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Hello, I’m writing this review hoping it would be useful to you. If you are here, it means that you, like I was before, are struggling with SEO rankings, and just getting your websites positioned in general.

Everyone struggles with this, regardless of how much of an expert you are, you still struggle. Either with the process itself, or teaching others how to do it.

Backlink Beast

This was a struggle I had, bad. I thought I was an SEO expert, but I that was an error of pride and I was missing out on so many great things.

Together, with this, Panda and Penguin happened, and I just lost it.


Backlink Beast Review 3


Looking for help, I stumbled with Backlink Beast, and this is what happened, and this is my story.

Getting good at SEO

When I started website development, I was more excited with the part of design and development. Of course, SEO came into the game and I had to get better at it.

Web developers

Now, as you know, some updates ago, ranking high was not such hard work. You used some great words, your pages displayed the correct information, you had the correct links and everything was set.


Backlink Beast Review

My friend and I, with whom I develop websites together, were doing pretty well, and our customers were happy. However, we were not aware of the depth of ignorance we had about SEO until Panda happened.

Regardless of how much we tried, and tried, repeatedly, we still wouldn’t rank. We had reach a plateau in our SEO and we were not sure how to get out of there.


After googling around, I found some local courses on SEO. I took two, my friend took one. At the end of the courses we had learned basically everything we knew, plus, beware of Panda, and we learned how it worked, which gave us our first clues.



After learning about this, we tried online courses. Again, they were good, but not good enough, we actually found more information on web forums or Reddit that in some specialized websites.

In these spaces, we found references to software that helped you analyze and position your website better, so we went and tried.


Backlink Beast

By this time, we had already a lot of theoretical knowledge but not so much technical or practical knowledge. We decided to try the software and see where it would take us.

We were doing great, most of our job was getting done for us, and basically, we just needed to generate viral content, create a great website, and follow our SEO practices.

It all went well, and our clients were actually happy, but still we were struggling to get to the first page, even in a local setting. It was quite stressful.

So, we had made some progress, but still we remained in the plateau. Frustration started to build up and we also needed a solution as soon as possible.

Finding Backlink Beast

After some trial and error with other software, I read some reviews about Backlink Beast and decided to look further.

I got to the website, read everything they offered, and learned more about backlinks. So, my cheap self thought: “If I research about backlinking, and use it correctly, I don’t need software”.

In the end of the day, that was the piece that we were missing, so I didn’t buy, but rather went out there to master the arts of backlinking.

What did I find?

  • It is easy to understand
  • It is complicated to follow
  • More complicated to execute flawlessly
  • I needed help

So, after some months of trying, I gave up and came back to Backlink Beast.

Backlink Beast

So, I was done, and I came back, and bought the software. I didn’t need more stress in my life and I was willing to ask for help.

We set up everything, very easily. Everything is pointed out clearly, and the set-up process just flows. Once we were in, we were ready to start testing.

People on computers

We noticed how our website was getting promoted in key ways that would make google notice us.

The one thing that we appreciated the most, by far, was that everything was automated. Oh, God. That was glorious.

Going through all the linking process is actually not difficult, but all of it takes so much time, and we had come to the realization that we were not SEO experts and, most importantly, we didn’t want to be!

And, we didn’t want to pay some nagging outsourcer that claims expertise on SEO but just won’t deliver (happened to us before), so we were sold.

  • It works well
  • It’s does its job
  • It’s automated
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s automated
  • Provides a solution for a great part of SEO
  • It’s automated

See a pattern? Now, we were able to do one of the least stressing parts of SEO, content writing, designing our pages, and all, and Backlink Beast was taking care of the rest.

The flamingo solution

I remember once we had a client that came with a very particular request for a website devoted to flamingos, their life, habitat, beauty, etc.

We thought it was quite strange, but he was a paying client, and we had the skills to help him, so we decided to give it a go.

As we went on with the development, and got to the SEO planning, and thought about backlinks, and how in the world we were going to find a Flamingo solution

Well, you are guessing well, Backlink Beast helped us get the hang of it and locate the best websites of the niche and we managed to get backlinked by some.

This was the missing peace to our SEO combo, it even worked with particular niches, and our client was extremely happy.  We couldn’t believe it.

It was so great to a point that, this website came part of the top 5 of results that appeared in the state, for that niche. We could not believe it.

A new business

The results were so good, and our client was so happy, we decided to talk to him and learn more about himself.

Turns out that he is basically obsessed with flamingos, he is a biologist, and he goes has traveled the world, visited protected areas, etc. It was amazing the lengths this guy would go to study and learn about flamingos, and how passionate he was.

After learning how far a functional person can go following an obsession, we googled, and we found so many groups, discussion boards, even stores for very specific niches. So, we scheduled some meetings with people who did Live Action Role Playing Games, or were severely obsessed with anime, or goth culture.

We were in. We were the only developers in the state to work with niche markets, and generate amazing results in search engines. Ah, yes it works with Yahoo, Bing, you name it.

Growing our brand

Of course, we can’t talk about this without our own success case inside the company. We were doing well, expanding to other states, becoming known in some niches. One of the stores we created started having sales the first days after its launch, it was amazing.

Woman Talking

Because of this, people started coming and calling, we didn’t have the need to call people, they were calling us. It took us over a year, and it was not only because of Backlink Beast, we work hard and deliver, but the service we provided, together with Backlink Beast became a powerhouse! We were being recognized because of our design, but also because of our SEO.

This is all good, but it came a point where, thank God, we had more clients than we could ask for, but our quality of service started to decline and we had to bring someone in.

Passing it on

Now, because we were doing so well, we needed help. We started with freelancers online. We hired some for design, and some for SEO.

In general, we had a great experience with the final results. I know that the story of many people out there is not as successful with freelancers as it was with us.

Still, we found many things that we could actually improve to become a more efficient and profitable agency. Working with freelancers online was good and all but:

  • Communication sucked
  • They took a long time to write back
  • They needed a lot of direction
  • There was a lot of revision going on

Again, we are trying to make money, and make our life, and those of our clients, easier. It was too much.

So, we brought 2 guys to the team. They were really nice, and smart, and their skills of design and SEO, even though they had not so much of experience, were actually amazing.

However, they still lacked, especially in SEO, and we needed to train them.

Share the love

I sat down every day, for a week, for around 1 hour a day, and started planning and developing the training. This was a powerful exercise.

By doing retrospective, I started remembering all the process, how easy it was, and how we managed to make things work. The main content for the training came up easily, it took longer because I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to training other people.

Business Discussion

Our guys were ready to take that Backlink Beast and start generating great results, the next day. Yes, the next day.

Oh, did I mention they have a video training center? Just amazing!

I had not realized that this resource was there, although they mention it on their website, and I read it on some reviews, I don’t know why I forgot. Anyway, I put myself to it, and the job was mostly done, and the guys loved it.

Anything else?

Also, I figured out that, I liked this so much because I was managing results. I was not managing crisis, because we didn’t have one, I was not micromanaging anything. My only responsibility was to manage and sustain results.

Because we were having such great results, our customer base grew steadily but permanently. We offer hosting, domain sales, etc. So, every customer that we have doesn’t have to go anywhere else, and they pay for a subscription with us, so we were, still are, making good money.

Basically, Backlink Beast pays itself in the long run, and, by a long run, I mean in months.

Where to start

Although I like when my clients buy a subscription, I personally dislike them. When I saw that Backlink Beast offered one, I was a little disheartened, but still, I decided to get it.

My plan was, I’ll try it for 2 months, and see how it goes. So, I did, and I haven’t looked back.

I would advise you to do the same. Maybe try for some months, see how you feel with it, or get your money back. Now, you can either ask for your money back, or you can make your money back times 10 every month if you sell the service.

So, after I was done with my trial, I decided I might as well just buy the one-time payment option, and this brings my next point.


Remember how we taught the newbies how to use this? And how with the video training center, and the small training I did, they were good to go?

Well, because of this, I was able to completely delegate this part of my job to the new guys.

Also, when we had to incorporate 2 more people, it was the new guys that trained them. Pure bliss!

Because we only had to worry to manage positive results, not obtain them. I didn’t dread logging in and adjusting one or two things myself.

Again, we had a great team, and we worked hard together, I know this is not the case for most people running a company, but, if you are on your own, or if you have a good team like we did, this is a great addition.

Backlink Beast

You can sell SEO services, and be certain that your delivery will be on point and well rounded, without having to stress much.

And, because I only did one payment, which I got back within 5 months of work, I didn’t have to worry about accounting, taking it into consideration, budgeting, etc.

I know! I know it only takes minutes to budget, etc. But I am a lazy man! I am an entrepreneur that opts for efficiency because I want to avoid unnecessary work. No apologies.

One last thing, you get free updates for life.

Final thoughts

Looking for tools that optimize the efficiency of your job, and can bring better performance in general is not an easy task. We all want to have a great return of investment, and get something easy to use.

In the search for said solutions, we can stumble with scams or people who underdeliver, and no one wants that.

Sometimes, in our effort to micromanage everything or be the best we can, we don’t like to accept when one thing surpasses us and we need help. There is always someone better than you, and there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

Some people criticize me because I couldn’t do it on my own, because I paid for software, but hey, of all of those that had an opinion, only 2 still go on with their business.

My partner and I, are still in it, creating and delivering great services for people who are highly passionate about one topic and want the world to know about it, or better yet, make a profit out of their passion.

We are positioning them in the first pages of results at local levels, and we have even had some international successes, which we didn’t expect but there they were.

You can do as I did, and look around. You can be smart about it, and try it out. Whatever you want to do, don’t miss on great opportunities, start building your business today!

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  1. Chris Morelli

    It does what it has been programmed for and it does that perfectly. It depends on you how you use it for instance, how many links you build a day, how much you diversify those links, do you build links directly to your money site etc.

  2. I do really need this since I got my new domain just yesterday. Your tips are, I guess, practical and achievable. I might as well try them.

  3. backlink beast from Brad or Matt Callen. If so, is it worth it. I trust Matt and Brad both. I was on the sales page and my laptop would not play the video more than 30 seconds. It looks to be the same story told on the video when they opened link monster.

  4. Betty Brockman

    Backlink Beast is a backlinking program that is getting a lot of attention right now, and several website owners are wondering if this is the key to save them from the torturous task of link building, freeing up their time to create more content or just take it easy.

  5. this program is mostly hands off’, While that may sound very enticing, especially if you’ve ever spend any time trying to create backlinks on your own, manually, there are some serious drawbacks to it. Automatically created links look, well, like a robot made them. It’s pretty easy for a sophisticated company like Google to tell the difference between a link that a human passes genuinely to another human because they enjoyed the content, and a link that is created by a machine for the purpose of creating a link.


  6. Michele Hickman

    I have to say that this is the right system for better web traffic. I bought it one month ago and i was worried. My website was loosing traffic so fast. It has really helped me and it is affordable.

  7. David Romero

    Backlink Beast is a linkbuilding software that automates linkbuilding for you. It creates links on complete autopilot backlink beast reviewwithout you having to do anything. It is a hands-free link building tool in the true sense.According to the authors, Backlink Beast is safe and very effective against Google updates. They claim so because, it uses link diversity at a very large level and unlimited tiered link building keeps your site safe.

  8. Donald Shirley

    It is important to get links from a diversity of other websites and sources to make it look natural to rank higher in the search engine.

  9. The site does come equipped with some tutorials that help clarify how the process works. Increasing the traffic to the website is the first priority of any Blog and the backlinking software helps in achieving this target easily by providing large number of links.

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