Beat the Competition Review

Betting consistent returns on a horse racing competition is never easy. I was tired of making bets which were not only inconsistent; they made me lose a lot of money.

Bookie taking bets at a horse race

I had thought of quitting altogether until I came across the Beat the Competition Review. It was about the horse racing tipster service and how it helps people to bet and get steady returns on each bet. I decide to shelve my plans and see where this would lead me to. You wouldn’t believe what I found out but if you hold on for a little longer like I did, this review is exactly what you have been missing in all your horse racing betting life.

Beat competition over 45% of the time.

Imagine having exactly 46% chance of Beat the Competition. You might be wondering what this 46% is all about but I must tell you that is exactly how I felt when I was starting out. My best guess was that this was the strike rate.

Daily selection

The first thing that you will realize is that the Beat the Competition is based on daily occurrences. You have to send out your selection every 9.30 am with all your stakes. The bet types will come into play. I watched the videos which gave me much more insight on how this works.

Easy to pick a winner

A horse race where one would be able to pick a winner easily sounds like science fiction. It is what science fiction is made of. I used to say that this was next to impossible. I repeated the words several times in my head until it hurt. But suppose this is possible? There must be a secret formula that most people out there have no idea it exists.Yes, it exists! Would you like to know how you would do this with remarkable ease?Please hang and I will tell you exactly how this works.

Betting accurately

My life revolves around betting, so am best to dole this gem of wisdom on how to bet accurately. Some people spend their entire lives betting but the outcomes are less than satisfactory. My research helped me understand how to win at horse racing. They will never say it openly because they are too disappointed to say it. I don’t’ have to give you a foolproof formula because I would be lying.I also cannot promise 100% certainty but I can give you something else that you will like.


The first thing I would like to share with you is my success in Beat the Competition for the last few years.I have made a lot of winnings which I guess would be something close to what you would expect to get from a tentative horse racing. I had 11 months out of 12 when made huge profits and accumulated over 270 points in just 2 years. I placed various stakes which earned me various points and mind you at some point I doubled my stake.

Bookmakers at the horse racingThat is beside the point. What is going to tell you next will help you change your mind about Beat the Competition reviews you have read before. Am sure you have sought tipster services to better your bets but you will discover, like I did, a number of pitfalls they make. They will for one fail to analyse the entire field. I do the exact opposite and try to understand how the bet will end based on the horses. You see, when you focus on just a few ‘’winning’’ horses, you will run the risk of missing the bigger picture.

How the 46% is arrived at

After analysing the competition, it is a walk in the park for me and I easily achieve the magical 46%. For a beginner like you, the percentage looks small. However, I would urge you to look at the profit margins. You wouldn’t want to receive a letter from Betfred, banning you for winning, say, 60% of the time.

People watching live horse racing

James croft, a tipster service provider has suffered the fate of being banned for winning so much. As the author of Beat The Competition decided to follow the safer route to winning that he subsequently shares in one of his reviews. The formula will surprise you but I will not tell you directly what it is. Instead, I will tell you the kind of selections which will give you the winnings in your stakes. Once you know how to make the selections, you will not need the formula because even then, it would be priceless: I wouldn’t trade it for anything!Does that make me any selfish? No, and mind you, this is purely legit, not the usual online scam that drains you financially and you win nothing. No, and mind you, this is purely legit, not the usual online scam that drains you financially and you win nothing.You will be one of the handfuls of people is willing to allow know the selection.Once you know this secret will have fulfilled my promise. If I let out it in the open to more people, the odds will not be good. The value will be lost and am sure you would do the same thing.

Do you want to win?

Am sure you want to Beat The Competition and the following few things remain to be done:

  • Join the selection immediately
  • Place your stake
  • Win huge

Why I advocate for the Beat The Competition?

The first thing that you will discover is there are low payments to be made to get you started with winning ways. For only £ 9.95, you will be good to go.

No risks involved

Let me tell you, whoever places their bet feel that they are losing their money. This needs not be the case because there is s guarantee you will get back your money if, after 60 days you don’t make any profits.

Customer support

I like the fact that there is a lot of support that you will receive from the technical team in case you get stuck.

Win after win

Once you win, you will be on a winning streak for the remainder of the time.

man with arms up celebrating success and goalsUnderstanding the betting service

If you have not played before, you would find it a little bit intriguing but everything will clear out to you when I explain to you.

The procedure is simple

This is arguably one of the easiest horse racing reviews you will ever find. There are some easy to follow steps.The first thing that you will find us is that there is a system of selection which is made at a particular time of the day. Even if you are too busy during the day to bet, the program is designed in such a way that can proceed to place your bet.You will require 20 minutes each day at most and you will be through with all the selections for the day. You will be assisted by the software to generate wins.

No experience is needed

Many horse racing bets are very knowledge intensive. Without prior experience, you will find it difficult to operate it.This program is very different in the sense that even as a beginner, you will be able to operate it with remarkable ease.

No tricks

I have seen some funny software’s which apply some tricks to shortlist participants. This is the scam that should not see the light of the day.The program that am talking to you about does not use any trick. It is a straight forward thing and you are assured of making money in just a short time.


This horse racing service provider is based on the following:

No complex algorithm

Are you tired of algorithms which just don’t make sense to you? This system is easy because it does not make use of such mumbo-jumbo to make you win. If you select and stake, that is it. No hidden formula to fool you the way some bookmakers do.


On strong attribute of the system is that it gives back consistently winning results as long as you play within the parameters.


It is not only consistent, it is also highly accurate. You will get tips on how to won on very race that you bet on.

Downloading is not required

Instead of taking the trouble of downloading, the system has done away with it; you will be able to easily access it from the owner ‘site.

Quick turnaround

When playing , you will realize that you take a very short time to make real money. You need 10 minutes of you time every day is all that you need to make your various selections. You will place your stakes and wait to see for yourself as you generate cash and massive points. This is not a gimmick like we the ones we are accustomed to in second rate betting services. In the latter, the subscribers are treated to a circus and lose a lot of money.


In order to trust a system, the first thing that must happen is that it should be reliable. The system is foolproof and will provide you will daily update via email. In case one wants additional technical support, the technical center will be at your beck and call to ensure that you succeed.


No prior experience is needed in horse racing; anyone can place a bet and win big. You will higher winning rate, with 90% more than your average winning. At this rate, you will have no reason not to give it a try.

Huge profits

One thing that you will like about this service is that you will enjoy massive profits out of playing for a 10- minute betting service.

man showing the big size profit of her hands.


It is highly affordable since you will not need to pay anything to start off. There are scams out there which will have hidden charges. You will simply love this system because it is different from the others. This is an honest review and I can assure that you will not be asked to pay anything else.


Unlike other systems which have an additional charge to cater for tax, your winnings will not be subjected to a tax system of any kind.


There are racing tips, advice and all the information that you need to get when you are playing. Te fact that it is cheap software makes the data available without any additional cost to the subscribers.

If you want to have ideas, techniques and strategies to employ for bigger wins, all these will be provided in the form of timely information

Customer support

You are guaranteed that you will receive customer support in case you want to enquire about anything.

Cons of the system

Despite all the positive reviews, you will find that there are a few negative things reviewers have to say about it.To begin with, it is only accessible online and one cannot download it. This is actually a disadvantage because those without internet cannot access it.There are no other versions of Beat the Competition hence limitation of access.


The pros outweigh the cons, hence it is a worthwhile program. If you are looking for a way to win big on bets in just a few minutes without risks, this is the system that I recommend to you.

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  1. I was tired of making bets which were not only inconsistent; they made me lose a lot of money.I had thought of quitting altogether until I came across the Beat the Competition Review. this review is exactly what you have been missing in all your horse racing betting life.After analysis the competition, it is a walk in the park for me and I easily achieve the magical just changed my life completely.i was loosing hopes but this article just putted me back in the track.

  2. This amazing course teaches you how to win alot of money. It actually works. I admit, I was little skeptic but it turns out this thing actually works. Thank you so much.

  3. You agree with me that betting at some time can be very bad. This is the case when you keep on looking for a long period of time. I now know the tips that I need to implement so that everything goes on well. To me, this is a wake-up call and a time to step up.

  4. Gary L. Holly

    It really works! At first, I thought that it might be a scam or something, but when I heard my friend to try it out, I gave it a shot. And it’s definitely worth the money! Now I will be rich!

  5. Randi Fisher

    When I started in the business, I lost a stock load of money in a matter of days. I can’t understand how it works until my colleagues introduced me to the beat the competition program. Then, in a matter of a day, I got back what I lost which was a worth thousands of dollars.
    I could say it is as effective as it claims to be. Would I recommend it? Definitely!

  6. Shirley C. Irons

    Losing money is a very bad feeling for sure. It leaves me in a condition that is not good at all. But with now this post and the tools at hand, I believe that I will now be winning all through. I am looking forward to that.

  7. I just can’t stop betting. Even though I have lost a small fortune on it. Hope this guide will make things better!

  8. This incredible program helps me to cash my winning bets. The program offers affordable prices to monitor many tipsters. The best part it was a support that I can contact anytime. The software is readily available which provides methods and techniques. Plus, there is a 60-day money back guarantee that they offer. So what are you waiting for? Try it!

  9. I am embarassed to admit that I have lost a small fortune on bets, but just couldn’t find the strength to stop. Finally, this guide came along, and now I can win something!

  10. My friends used to say that this is not something a woman should do and stuff like that. But after I started winning with this guide – they totally changed their mind 😉

  11. Cynthia Valenzuela

    Until a few months ago, my husband was winning all the bets. Then some trends changed and he still wished to continue with his old methods. I tried to pull him out of betting but he is addicted to it. Then I bought this in, and now we can finally pay back the debts, my husband pulled us into.

  12. Do not waste any more money while your friends are winning every day. What you need is a program that will help you have a breakthrough in betting. I recommend this one.

  13. Rebecca R. Roosevelt

    I have been using this guide for some time and i can assure you that this one works really well. When i started using the program i found out that it is programmed to enable gamblers to make easy wins in their bets. Once you get the program, you will find out that it is easy to use and you are able to get your predictions all right.
    I cannot regret.

  14. Wow. Because of this system i am a happy man. I have been able to reduce my losses in betting to close to zero and increase my profits by more than three times. The good thing about this program it is its structure. I like it. It is not like all those scam products out there. It is easy to understand and will never fail you. Never!

  15. Tessie Brunet

    Beat the Competition is sold on a month to month membership premise and for various reasons the most noticeable of which is the business technique utilized.

  16. Once you’ve chosen a system, it’s important that you reply to all reviews — no matter how positive or negative — and demonstrate that outstanding customer service you’re known for.
    According to marketing and customer service expert Jay Baer, one-third of customer complaints are never answered, and most of these take place online. “No answer is in fact, an answer,” says Jay. “It’s an answer that says we don’t care about you or your feedback at all.”
    Knowing this, it’s important for companies to pay attention to what is being said about them online. And to be sure to respond to each and every review or message that they can.

  17. Lindsey Bloom

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