Generally, there are two ways to go about horse race betting;

The Conventional Way

Here, you search the entire world wide web for articles and helpful information on how and when, and on what to place your money. You’ll never be sure and no matter how good the article might be, you’d believe there’s better advice out there. Hence, a cycle of uncertainty. Only when you are totally confident in the information – which doesn’t always happen – will you place your bet.

The Trade Man Bet Way

Trade Man Bets Way of Winnings

The second means, which I will rather go for, is to pitch your tent with websites like Trade Man Bets and let them do the hard lifting for you. These experts will do all the research, analysis, and math. Then, they will send you adequate tips and odds to work with. All this while you keep going about your primary source of income.

Trade man bets review – About the Creator, John Cranston

Trade Man Bets take your betting to a new level

Trade man bets are about a man’s story from a place of poverty and struggle to a place of financial independence and prosperity.

The name of the pioneer of this program is John Cranston, and he used to be a bricklayer. For some reason, he was sacked from his job. There weren’t many options for him at that point, so before long, he was back home, depressed, and with absolutely nothing to do. However, little did John know that it was a set-up for success. John took that time to rekindle his love for horse races.

When he worked his day job, horse racing was a thing that kept his mind off bad things. So, this was a perfect time to get back on the house. Anyway, John consistently followed statistics and followed sites and news that ran ads for people to bet on races.

After following them closely and trying every idea, John Cranston came to a point where he could bet on races perfectly. And be highly confident of a win – not by sentiment, but by math and proper account. In John’s words, it wasn’t gambling but investing. He was always so sure of the outcome.

He came up with a powerful betting system that lets you quickly and conveniently apply proven effective strategies to the horse racing world. Today, John is out to share with as many as he can possibly share with.

How Trade Man Bet Works

Trade Man Bets Analyze the Top Horses

Trade man bets send betting tips to your email, likewise the best of odds. According to their site, they offer ‘Email delivery of tips, a highly accurate tips history, multiple membership plans, multiple payment options and much more.’

Those at Trade man bets closely monitor horse races at all times, 24/7. When they spot any trend or something great for you to capitalize upon, an email is sent to you to inform you on how to make use of that opening as soon as possible.

In this case, you don’t have to do much. Evidently, your purchase of the program is like you employing numerous betting experts to work for you for a couple of pennies. Their services aren’t limited to tips and odds though. Instead, they also include important stats, and information relevant to horserace bettors.

John’s Trade man bets website gives you professional horse racing bets which are according to industry-standard to win big.

Here are some of the things you stand to learn and gain from being a member of the program:

Things you learn as a member

  • Why using this system to bet on horse races may now be the best investment strategy of all.
  • How to get started in three simple steps and with very little money.
  • What types of bets are available and how to find the best odds without doing hours and hours of research.
  • Why horse race betting works so well and how you can use John’s tips to produce guaranteed profits.
  • How to avoid the costly beginner mistakes that often wipe out bettors’ bankrolls.
  • How horse race betting works and how to use this knowledge to maximize your profits going forward.
  • How to ensure you get the very best tips that will allow you to earn the most money delivered right to you.
  • And much more.

Trade Man Bets Review – Who Can Partake of this Program?

Trade Man Bets How fortunate you are

Pretty much everyone. Whether you are a hardcore bettor or you do it once in a while.  Or you just happen to have a slight flair for sports betting, this program is definitely for you. Even if you won’t be doing it for the money, and it is just for the money and stuff, you might as well do it right. Is there any fun in losing money?

Also, you do not need to have a lot of money to stake. You can get ahead with the little you have with Trade Man Bets. Professional gambler or not, you’re good to go.

Now anyone can make money betting sporting events using this easy-to-use system that typically results in 15% to 25% gains with each bet.

Some Major tips from John on the official website

Start slow

Don’t place numerous bets all at once and don’t put all of your money on one bet. Instead, stake equal amounts of money on single bets, every day, and never go after losses. Otherwise, stake small amounts on two to three bets, but never place bets on a bet slip with too many teams.

Develop a winning mindset

You have to be confident in your betting knowledge and ability. You can’t let one loss sidetrack you from your goal. John Cranston says it’s easy to view a lost bet as the end of the world. But in reality, you have to remember that nobody wins all the time. And by following number four below you can build money over the long run.

Practice good money management principles

Never put all your money on one bet. By only betting a certain percentage of your earnings each time, you’ll be able to better weather any losses and build your earnings over time.

Finally, be sure to use reliable tips

This last one is particularly important. Horse racing tips can be hard to come by and you don’t know who to trust. In fact, chances of winning get boosted by tis Trade Man Bets by about 20%. This shows the fallacy the existent of sure bets. After all, “Luck, bad if not good, will always be with us. But it has a way of favoring the intelligent and showing its back to the stupid.” (psychologist John Dewey).

Usually, betting requires a lot of discipline. Unfortunately, few people will keep away the temptation to chase losses. Or fail to believe that the next bet is a recovery one. In the end, many bettors end up poor.

This makes the words of Pappy Morgan look like gospel truth. He said, “show me a wealthy gambler and I’ll show you a man who made his fortune from something other than gambling.” So, always take time to strategize after losing a bet. If possible, don’t bet again for that day. Do it again tomorrow based on your strategies and not the loss emotion.

Pros of Trade man bets

Trade Man Bets Fully Automated

You do not need expertise and experience

Many people and professional horserace bettors claim that you need to have been at it for years before you can begin to break even. They say that you must have spent years studying trends, the line moves, racing trends, history, and so much true.

However, with Trade Man Bets, this is no longer true. All they will provide you with will be enough leverage for all that you lack in the area of expertise and experience.

Great odds

Trade Man Bets Winnings in 1 day

Trade man bets are like many comparable sites that offer similar services out there. Trade man bets are out to help you win big. That is why most of the odds that will be sent to your email address will enable you to win 5,6,7, even 10 or 20 times your stake.

30-day money-back guarantee

Trade man bet offers a guarantee on their product and this is an extension of their goodwill which you could opt for if they don’t end up being all they claim. Here is what they said about this on their official website:

“Your membership in Trade Man Bets comes with an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply notify Trade Man Bets within 30 days. And it will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked.

That’s one full month to put the tips and betting strategies to the test. Either get the information you need to win big or get your purchase price back.

“You really do have nothing to lose except all the winnings you’ll miss out on if you don’t take advantage of this offer.”


Trade man bets have been the way out for many people for a while. It has saved many from losing money necessarily over wrong bets, and it has enabled many to make money online, through what they love.

This platform has stood the test of time, has many positive reviews, has a money-back guarantee, and most importantly, doesn’t promise instant riches like many other platforms out there. I say this is a good one and you should go-ahead to try it out.

Trade Man Bets

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