What Is The 30 Day Sales Machine?

Are you always under debt just because your business is unable to generate a sufficient amount of revenue to take you out of it?

You feel you are doing everything right to market your business but still, no sales traffic and referrals.

You are definitely at the right place and I will let you know the step by step process to market your business with the platform which we all are aware of but always feel that it is not good enough for marketing.

Are you in your thoughts, that which is the platform that I am talking about whether it is Facebook, Instagram or simple digital marketing.

You are definitely going in the right direction but are unable to meet the right destination. 30 Days sales machine is a step by step process to generate traffic, sales and grow your business to the level that you cannot even imagine.

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You all know this platforms, you all have an account on this platform, but you do not know how to use it in a right way to grow your business in 30 days. Which platform is it…?

30 Day Sales Machine

It’s none other than LINKEDIN; LinkedIn is one of the greatest networks to use, to generate leads & convert it into sales and finally empowering your business into great level.

Now you must be wondering how can be LinkedIn so helpful, when you have always heard that it is slow and does not give you any success in case of marketing your product and services.

You are absolutely wrong and you are surely not properly guided to use LinkedIn to generate business.

Why should you choose LinkedIn to market your business?

  1. LinkedIn is very famous platform for connecting professionals from all across the globe.
  2. LinkedIn helps you promote your business to different audiences that is not available on other social networks.
  3. LinkedIn company pages are set up to better represent a brand or organization. Whether you run a small pop store or big business, using a company page and connecting it with your own profile can be really beneficial.
  4. LinkedIn gives you chance to represent yourself as an individual behind the brand and build a professional reputation.
  5. LinkedIn helps you create groups and have a detailed discussion about the product or the services, discussions should always be simple, understanding that everybody in the group gets through it.
  6. LinkedIn helps you find the right set of people by showing your circle of connectivity.
  7. LinkedIn help you approach people in a right way with the right set of referrals because 90% of decision makers’ do not take cold call, so LinkedIn is what they prefer.
  8. High use of social media eg. Linkedin to make right decision as almost 75% of people use Social media for decision making.
  9. The LinkedIn page should never be about you, it should always refer to the audience you are targeting and they should always feel connected to your page.

These small small benefits of LinkedIn help you market your business at right place and help you reach out to right set of people.

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Till today you always thought that LinkedIn cannot be of any help, but now you have realized it is the one last way you can generate more revenue by just following the simple steps of marketing your business.

What are your thought on this now, Are you in a mind that I should just create a page and start working on it?

You can avail all such offers once you have the right steps to follow and right people to guide you & convert your cold lead into hot lead and ultimately sales.

Do not worry we are here to guide you on this and we have a team who will support you throughout the process.

What we do and how we do?



The 30 days sales machine is an online training program developed by Mr. Trevor Turnbull to help you reach out to right set of people, which will guarantee you sales and surely connect you to more number of relevant audiences who are looking for the services and products.

We give you step by step plan to turn your Cold leads into Warm leads via LinkedIn; we will assist you at every step to guide you in a proper way to get you the sales from the platform that you once considered to be not useful for sales.

Online Business Woman Marketing Online Social Media

Benefits of our 30 days sales machine

The 30 days sales machine is an online program that guides you through all the steps to follow to market your product or services on LinkedIn.

We have answers to all queries and tools for every service, so you do not have to worry about certain things like where the client is from, what language they speak.

We are available for 24 hours assistance and will guide you through the step-by-step online plan, to market your business like never before.

Several reviews from our valued clients have been always overwhelming and are also valid proof that the steps to market your business is not just good but amazing to earn profits and increase the monthly revenue.

If you are a freelancer, a consultant, or a business professional and thinking about how we can help you or even if we can help you or not. So the answer is to stop thinking much and buy the program to be a live example of the success stories of our program.

If you are satisfied and are able to generate the revenue that you could not have even imagined, we would love to hear the review from you.

Personal attention, proven system, and accountability is a USP of 30 Day Sales Machine. This ultimately results in the generation of positive return on your time invested with LinkedIn.

Join 30 Day Sales Machine to Get the Desired Results

1. Engaging Relevant Audience:

For any business to grow, we need to target right set of audience otherwise marketing any business is a complete waste.

We help you reach the right set of audience, this way the chance of the sales increases than just targeting general audience.

Mentoring and support provider ensures you have everything you need to see fast results and fill your pockets with revenue.

2. Conversation with Clients

We have a complete list of messages, scripts and worksheets to help you make your conversation easy and provide your clients with relevant answers and not just beat around the bush.

A buyers always like teams that are technical and have the complete knowledge of their product so it is really important to give proper answers and impress your client.

In our online program, we provide you with all the relevant answers that a client may ask, to ease your work, so you just don’t have to worry when talking to a client.

You can just easily sign up with us to buy our online program and be one of our prestigious customers.

3. Turn Raw Data into Hot Leads and Sales

Our step by step assistance program help you generate more sales and increase your revenue to a level you could not even think of.

Our knowledge of audience and program prepared by a highly qualified professionals makes normal audience turn into leads and ultimately sales.

4.  Increase Brand Awareness

We help you grow your profile to such a level that many people reach your page, by which your brand awareness increases and helps to generate sales and ultimately leading to more and more profit.

5. Automate & Outsource Tasks

LinkedIn marketing is so vast that you might have to outsource your work in order to complete the requirements of your clients.

With 30 days sales machine your brand is definitely going to be famous and you will be on the top leaving all your competitors behind.

If you are still not sure, if you should consider us, please read the reviews of our clients and you will have a clear picture of why you should choose us.

30 Day Sales Machine

Step By Step Plan To Action

The program is majorly divided into 10 steps and if you follow these in the right way you are definitely going to achieve success with LinkedIn marketing.

  1. Analyze the page and set up a foundation
  2. Searching for the relevant audience set
  3. Optimizing the campaign to give a clear picture of your product or services
  4. Automate & Outsource Tasks
  5. Increasing brand awareness to be in top search results
  6. Steps to track your sales from anywhere
  7. Preparing the right messages and scripts for the campaign
  8. Executing LinkedIn campaign
  9. Monitoring your sales pipe by keeping a close eye on your email inbox
  10. Building a relationship with your targeted network

In our online program, we will help you at each and every step, the good news is you do not have to pay monthly to get enrolled in our system you can just pay one time and buy our program today.

30 Day Sales Machine

Sign In Today To Avail The Entire Bonus Mentioned Below:

1.  Real-time support from our highly trained professionals

We are always available to take up any kind of query or assistance, If you are stuck and do not know what to do, just give us a call.

2. Monitoring of your campaign every month

Get access to our monthly mentoring sessions conducted via live GoToWebinar events.  We will outline recent changes and will also tell you how they are affecting your LinkedIn Campaign and will let you know the strategies to overcome the effects.

3. 80% of the tasks are done by virtual assistance

Our program is designed in a way to help you set up your campaign within minutes with our virtual assistant. If you still need our help, we are always available.

Woman with a headset

4. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied and feel that investing money with us was a total waste, you can just ask for a refund.

Records and review are proofs that this has not happened ever with us and we have always been able to help our clients to the fullest and get them out of their debts..

As a 30 Day Sales Machine member, you not only get access to our proven step-by-step system, resources, tools and support to help you execute a profitable LinkedIn Campaign.

You also get access to a complete business growth program that will help you take your business to the next level with training & support provided on advanced strategies that will compliment your efforts on LinkedIn.


Some of the reviews from our existing clients:

I have now landed one major contract for a productivity training project with one of the biggest fish farming enterprises in Norway and signed deals with two great companies that promote and deliver keynote speakers to the Norwegian event market. All thanks to what I learned from 30 Day Sales Machine! Wow, I simply love it!

By: Arne N
Consultant, Trainer, Adviser, Speaker, Writer

This course is great. The Facebook support group alone is worth the cost. Lots of really good info on here and quick feedback from Trevor and Jason.

Everything is moved forward in a very organized manner with the 30 Day Sales Machine. Seeing the value already after a few days.

By: Brendan H
Account Director @
Parellel IT

30 Day Sales Machine

The 30 Day Sales Machine Is The Step-By-Step Training & Support System That Will Empower You To Consistently Generate Traffic, Referrals, and Sales For Your Business Using The Power of LinkedIn

In A Month, You Can Either Be The Same, Or You Can Have A Sales Machine Producing Cash For You Day In And Day Out – If You Want The Latter, Click Here To Get 30 Day Sales Machine Today!

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  1. God! I don’t know why I hadn’t realized yet to go to linkedin, thank you so much for sharing this important information!

  2. I have a colleague who has been doing this for years. I could not figure out how in the world she was doing it or why? This is such an eye opener for me!

  3. I have been struggling with the things that I need to with for a few months now, I’ve experienced depression due to the constant loss that is happening to my business and I didn’t think that I can still bounce back. LinkIn helped me gain back my loss but they made sure that I am aware of the things that I need to know to make my business prosper better than I asked for.

  4. This is such a precious program. Literally. It helped me finally start earning income with my business and now I just feel like my back is covered. Thanks!

  5. I have had problems cracking sales in my company for a very long time. This program is an exceptional way to get started on sales and get on the ground with a power packed growth opportunity. Recommended to all the sales enthusiasts.

  6. In today’s world, you just cannot think of empowering your business without online marketing and good web presence. While I just did not want to leave the easy and cozy conventional ways.
    This affected my business badly and so I turned towards this product for sales.
    One of the best decisions I ever made.

  7. Laura Thompson

    For something to really utilize my career, this is a really helpful tool to get better, efficient results. It is also easy to understand how the program works and you would easily recognize what the tools are for. Thank you because you’ve made my job much easier when I thought it couldn’t get any better.

  8. The 30 day Sales Machine is a training program that promises you that you will double your sales in 30 days (hence the name) through using Linked in. The claim that they will teach you how to grow your business and how to get qualified leads.

  9. Rita Navarro

    This particular product has made a lot of contribution to the success of my business. It is affordable enough and the results i am getting are worthwhile.

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