Billions of dollars are being invested in forex transactions every day. Hence, it is evident that there are a large number of participants in the forex market.

Large volumes of transactions are taking place and most of them are speculative.  It becomes imperative that you have a definite advantage while trading in forex.

Investors usually rely on fundamental analysis and technical analysis to get an overview of a currency pair’s direction and to also detect trends and reversals.

However, a successful trader usually relies on the market sentiment to make profits. Thus, market sentiment analysis is a key strategy of forex trading which should not be overlooked.

Currently, there is a dearth of effective indicator software that helps to conduct accurate market sentiment analysis. Forex Market Sentiment helps to fill this gap.

Forex Market Sentiment

Why should I buy Forex Market Sentiment?

The Forex Market Sentiment Indicator highlights the number of traders who trade in long and short positions. Moreover, the software shows the trading volumes associated with different positions.

The chart indicator software is to be used with MetaTrader 4. It shows the market sentiment details for multiple currency pairs on a single chart.

This single chart helps you to gain an advantage over different traders. It also takes into account different extreme conditions that will help to generate accurate signals.

The software is a missing piece of the puzzle that all the traders were looking out for. It can be used all alone or it can be combined with other tools like technical and fundamental analysis.

The software uses real-time data from MyFxBook, a forex community whose database has details of over thousands of forex traders. The combined trading volume reflected in the database runs in billions.

Hence, accurate analysis and results are obtained when this detailed data is thoroughly analyzed by the indicator software.

Why do I need indicator software?

Market sentiment analysis will tell the number of traders who are in long and short positions. It will also tell the total volume positions. This data will enable you to accurately gauge the direction in which the market will move.

How is the software used?

This software is used to find the extreme positions pertaining to currency pairs and volume traded in these positions.

Once you receive the alert about an extreme position, you can trade the currency against these extreme positions. This type of trading is called as contrarian trading.

For example, when the majority of the traders are buying the currency you sell the currency and vice versa.  This type of trading that is based on the market sentiment is sure to yield profits.

How soon can I achieve results?

You can achieve the results as soon as the setup is completed. In fact, live trading positions will be visible just five minutes after download and you can start trading immediately.

The trading positions and volumes reflected on the MetaTrader 4 chart will help you to chalk out the profits that you can make.

You will be receiving unlimited licenses and free access to future updates and upgrades. You will also receive unlimited support in the future.

What can you achieve?

Firstly, you can trade by getting first-hand knowledge about market sentiment. Trading without the knowledge of market sentiment is like gambling and you are merely trading by wearing a blindfold.

Secondly, this software gives you a different perspective of the forex trade and you can make the most out of the opportunity. It is like discovering a holy grail.

 Forex Market Sentiment  What can you achieve

Secrets Strategy of earning profits by using Forex Market Sentiment

Contrarian strategy is to be used while using Forex Market Sentiment.  The software can be used solely to implement contrarian trading.

It can also be used to make the most of your existing trading strategy. The below examples will unveil the right way to make the most of contrarian trading.

Forex Market Sentiment Contrarian Trading

‘Buying when everyone sells’ is the basic explanation of a contrarian trading strategy. If the majority of the traders are losing then it is a good decision to go against their sentiment.

The database from MyFxBook suggests that most of the traders are trading in losing positions.

Forex Market Sentiment Extremes

If trading volumes and positions are extreme then the strong contrarian signal is to be followed to make a trading decision.

Example, if more than 60% of traders and volume are both short then it is wise to place a buy trade. This is contrary to the trend but it is profitable.

Forex Market Sentiment Reversals

The indicators can be used along with technical indicators like CCI, RSI and STOCHASTICS to make informed decisions.

An extreme amount of position that is considered as overbought or oversold is a good reference point for making a trading decision.

Get different types of alerts

You can opt to receive a pop-up alert, email or push notification on your mobile phone.  You will get notifications when an extreme is reached on a currency pair.

Using alerts is useful if you do not have the time to watch charts and wait for market sentiment extremes to be reached.

What will the alerts notify?

You can configure the alerts for signaling the market sentiment extremes. The configuration can even be done by using your preferred technical indicators, price values, and fundamental analysis.

The indicator excels in gauging the market sentiment and to determine where the market will go. This is essential for implementing the contrarian trading.

Foreign Market Sentiment Product site

Key Features of the software

Following are some of the important features and benefits of the software:

Charts with user-friendly visual display

Charts display all currency pairs along with short and long positions. The positions are displayed either as numerical values or percentages.

Trade volume comparison: Short versus long

Charts display the total trade volumes for both long and short positions.  This enables you to wait until market sentiment extremes are reached.

Short and long positions

You will come to know how many traders are short and the number of traders that are long.

Average short/long price

The indicator calculates and displays the average price for all short and long positions.

Filter by extremes

You have the option to view the currency pairs which are trading at extreme positions or values. For example, you can set to view the currency pairs that have most of the traders on short and long positions.

Alerts on extremes

You can now receive alerts and notifications when there is an extreme achieved on any currency pair. This is particularly useful for those traders who do not have time to follow charts and track market sentiments.

The software will change your outlook

The indicator will exactly tell you how the forex market operates. You will come to realize why the brokers do not display sentiment data and how the middlemen make the most of the profits.

You will now be running along with the wolves instead of blindly following the sheep. There is really no harm in trying the software.

 Forex Market Sentiment Stop Hunting

The indicator will be mainly used to identify the positions where traders have built up their stop losses. The key to success is to quickly move against the sentiment when these losses are triggered.

In this way, you will amongst those traders who start trading to take advantage of the reversal. This will enable you to be on the same page as the brokers who are aware of the reversal. These are the brokers who trigger the market for influencing them.


Forex Market Sentiment Trend Trading

You can watch out for signals when the market sentiment is against a current market trend. You can avail the opportunity to enter the market.

This is because all other traders will take out their stop losses thereby moving the market in the direction of the trend. The trend will continue and you can book your profits.

Forex Market Sentiment Price Action Trading

The indicator will clearly enable you to detect candlestick patterns when market sentiment moves to an extreme direction. Profitable entry opportunities can be availed by checking candlestick reversal patterns like three inside/outside up and hammers. These patterns signal a trend against the sentiment.

The magic of automatic signal alerts

The examples clearly show that the Forex Market Sentiment Indicator is a powerful tool at your disposal. It is simply futile to trade in forex without its help. Any forex trading done without knowing the positions of other traders is simply futile.

If you know the position of other traders then you can accurately predict the direction in which the market will swing. You can visit the product website to check out the selection of profitable trades that were made with the help of the indicator.

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How do I order the software?

You can buy the software from the product website. The purchase will be made through ClickBank, the global leader in eCommerce. The purchased includes access to unlimited licenses to all the trading accounts. Additionally, you will be entitled to lifetime updates and support.

The product is being offered at a discounted price for a limited time period.  There are absolutely no hassles in trying the product considering a large number of positive reviews received.

Foreign Market Sentiment product site

100% money-back guarantee

Customer reviews clearly indicate that traders using the indicator are happy and satisfied with the product. The creators of the software are 100% sure that traders will benefit from the software.

Hence they are offering a 100% money-back guarantee to the customer. Customers can feel free to download the software and try it for 60 days. Their money will be refunded back to them if they are not happy.


  • Foreign Market Sentiment is an asset for all the forex traders who act against the sentiments of the market.


  • The strategy is not targeted towards traders who follow conventional trading strategies.

Forex Market Sentiment Affiliates

Forex Market Sentiment Forex Market Sentiment Affiliates

You have the opportunity to become an affiliate and promote the product by including affiliate links on your website. The promotions can be made by posting ads, email campaign or through SEO.

The developers will provide you with promotional materials that will be updated on a regular basis. As an affiliate, you will receive a 50% commission on every marketing lead that you successfully convert to a customer.

The affiliate program will be managed through ClickBank and hence you need to have a ClickBank account. Marketing the software while using the software will increase your income exponentially.

Forex Market Sentiment

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