There are tons and thousands of products for you to start marketing. All sorts of products have flooded the whole market giving you a great opportunity to earn money.

Yes, people are making tons of money through marketing these days. But the question arises whether they all can live up to the expectations.

That’s why you need expert’s advice; people who have experienced all these and have been successful. You have to understand the strategies in order to compete with the existing competition. So, what can you really do, that can ensure you some good money?


How about podcasting? Yeah, you heard me right. You must be wondering how podcasting could possibly make me rich. Well, think again, because it surely can.

Everyday podcasting is getting more popular for both businesses and people interested in learning. Podcasts are really popular nowadays; they are getting a large number of audiences even more than websites or blogs!

Why shouldn’t it? You can get to connect with it without sitting hours and hours in front of a computer or tablet. I mean you can listen to their messages from anywhere even when you are working out or driving or traveling. The main problem is not the audience but how to start the business.

This is the place where I introduce “Audello”. Audello is a podcasting software that will help you set up your business in podcasting. You will be amazed to know the buzz it created once it was released in the market. And today in this review, I’ll be telling you all about it.

Audello Audello the podcasting guru

Audello the podcasting guru

Audello is an all in one kind of software where you get the whole package in just one software. It’s mainly an audio marketing and training method. After you buy the product, you will be able to publish your podcast, track its success, and build an audience. It would definitely guarantee a much bigger audience with a huge success of your business.

You can easily connect Audello to your favorite podcast hosting platform and publish your messages within a few clicks. But that is not all you can do with this podcasting software. There are many other great things about the Audello software.

This extraordinary marketing software is among the very few marketing products these days that have been created by an experienced and successful internet marketer to help other marketers and podcasters who want to start a regular audio marketing campaign as a career. The product is for only those people that want to build their business within a short time.

Get Audello and make your podcasting easier than ever.

This is a podcasting software that was specially designed for helping podcast marketers get better results in their efforts to gather leads, build an audience, establish online relationships, make more sales and boost profits.

The software allows you to manage every aspect of podcasting from start to finish. But what makes it most interesting is the cutting-edge features of the software that revolutionizes audio and podcast marketing.


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A little about Josh, the developer

Before you buy this product, you should have full knowledge of the creator. Have you heard the name, Josh Bartlett? If not then let me tell you a little bit about him. Josh Bartlett is the one and only creator of this excellent software. But he also has created many other quality products.

He also helped hundreds of other marketers to achieve what they desired the most. He is also the brains behind many other amazing marketing tools by his deeper research and a well understanding of different marketing strategies.

If you ever have been one of the clients of Josh, you should know that he always provides the highest quality products. The products have always provided exceptional customer survives.

In simple terms, Audello can be the game changer for both experienced marketers and rookies. The developer is an experienced marketer who has diverse experiences in the industry for a long time now. Moreover,  all of his methods and strategies seem to always work efficiently.

Audello A little about Josh, the developer

How it Works

The product is an app developed to use in computers and smartphones for automating the process of creating the very best quality podcasting content. First of all, after uploading the content to your networks, you will be getting uncountable leads and many clients from the networks.

Secondly, you have to convert clients into email addresses and make follow-ups with the email addresses.

Finally, you will be able to do webinar marketing by building large email lists just by using the Apple content networks and cashing in while building your business.

After installing the software, you will be able to key in the details of your podcast. You will have your podcast set up, and the product will start giving you reports about your content and your target audience. This is the best thing about this software, which provides the necessary guides for building your business from scratch.

Some amazing features included in the package


Of course, Audello gives you the power to record your podcast. The cool part is that you can also track, import, and schedule all the audios. And right after doing so, you can easily publish your podcast.

Custom playlists

You can now customize your podcast playlists. This great feature allows you to create a customized collection of audio episodes. So, you are able to categorize them according to their topics.

Audello Some amazing features included in the package

Advanced analytics

It even gives you analytics help to help you get the reports regarding your podcast episodes. All the traffic or views, or how many people heard your podcast. You will even know your lackings with it. The software provides the overall process after uploading an episode. So, it helps you to improve your content if it doesn’t have good traffic for some reason.

Split testing

Split testing is a way where you compare multiple versions of a web page ( here your podcasting page) for finding out which one attracts visitor most. After the test is run, traffic to the page is split among the different versions, and their performance is tracked. This usually helps tremendously with businesses that are solely depended on traffic. And the product allows you this special feature to create A/B tests for audio files based on a custom criterion.

Timed events

These are mainly pop-ups that tend to pop in the middle of the video. Thus, they are mostly triggered by a particular time. It helps with any affiliate marketing. It will allow you to place buy buttons or opt-in forms during particular stages of your audio. Pretty cool, right?

Audello Timed events

Audio pages

There are many features added in this section. The page editor has a drag and drops feature. It helps you to create any kind of viral engagement pages. And there is no limit to it! The viral pages are also another good sources for an income.

Audio Gateways

This is one of the best ones. It assures you to persuade listeners to complete any specific actions. The actions attract more listeners, and it keeps on going and going. Thus, increasing your audience.

Audio bars

It enables you to create support or engagement bars to interact directly with the site visitors. That way, your visitors will be more prone to coming back to your podcasting.

Beautiful skins

There is hundreds of audio skin available that would make your audio clips look more attractive. These skins are all customizable and very easy to configure. The skins mainly help in building your custom podcast player.

Audello Beautiful skins

Free Word Press Plugin

The software is designed to work perfectly with WordPress sites. It provides a free WordPress plugin that will allow you to select the audio files or podcast episodes that you wish to embed on your site. Just right inside your WordPress installation. After that, you can then embed it on your blog with just one click and complete with a customized player.

Record on-the-go with your iPhone

You can use your iPhone to record your podcast episodes! And not only that, you do it on the go. So, you don’t have to worry about missing your perfect chance to get an interview, quote or testimonial while you’re on the road. After that the software allows you to upload straight to your hosting, publish it or schedule it to your podcast just directly from your phone.


  • Audello is very easy to set up.
  • Pocket-friendly unlike most marketing tools available in the market.
  • User-friendly as podcasts can be built and published to directories in a matter of minutes.
  • Easy recording can be done on the go using multiple devices.
  • Exceptional client service from Josh to help you out in case of any issues.
  • Saves time.
  • Case studies to help you build a successful podcast.
  • Unlimited timed events with an option to place a buy button or a call to action.
  • Importing existing podcasts.
  • The ability to record Skype calls that are converted into interviews.
  • Convenient for your audience.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee if the product does not meet your expectations.
  • Works well with iTunes and WordPress.


  • The one-time price is what most people think is a con.
  • Requires time and dedication.

In the end

I highly recommend Audello for your podcasting business even if you are experienced or newbie marketers and podcasters. It’s not a new product that you can’t rely on. The hundreds and thousands of reviews testify that it works wonders.

Audio Analytics to help you improve your buisness

The way of recording, uploading and monitoring you episodes can really make your business go up. But if you are thinking of some quick money then I would recommend not buying the product. This product and business both need dedication and patients. Audello is all you need to improve your business and boost your profits unbelievably.

So, don’t waste any more time and get your hands on one right now!


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  1. Cheryl Holton

    This program was quite helpful and informative for beginners like us. We felt like we got ashore in the deep sea.

  2. Dominique S.

    This system has trained into a pro and given me a way of earning money from podcasts. What I mean is that the guide is complete. In that it offers everything you need to know from the start to the end.

  3. I know that I have a very good voice and over the past years, I have been asking myself of how best I can make good use of this. I am so happy to have come across this amazing post. I will use it as a guide to all the things that I have in my mind.

  4. I honestly wanted this for a very long time but i never knew how to do it. I mean earning from the podcasts that i was recording. I found it easy and entertaining for me and now i wanted to convert them to a source of income. Thanks so much to audello. This is a very legit and effective program. You will get exactly what they say. And that is an opportunity to earn a lot of money by recording podcasts. I like it and how it is structured.

  5. Julia Fischer

    I’m a media grad with a bachelor’s degree but I’m struggling to get to the top. I’ve always wanted to go for a radio broadcasting career but it seemed impossible then. Now it’s all so easy! Can’t thank this guide enough.

  6. I always wanted to inspire people and was looking for a way to connect with them beyond blogs and website. Audello taught me how to do podcasting and send my voice out to my audience base and also make some money by improving other people’s life.

  7. The creators kept the product to simple basics, so as not to limit it to the elite rather make it available to you and anyone else with the audacity to podcast.

  8. Josephine Blair

    If i could be honest enough is that i never thought there is so much money in creating podcasts until i got this system. And now i am making a good income that is pushing me well. Go for this product.

  9. Barbara Jackson

    I call this system a life changer because it has really changed my life to the best. It is has made me better because now i am doing what i am good at and making money out of it. It is very legit and easy to use.

  10. Barbara Martin

    With the help of this product, you will be able to make awesome audio files without stressing or expending yourself.

  11. Lisa Saenz

    Audello has a handful of unique features and a couple of tricks that you might find handy. Even more, you can combine it with other tools. With Audello, you will be able to make high-quality audio without wearing yourself out or spending a lot of money.

  12. Michael Logan

    This product is particularly designed for everyone who is looking to build their email list, grow their audience and build their businesses within the shortest time.

  13. Audello can give your visitors the option to record their own audio feedback at no additional charge. The setup may seem overwhelming, as it requires some advanced Amazon S3 setup.

  14. amazing product

    This product is particularly designed for everyone who is looking to build their email list, grow their audience and build their businesses within the shortest time.

  15. It also aims at grabbing subscribers and building a targeted list for potential sales. With the help of this innovative podcasting software, it is possible to attain these objectives without spending a dime on pay per click marketing, affiliate marketing or advertising.

  16. Gwendolyn Harvey

    Even leading names such as Soundcloud and Speaker have Audello integrated within their software. The standalone apps of the software are efficient, and the product is able to blend with other company products.

  17. Vernon Willman

    It is a cutting edge tool for automating and powering your podcasts. If you are new to podcasting, no problem – the software will help you to learn the basics and provide an extensive training course to get started with podcasting.

  18. You have your hands on a more advanced, powerful set of marketing tools that have been released in the marketing world – everything inside one hosted app. Obviously, it is cool to have all such benefits.

  19. I have a certain worldview of ownership, extensibility, and flexibility. But I applaud the Audello team for finding a way to make the process easier for some, and potentially now accessible for others.

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