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Hi, guys. I’d like to share this amazing program that helped me get more money from home while doing what I love: Writing. Yes, you can get more money, even live off, of what you write.

Nowadays, blogs and reviews are a trendy online activity. All of us are used to reading thousands of words daily, that someone must have written to them and gotten paid for.

To be honest, at the beginning I never dreamt that, someday, I would write and get pay for it. I just enjoyed reading stories, not so much writing them. Those stories online that you feel connected to, like if the writer got inside your head and wrote it specifically for you. Have you felt that?

Now, I’m part of those silent heroes and get some cash in the process.Writer Help Wanted Program

From reader to writer

After reading several reviews, surfing and wondering on the web. I realized how much time I had spent reading. After accumulating more hours reading what was online, than the books on my shelf.

I was intrigued and wanted to find out more about those authors because I had my favorite ones already. Most of the times, there are no names, but you can see styles and get closer to them.

There was no doubt it was not for free. I was sure there should be an income somewhere and wanted a slice of that pie.Writer Help Wanted Program

What Takes to be a Writer

I was asking myself: Why not? The will to write always existed and now, after all the reading that I’d made, I felt kind of qualified for the job. Or at least that is what I thought.

When I got my first reality check, I found out this:

  • Online writing is not well pay
  • Writer’s block
  • Needed to improve my writings skills

The sole desire of doing it was not enough. I needed to find something, or someone, willing to help me. I did what I knew. So, I started reading reviews, blogs, and searching for how I could get what I wanted.Writer Help Wanted Program


Finally, I found about Writer Help Wanted by Ron Douglas & Alice Seba. It was exactly what I was looking for.

The desire to write was already in me, but not the ideas of where to sell, or sign in, to get paid for writing.

I went to different blogs, writers’ clubs, I even snuck into some web pages that promised that, if you bought their course, you would be the next Edgar Allan Poe. But something told me to trust more in Writer Help Wanted, I can’t explain what was it, you can call It “Gut”.

Being that this decision was important, I decided to read all the reviews of Ron Douglas & Alice Seba because if they were selling a writer manual they should write well and yes, they do. I loved to enjoy every word they have typed, wanted to learn with them and start ASAP.Writer Help Wanted Program

Learn More About Writer Help Wanted Today, And Start Catching Those Elusive Big-Paying Writing Jobs You Can Do Anywhere And Anytime!

What I Learned

It is refreshing to find such a complete course divided between:

  • video modules
  • community
  • websites
  • practical exercises
  • among other things that make the process natural

The first thing they explain is about the mistake that we do at the beginning

  • Not knowing where high payments where
  • Think that writing is enough
  • Not taking advantage of successful writers

Well, that made me think and got the answer to why I couldn’t succeed before. this got so frustrated with not getting results by my own.

I had no idea how much to charge, how to sell, just what to do. So, my first task was to learn all of this and get to the action.Writer Help Wanted Program

No money, no honey

My first instinct was to bid for well-paid jobs and writing projects. However, by the time I noticed them, recruiting was already happening or finished. Always late for the good ones, I had to accept that I would work with low-income projects in the beginning.

The guide explains that those offers were posted in less known sites, and only experimented writers knew about this, that was the reason for my being late.

With them, I got the updated listings in order to find those big projects and get my name in the game at last.

Also, I learned about

  • Working with clients
  • Content creation
  • SEP optimization
  • Lists as a means for traffic generation

Those checklists helped me to be more accurate, on where and what to find, while searching for writing projects. Now, it was not just random projects. It was easy to create a style of getting similar projects.

I developed my own clients I knew where and when to get big projects.Writer Help Wanted Program

Get in the spotlight

My writing skills alone didn’t take me too far. I needed to do something different from the rest.

Writer Help Wanted guides you through the appropriate marketing skills, so you can sell better what you are already writing but not profiting from.

Funny enough, I could sell articles to customers just by writing, but I couldn’t sell myself as a brand, and never thought about it before.

It is difficult if you don’t know how to do it, but I learned. Clients like to buy from writers and you have to adjust yourself in order to be accessible, and in touch, with them.Writer Help Wanted Program

Training Time

The course has five modules that go from the writing market to starting your own business.

Again, the idea is to get revenue out of what you write. So, you need to get better in what you do and know how to adjust it to what the market requires.

In the first module, you will learn the different markets for writers. Yes, it’s not just one. So, you can learn which one is better for your style. All this to help you take advantage of your own skills and get the most profit from them.Writer Help Wanted Program

More Modules

The second module is about finding an online job and get money. Before this module, I believed that writing on the web was just randomly acquiring projects and getting paid. Later, I found out:

  • It’s about selling your skills
  • You can get long term contracts
  • Many companies are dying for blog posts
  • Good writers are actually scarce

In the third module, they talk about what happens after you get experienced in an online writing job. It takes you through becoming independent and having your own projects while working.

The main point is to help you see the big picture and, as a freelancer, you decide what to do with your free time. What will be best to make money with your free time?Writer Help Wanted Program

It’s about financial freedom

During the fourth module, they help us get money with little effort. The idea is to have a passive income, a little something on the side.

The idea here is to write something and get paid over and over, not only once. Yes, it is possible: Publish things in your name, even a book!

This is really well explained here, those ideas to get more income for only one effort.

And the fifth module is about improving your writing skills. After getting all the ideas in action, and start getting paid for writing. It’s time to learn how to improve that skill and get better results and high-quality jobs.Writer Help Wanted Program

What is there for you?

You will learn how to:

  • Sell your product
  • Find the right channels to sell it
  • Earn money with less effort
  • Create and manage your own projects
  • Improve your skills

We are in the era of information, it is our responsibility not know. Making money from home is possible, and profitable. You just need to get to it.

Your success, my success

Now, the next step was to learn from who had succeeded before. In Writer Help Wanted, you will find a series of videos of real writers sharing their winning tips and tricks. Not only writing tips but also editing, publishing, successful blogs, among other things.

The main idea here is to learn how others tried and succeeded, and how you can use their winning ideas to your own style. I love to see, first hand, how all the ideas were implemented. It was way easier to implement new strategies.

Who knows maybe? Maybe, I’ll be there on those videos soon.Writer Help Wanted Program


  • Easy to use
  • A map to making money while writing
  • Great community


  • Can be a bit long for some
  • It’s not as easy to startWriter Help Wanted Program


Writing has always intrigued me. I love reading too, but I never believed that I could live and get money from writing. After my subscription to Writer Help Wanted, I did it and was easier than I imagined.

The modules and videos, of the guide, are so easy to understand and follow. It didn’t take me that much time to pass from reader to writer.

Now, I have my own blog and clients, together with one job and I love it. I can invest all my time in writing and still get enough money for whatever I needed.

Isn’t that just amazing?

And who knows? Maybe in the future, I will be available to write not just blogs and projects, but I want to write my own book, a short novel, or even a comic book.

That much writing gave me the confidence in doing it. So, be careful, there are side effects. You will not stop writing or speaking about doing so.

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  1. It did take me some time to go through the entire process, but it was totally worth it.
    I did part time content writing for a website and wanted to go full time. But the uncertainty of this job scared me, I always thought I might face a lot of dry spells when I would not earn enough. Or that I might lose my imagination just at the time when I would want it the maximum.
    This product sure helped me with my confusions and I am working as a full-time writer now and also earning good money 🙂

  2. Ralph Jackson

    I signed-up up and in a couple of minutes was able to land a great job. 100% legit and I am very thankful that I became part of their team. I wish I had discovered them sooner as to save me lots of time and avoid being paranoid from scammers.

  3. The only thing that was stopping me was the absence of this program on my computer! Discovering this program opened up a whole other world for me. I started a blog, worked hard no my writing and people started liking it. It wouldn’t be possible without this program.

  4. Destiny Reeves

    I have been that kind of writer that writes ‘only for the table’ and never really gives the texts to anyone. But now I can finally not only let the world see my books, but also make decent money from that!

  5. Richard Calvert

    Training modules and video lessons that instruct how to secure written work employments. Every day work postings and direction for getting the best gigs for those searching for independent open doors or all day work.

  6. Charlene J. Chu

    At least now i have something to do and a way to make extra cash. I started on this system after staying for a long time without anything to do and i was feeling it was too much for me. Since i have passion in writing i decided to get this guide. It has guided into simple ways to make money through my writing.

  7. Mary Gallardo

    The Writer Help Wanted system, is the one system that you can use, that will ensure that you’re getting the extra job and money that you are so desperately needed. Many people are afraid to look online for work options, because of all the different types of scams that you will find online. And, there are so many scams online, that it is really hard to spot the great online work.

  8. After reading an article in your group, I just priced a project at double what I would have an hour ago. My palms were sweaty as I waited to see if they would proceed… Then I received a phone call asking when can I start! No more underpricing.

  9. The beauty of this is the fact that Ron and Alica have helped some students work from the comfort of their own homes, which means that these people were able to make a lot of money working from wherever suits their productivity.

  10. Angela Bird

    Success is everywhere around us, but one basic mistake, most of the people make is that they try to find out everything on their own in- spite of learning from those who have already achieved what you are doing right now.

  11. Charles M.

    With this system behind you, you will have all the changes in the world to ensure that you can get a job, or a second job to be able to get through the month, and being able to pay your expenses.

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