Increasing your FICO score is not an easy task. Money troubles all people, credit even more. But rarely I find good advice, method or a guide that can help improve my credit score. So, in this review, I will try to present a smooth, step-by-step guide on how you can quickly and inexpensively improve your FICO score, allowing you to enhance the quality of your life for good.

On FICO score

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FICO score is a type of credit score measured to determine the level of risk in personal finance. FICO score ranges between 300 and 850, and it often decides whether or not you’ll receive a favorable loan. For instance, a person with 670 FICO score will get a better loan than the person with 570 ratings.

In essence, if you are in a good position with your credit score you will be in an even better place when it comes to favorable finance. It is clear that working on your credit score is very important, especially in the debt-oriented economy. While it is true that you can’t change the economy, you can work on your personal finance, and improve your credit score is a step in the right direction.

A good credit score


The credit score often takes these things into account:

  • payment history (whether or not you are paying your debt on time)
  • your present amount of debt (are you already in debt or not)
  • type of credit (what kind of credit are you using)
  • credit history (longevity of your participation in finance)

In essence, the creditor checks all these parameters and determines whether you are fit for a loan; the higher the score, the better the credit. If you have a good credit score, it will be a lot easier for you to obtain loans, mortgages at favorable interest rates.

Now all of these is fine if you already have a good credit score, right? It is relatively easy to manage it if it is already good. However, improving your bad credit score is not an easy task.

Improving your score with David Shapiro

David is an attorney, and his specialty is credit repair and debt settlement. His legal background and experience allowed him to become one of the most notable credit repair experts in the country.

He developed a credit repair system which will enable people to improve their credit score in a one to two months. How? Well, every human system, primarily financial and legal system, is full of cracks and loopholes. It’s needless to say that knowing and understanding these gaps is very beneficial.

Well, David discovered several holes when it comes to the credit system, and he reveals these loopholes in his credit repair system: The Attorney’s Guide To Credit Repair.

What is The Attorney’s Guide To Credit Repair?

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The Attorney’s Guide To Credit Repair is a collection of series of strategies that will help you improve your credit score. It deals with different situations, offering numerous specific tactics and solutions to given conditions. It is important to say that this guide is not some abstract collection of random information.

In fact, it is Dave’s personal information which he gathered over the years working as an attorney. The guide contains Certified Attorney Credit Repair Dispute Letters, and each of them deals with a specific situation: late payments, late mortgage payments, unpaid medical bills, student loan payments, judgments, and many more.

You probably have a general idea of how you could improve your credit score, but you probably don’t know the most efficient methods. Moreover, you don’t know about the legal loopholes you can take users to your advantage. Also, The Attorney’s Guide To Credit Repair is a lot more than a collection of guides written in forms of letters.

Once you dive into it, you will realize how silly it all is. Everything will make sense because, well, it makes sense. You will realize why the system works the way it works, why do we even have this thing called “credit score”. Furthermore, you will fully utilize the system; that is probably the most important notion of this guide.

No longer will the system take advantage of you; it will be the other way around. And guess what: it will all be perfectly regular and legal. Sounds good, right? Well, it is good!

Why The Attorney’s Guide To Credit Repair?

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Well, there are several reasons why I’m reviewing this guide. Moreover, there are a lot of reviews, a lot of positive reviews written about this guide. And here is a list of some of the reasons:

  • you will find out how to get a free copy of your current credit score
  • how to make creditors remove bad credit from your score (yes, you can do this, and you will find out how!)
  • adding perfect accounts into the credit score evaluation (remember, every point counts)
  • checking if all of your good accounts are being evaluated (sometimes the FICO score doesn’t check what you want to be reviewed, resulting in a terrible credit score)
  • in this guide, you will also find out how to use the Federal Trade Commission to accelerate your credit results
  • how to stop harassment from collection agencies legally, with a 100% success rate (I know, sounds too good to be true). I assume some people would buy this guide just to get the collection agencies off their backs!
  • what you should and shouldn’t do if you get turned down for a loan!
  • find out how you can quickly add points to your score (you will use a particular type of account checking. If the bank you are currently using doesn’t accept this method, just find another bank that will

How does it all work?

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The Attorney’s Guide To Credit Repair works in three steps:

1. Firstly, you select one of the previously mentioned dispute letters, one that matches your problem.
2. After that, you will see in the blanks with your account information.
3. Alas, you mail your letters to the credit bureaus and wait for the response.

While this system seems relatively straightforward and straightforward, it works like magic. In fact, that was the whole point of this guide, to make hard things easier for people who don’t know a lot about finance and financial system. But should those of us who know very little about economics suffer? That doesn’t make any sense, but that is the unfortunate hard cold reality we live in.

Problems this guide deals with


As I already mentioned, knowledge and right information play a tremendous role in the world of finance. Just think about it. Of course, it is easy to manipulate with data and people if they have no idea how it all works. Furthermore, often systems intentionally have loopholes so that the selected few can enjoy all the cake while the rest of us are scrambling for the crumbs that fall off the table.

Well, not no more. With The Attorney’s Guide To Credit Repair, you can remain confident that you receive the credit score you deserve. It is all about the attitude and the approach you take while you write your letter.

You want to attract the attention of the people in the credit bureau; if you win your dispute, your lousy credit disappears! Again we come back to the knowledge and the power of the information: the more you know, the better your chances are.


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  1. The Credit Repair Quick Start Guide: a guide that will introduce you to the credit repair system, helping you avoid any potential mistakes
  2. How To Create Business Credit: learn how to build a business profile and keep it separate from your profile. You can later use this business profile to invest in the things you want.
  3. Getting out of ChexSystems: avoid being blacklisted by Chexsystems
  4. Buy New Car At $50: learn all dealer secrets and how their business operates, and then take advantage of these mysteries. This 100 pages long book will give you all the data you need.
  5. Buy a House Without Money: learn what tactics and strategies you must use you buy a house even if you currently have no money.
  6. Choose A Real Estate Agent: a lot depends on your real estate agent, from price to location. Read this guide and find out what traits are shared amongst the good real estate agents.
  7. Choose A Right Bank: similarly to the real estate agent, choosing the right bank can often play an important role in your life.
  8. Credit Solutions: this report will demonstrate what credit cards to use, what business loans to take and much more (David himself wrote this report).


  • Excellent combination of theory and practice
  • Clear instructions
  • Easy to follow (very user-friendly)
  • A lot of valuable bonuses
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Lack of customer support
  • Requires a lot of attention, due to the nature of the problem it solves

To buy or not to buy?

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It is needless to say that people with a bad credit score should think about purchasing this guide. Also, people interested in little more information about the credit score system could even purchase this guide because it does contain a lot of valuable information. It is also worth mentioning that this product can be returned within 60 days of its purchase due to the 60-day money back guarantee.

So, if you don’t like what you see and if this guide doesn’t repair your score, ask for your money back. It is a risk-free solution guaranteed to work for anyone that carefully follow the provided instructions. So click on the link, read the information and try the guide!

Learn directly from the best in the business – Click this link to grab The Attorney’s Guide To Credit Repair, and finally fix your bad credit rating!

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  1. Wade C. Woodruf

    Wow. Thanks to this guide. I have been able to save myself to something that i can say is a problem credit condition that has really disturbed me for a long time. When you know that your credit status is not right then you do not even get good sleep. But for this one its contains the best strategies that will work for any type of person.

  2. Marcos Gorman

    The Attorney’s Guide To Credit Repair is a collection of series of strategies that will help you improve your credit score. It deals with different situations, offering numerous specific tactics and solutions to given conditions. It is important to say that this guide is not some abstract collection of random information.

  3. lesley rhode

    I had a situation where my former landlord put all these charges on my credit saying I damaged the apartment and I left early, none of which is true. I was currently exploring the lawsuit option but in the meantime, I was not able to rent an apartment because of this and it destroyed my life. I didn’t feel I had to pay for something I did NOt do. they can neither validate nor show any proof of damages. I was informed a ethical hacker helps people in cleaning credit which I am so happy about. I tendered my problems to them and they removed all damaging info on my credit. It took them a couple of days to get my credit cleaned and it’s such an amazing feeling to be finally free from all that problems I had. THIS IS CREDIT REPAIR SERVICE AT IT’S BEST(contact details: youdoneedgreatcredit

  4. This is a book written by David Shaprio to educate people on simple ways that they can use to finally repair their credit cards.Unlike other reviews, here I will provide you with details of the author, get into the depth of what the book is all about, show you how it will be of benefit to you and give you all the pros and cons to it.

  5. George Oliver

    What you are getting here is an opportunity to finally get out of a bad credit report. It is an opportunity to clear our name and fix your credit rating. Everyone deserves an opportunity to mend an error they made in the past. This is your opportunity.

  6. The tips and strategies outlined in this book are extremely reader friendly. Anybody can understand Great job! This is a good reference and I’ll refer to it from time to time.

  7. A good credit report will help reduce the interests charged on you by banks and this in turn will help you be able to get loans that you can use to improve your life.

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