices. This is quite different from the place market which is used by other betting companies.

The latter offers less value for the bet one places. The use of the traditional bookmarkers ensures one wins a lot of money.

Full accountability

Bet Alchemist Honesty Is Very Important

Honesty is very important when it comes to horse racing bets. This explains why the company posts the results of both the winnings and losses. The public is able to access the full results. The past results can also be accessed from as back as 2013.

How to play the bet alchemist?

Playing starts when one places a bet. The selection is not done every day except in the days when the betting is very competitive but on average, one would expect anything between 4 and 6 selections.

Days of the festivals

The selections are made on the day of the festival. During the selection process; one will also have the tips on the ante-post involving all the top-tier races.

The staking of the bests

Bookies are involved in the selection and offering of the odds. These are not just ordinary bets but the best odds possible. One will need staking advice. You will have a choice over the one-point or half-point advice from the bookers. The traditional booker approach is like no other when it comes to horse racing bets.

Betting bank

The first thing you will realize when you bet is that the betting has a point and there is a value on the stake you place. If for instance, you make a bet of about £10, you will have the choice of making a stake of £5 or £10 for each way. The underlying point is that you will need to set aside some points, say 100. There are many people who bet online; hence the odds could be high in terms of disparity. To cushion yourself against losses, the betting service will give you timely advice on the number of bank accounts you should open.


The advantage of opening multiple accounts is that there are many incentives that come with every new account that you open.


Reading online, I gathered that indeed, you will be able to make an ROI that is tax-free.  The ROI in question is the Return on Investment which is 100% guaranteed.

How do get the reviews?

Being informed is very important. The Bet service helps to keep you in the know on what is happening in the selection process, the betting, odds, and the ante-post. There is a weekly blog that the company publishes through its tipsters. From the review, you will be able to collect vital information on such important details as:

  • Selections made
  • Notable horses which have performed well
  • Escaped horses which went out of sight of the handicapper
  • Entries for the upcoming  races
  • Development in the ante-post market

Much more information on betting horse racing can be accessed through sites such as the tipsters proofed bet alchemist.

Results of betting

Bet Alchemist Results Of Betting

Apart from the consistent winnings, one is guaranteed all the full results after taking part in the national hunt. The reviews of the bets will give you an idea of potential profitability. The points the members have accumulated for a period of 4 years amounted to more than 570 points. In terms of months’ profitability, you can expect profits in 8 months out of the 12 in the year.

Average price

The horse racing company has consistently ensured that the prices average 12/1. The rating is actually one of the best is the horse betting industry.

Many bets in a week

You will be able to make betas many as 8 times a week. The high number of bets will offer you a higher chance of winning.


The company has continued to publish the results of betting for the past few years. The results displayed include the points profit, cumulative results, wins, and losses for all the respective months. The full disclosure on the affair of the betting service astounded me. Many betting companies are not able to be as frank as to announce the full results to the public way the service does.

Best alchemist review

I was reviewing what Nicky Doyle had to say on which weekly columns about the ante-post market and got drawn to impressive details. He has given a detailed account of how much one had to pay for either the monthly or quarterly membership. The prices come with a free first-month membership.

Guaranteed refund

For the whole 60 days or two months, according to Nick Doyle, you can claim back all your money if you don’t make any winning. Once you enter into membership and place your bet, you are immediately entered into a selection process. In case you want to buy, the place to buy is none other than is on the official site.

High-value betsBet Alchemist High Value Bets

Everybody knows very well that if you want to place many bets (as many as 15), this betting service is the place to go. I placed my bets and got advice on how to place and win on my bets.

The amount of money you need to start the betting process

You will need a certain minimum amount of money in your point bank account. Though one can start with any other amount, I got advised to 100 points in my bank to give me the much-needed head start.

I have been sharing this insight with all those who are fans of horse racing. I have reaped big as a result of taking part in the horse racing and taking heed of the bookmakers and the tipsters. They will provide you will all the details that you need. You will not be disappointed when you follow the timely advice that you are provided.

Why you will make huge sums of money with Alchemist

The amount of money that you can make from the betting will largely depend on the points that you average per month. With such an enviable record of 9.97 points per month over 21 months according to Nicky Doyle, you can be sure to get nothing short of value.

Short time needed to place bets

Unlike other bets which will tend to take you a long time to complete a single bet, the betting service takes you no more than 2 minutes in a day to complete one.

Little equipment needed to place a bet

Beyond a bookmaker account, the rest depends on your ability to place your bet.

Respectable strikeout rate

You will be pleased (as I was), that the strikeout rate is highly reasonable for any person who wants to make a decent living in betting. To understand the strikeout rate, imagine that you had a profit or loss of +38 points. The strikeout rate will be 33% where your bank growth will be 38%. For you to make money in this placement, your bet amount will be £30. The return on investment is 26% when you make an average of 1.5 bets a day. The details and the reviews are found in

Reviews and conclusion

Those who have used the horse service are contented with it.  There is proof that it indeed works and that you can win big for cash. At the time of writing it, I read not less than 10 positive comments about the betting service. I highly recommend it to any horse racing enthusiast.

Bet Alchemist

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  1. Derrick C. Thomas

    Bet Alchemist gave me the output that they claimed! Really I’m amazed at how it really turned the table around. I’m winning almost all the bets and I’m winning big!

  2. I am so happy I found Bet Alchemist, I hardly lose now. I’ve made so much money with this!!

  3. Kathleen E.

    You can make good money betting on horses but only if you do it right. There is a success formula and this program breaks it down very well.

  4. Chris Morelli

    Betting is not all about luck and this proves why. They always say that you gotta be heck of a lucky person to win these bets but this guide tells why not! You need to have the skill to be the better to get gold and gold. Not every gold digger gets gold not because someone falls short of luck but because they do not have the skills to exploit the land for gold and this is what this articles teaches us. The way to get betting on the right direction to win!

  5. Mindy Wilkerson

    We ladies never understand most of these things for sure. It hence forces us to look for the best way out and that is why we are all here. Let me hope that things get to workout in the right manner and we keep winning ladies.

  6. Gary J. Beckman

    Horses and horse betting is my thing. I have been doing this for a very long time. I love the fun and money that comes with horse betting. However, when you are losing your money the fun is no longer there. But, these days i am full of happiness. This is after getting this amazing program. It has really helped me in better betting and i cannot regret.

  7. This is what i would call a sure deal. This is because once you have this system then you are assured of nothing else but excellent result. These days i am able to bet without too many worries because i know that i will make money for sure and that is something i like about this program.

  8. When people ask us what is the most important thing to look for in a betting system or tipster, we normally reply longevity.Any tipster or system can do well over the course of a few months.
    But very few can do well over the course of say a year. Even fewer can continue to deliver consistent profits over the course of a number of years.
    And only the very best can sustain profit-making over 5 years or longer.
    Horse racing tipster Bet Alchemist is one of those who has done this and really stood the test of time

  9. Bet Alchemist has shown itself to be a very consistent performer over a long period of time – with over 750 points of profit made in 5 years of tipping.
    And that consistency was demonstrated during our trial as well, with 38 points of profit racked up to 1 point stakes and with a return on investment of 26%.The only minus point is that it doesn’t seem practical to follow the service at Betfair SP, so this is probably one for those who still have some bookie accounts available to them.As long as you fit that bill, then Bet Alchemist comes highly recommended and should definitely be added to any betting portfolio.

  10. Dennis King

    A good tipster doesn’t advise a selection because their gut feeling is telling them a particular horse will win. They study form and various other factors in order to identify horses that they think the bookies have priced up wrong.

  11. Glen Hazzard

    It is good to see a high degree of transparency on the site too. All of their previous results are listed on here. You can see at a glance how well their bets have been doing over time.

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