When you start trading, you will see charts that seem quite intimidating. How can you possibly understand the meaning of it? Are you analyzing the right chart?

Okay, you may have knowledge of the trading industry but that isn’t enough. When you decide to finally trade, the most difficult task is looking for the best stocks to trade on. There are thousands of bonds but how can you find the best in the market?

How To Find The Best Stocks In The Stock Market

Trader On Chart Find The Best Stocks In The Market

Identify Variables
If you’re the type of person who randomly clicks on a stocks trade. Suddenly, you’ll choose one, based on the figures (just by examining it). Then, that’s one reason you’re losing. You need to comprehend and study the elements which make up the outcome in market trading. In this case, it’s by identifying the variables of market trade.

Percentage Returns
The strategy of successful investors is mostly looking for stocks that have triple digits or more in percentage returns. You will gain more profit in only months which is quite fast. But then, it’s hard to even find triple digits before the stock’s performance decreases. So, patience is key in looking for these hidden gems.

Booming Stocks
A technique that traders use is purchasing particular stocks which may or may not be popular. But, here’s the twist, you need to know that the merchandise will soon rise. How? Well, by being up to date in the products which people are anticipating.

An example is when a popular brand would advertise its new upcoming product model for months. People would prepare and purchase on the release date which is the perfect time you’ll gain capital.

Aware of Events
This is connected to the ‘booming stocks’. In order to know what people are raving about, you need to be knowledgeable in this field. Read up any available materials and remember the upcoming dates, press releases for a particular trade.

Network Connections
Just like any business, you should surround yourself with people in the same field. Connections will always come in handy. Fellow investors can get your attention to a new stock trade or other techniques which can be of benefit. This will aid you in creating a positive work environment (since technically, stocks trading can be one).

Investors who are in a higher position than you are quite advantageous to be on your network. Since you’ll gain more insights. And when you do finally get in a position you’re content with. You should still continue and help out other new investors. A support group would be ideal in this situation.

These elements are a few which you need to know. But these are the most important factors to start your career in the stock market. But what’s the perfect and easiest way to know all of these? A Software, more specifically, Trader On Chart.

What is Trader On Chart?

Trader On Chart What is Trader On Chart

Trader On Chart is a software which focuses on aiding traders to have an easier time in stock markets. Investors boast on its’ fast and reliable performance.

But why do people find the stock business difficult? because of the fact, you need to be knowledgeable on the market value, stake price, algorithm, equilibrium, the background of the stocks and many more.

So, How is the software different from the rest?

Now, people feel overwhelmed because of the charts and graphs in trading. Other people would resort to guessing the outcomes instead of studying the graphs and algorithms. Because come on, who has the time to calculate the percentage probability of the stocks.

Trader On Chart does it all for you. You just need to set up the settings and it’s good to go. Traders reviews of the product have stated how the software’s decision making is over the top. Due to the fact that it’s more advanced. The software’s basis is through calculating the algorithms (which will take us the time to compute).

Instead of using your intuition, algorithms are more reliable in conquering the stock market. It uses the data gathered from particular stocks such as the revenues, duration, and this is what the developers aim to accomplish.

If you’re also not sure of how the software works, you can access a forum which is exclusive for members of the software. People have also given positive reviews of the forum, it made most learn more about trading.

This has made them successful in the stock market and by giving back, the members help other investors as well.

Trader On Chart

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Features of Trader on Chart

Trader On Chart Features

It is important to note that different variables have a role in the outcome of a particular trade (or any occurrences, for that matter). So, it’s crucial to be well informed of these variables so you will have an idea if your decision is possibly right.

1. Results of the trade
Investors have different views on the outcome in stock trades. It’s whether it will go up or down, this is where investors try to ‘predict’ the results. It’s the same as sports betting but then, you’ll be investing in stocks. Let’s say the company you have chosen is an electronics brand, Apple. Based on the performance of the Apple company, how will you rate it? Has it delivered great software and electronics through the years? You will also have to study their sales profit. Are they profiting more than a couple of years ago or has it decreased?

These are some questions which you should be able to answer. If all these questions are yes, what do you think will happen after a certain number of years? Will their overall performance still escalate more or decline? This is where you need to decide if you’ll choose up (means increase) or down (decrease).

2. Valuation of the stock
Predicting the outcome isn’t enough, another factor in determining the valuation or the estimated price of the stock. You will gain more capital if the stock market is to your advantage. You don’t need to accurately input a price if it’s close to what you claimed it would be, then you may gain profit. The Market Value is the price of a certain stock (or company) in the stock market. This is something you need to be familiar with. It’s where you’ll also find out how much you will profit from the trade. You need to use a certain formula to help you in determining the exact revenue.

3. Equilibrium

However, it should correspond to the equilibrium. Equilibrium is also known as supply and demand. In economics, the market should be balanced. When the demand rises, the supply declines. Thus, the price of the merchandise elevates. Why? Think of a scenario when a new version of an Apple product came out. You will witness how the quantity of the product decreases as people buy the merchandise because the demand of the people is high. They expect it would be a great device. Since Apple is a well-known company, they would hike up the price to gain a huge capital.

Take note, the supply and demand can’t be parallel. A variable should increase as the other decreases and vice versa. In the stock market, you need to inspect if the supply matches the demand before you choose to trade.

There are some cases where the particular stock has a lot of demand (have sold an ample amount of products) but the supply (quantity of product manufactured) is twice as higher. You’ll most likely won’t gain profit because the company themselves, aren’t earning more than they produce.

Now that you have an idea, you’re one step closer to becoming a professional investor. All of this needs to be calculated accurately, or else you won’t obtain an increase in your capital.


Trader On Chart Pros and Cons


  • Automation – You don’t need to manually use the software when the system does all the work for you.
  • Support – If you have any problems, you’re encouraged to message the team support and you’ll be accommodated immediately.
  • Forum – The program also provides a forum where you can interact with people from professional investors to beginners.
  • User Friendly – If you don’t have any idea how to start, don’t worry because the creators provided tutorials for you.


  • None So far, I haven’t encountered any cons on the software because it does all that I want, independently.


Trader On Chart Verdict

This software is a system every trader must have. Based on my review of the software, you’ll gain a lot of benefits because of its’ features.

Multiple Platform

Most software’s don’t provide the users with an opportunity to access the system in two to three technologies at the same time. This gives you the opportunity to stay updated and work on the trading which you don’t need to look after.

For example, you have already set up the settings on one laptop, all you need to do is to connect the other by installing the software. After this, the settings will automatically apply in the second gadget which is convenient for people on the go.

Charts Availability
The Stocks chart provided by the software is quite more readable than any other system. Because of how it’s automated, you’ll only be presented with the most important information. Such as if you have a high probability to earn more profit when you choose to place your stake price on a specific side.

Diverse Analysis
As I have said, the main reason why the software is popular among traders is that of its’ automation. In fact, all you have to do is change the settings as you prefer and the system will do everything for you from ‘choosing a particular stock’ to ‘other major decisions’.

You can access the software anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is install it and have a good internet connection. Or there’s an option where the software can send you emails to update the progress in the stock market.

Lastly, you’re offered a refund limited for only 60 days.

Trader On Chart

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