You cannot just buy foreclosure listings without doing proper research. There are certain details that you need to clarify prior to buying the foreclosure listings for yourself. You might have already read the reviews about and its competitors.

I will be inspecting this product in depth for this review so that you can make an informed decision before buying it. One thing is sure that this product makes the essential details required for purchasing the foreclosure listing available.

If you are here, it’s obvious that you are searching for a decent property that is available for sale. The most sensible way to buy a property is through Foreclosure!


Why will you need

You should look for a property with outstanding curb appeal, quick profit turnaround and that is within your spending budget. And the foreclosure listings have all this and much more. Property in that list range from common regular land, Estates for sale and luxury homes.

I am sure that if you are in the real estate marketplace or an investor, you are always on the look for good property. Also, you obviously keep tabs on the recent properties listed online to find a home that can be turned into a rental property. This is a great way to make good money.

But constantly checking websites and enquiring with people is very time-consuming and frustrating. Also, this way, mostly you are able to find only a few options.

You need some help that could get you an extensive list of all the houses that are available for sale at any point in time. This source should be updated as quickly as possible. One such program to help you is the

Why not a realtor?

Then, of course, you can hire a sales representative or a broker to do all the work for you but will cost you a lot of money. You will be giving away a huge share of your profits away to them like this. They will definitely hand over a listing to you.

ForeclosureSearch.Ca Why not a realtor

However, when you close a deal based on their listing, the broker will certainly expect some commission. They demand their cut in exchange for the information they provided, it cannot be ignored. This just keeps getting costly!

Irrespective of the fact that you already have an agreement in place with the broker or you know them personally, it will cost you. Meaning, they will certainly expect a little payback from you. But, why give your money away like this when there is a way out?

With, you will not have to worry about commissions as you will get the full contact information of the listing’s realtor.

Money Spent

In addition to the actual property payment, you will have to pay a lot more. But let me tell you all the places that you will have to spend your money at:

  • Commission
  • Lawyers
  • Closing cost
  • Down payment
  • Renovations

While, some of these payments are obviously important, others are just a way to rip off extra money from you.

ForeclosureSearch.Ca Money Spent

You might be spending some money later on renovation or upgrading the property that you buy. You obviously cannot be throwing money around. After spending all your money, you will be looking forward to getting some of it back. Why not try this program?


Another home owner’s mistakes or lack of funds creates opportunities like foreclosure properties for you. The process of foreclosing a house can take some time; it is generally a 3-step process. The steps are:

  • Pre-foreclosure
  • Foreclosure Auction or Sale
  • Bank-owned Foreclosures

At, you will see that they have the second and the third category listings. They do not keep pre-foreclosure property listings.

You might have come across some web sites that provide property listings. Most of these websites require some payment (high price) while the others are free. Yes, there are free ones but I’ve visited them and they are just a complete waste of your time. Because honestly, these “free” sites provide just a little amount of sold & outdated listings, as you might already know.

If you are actually looking for an up to date and dependable website, you better not go to such websites. A good website would be where you can just go, enter the area, search and have the freshest foreclosure listings.

I am sure that as an investor of real estate, you might have your eyes on various good properties. So DO NOT waste your time on useless methods and sites, get that house before it’s gone.

What about MLS?

The Multiple Listing Service or MLS has various foreclosures that are not actually listed as a “foreclosure”. This happens when the sellers mostly do not want their neighbors or prospective buyers to know what they are doing. Generally, they just want to keep this fact a secret (as much as possible) that they very desperately looking to sell and hence the foreclosure.

 ForeclosureSearch.Ca What about MLS

Additionally, it would not be acceptable to search for foreclosures in the MLS. The MLS listing is really vast and looking at all properties one by one is not possible. It will just be utter wastage of your precious time and energy.

But, fortunately, with this product, all the hard work is already done for you. This will be a pre-screened list of properties in that can be navigated easily to make things easy & quick. They don’t only select the foreclosure properties for you to make a list; it is also the latest one.

They also have a systematic way to notify you about all the foreclosures that have just reached the market. This way you will be aware of the foreclosure properties a little sooner than others. If you like any, seize the opportunity and don’t waste any time.

Other sources allows you to go through other resources as well. Such as motivated seller listing, estate sales, and probate sales, I saw a lot of homes on the discount that was a really great deal.

Two other good sources of information regarding foreclosure listings are law courts and banks. It’s great if you somehow have direct access to them, otherwise, it’s a difficult job to get lists through these sources. Court documents are cumbersome and expensive to get your hands on.

ForeclosureSearch.Ca Other sources

It might take hundreds of dollars and many hours of work to attain the required information of foreclosure from the authorities. Just the total price of parking & getting to the local courthouse will be more than the price of admission to It’s completely true that you get access to the thousands of properties for sale instantly.

While researching for reviews of this website, I understood how relieved people are (the ones using it, of course!).

Then there are banks, they will never give you any information about a property that they have just foreclosed. Irrespective of what you offer them, it is just against their privacy policy to reveal such information. But why worry, when you have this great service to turn to!

Gain Access to the best of Real Estate

To get started, you just need to visit the website and then click to register with them, it’s extremely simple. You will gain membership with complete access to the information, reports, and listings that will help you find your dream house. If you just visit the site but do not register, you will not be able to access all the latest listings.

There are many special deals for a member as well that can be very helpful to you. But actually, the deals are genuine that will assist you in a way that no other normal real estate online service will. With this website, the members will gain full access to the extensive listings of sales tax, auctions, government-owned homes, bank-owned property, and other foreclosures.

You can see the listing with comparing prices, after this, you will be able to make a guided and informed decision. Other websites normally promote real estate agents who will give you the regular retail price or maybe even a lot higher.

The Benefits

What is so good about this product that I can’t stop praising it? Let me explain a little more, you will understand. As retail agents are out there to make their commission by charging you extra, this website is the smart alternative.

ForeclosureSearch.Ca The Benefits

You can find a property that is 20% or sometimes even 50% lower than the ongoing market value.

They believe in your comfort and so I liked the fact that you can see their listings on both your mobile phone and computer. is now the covert weapon of savvy property investors and home-buyers. They find the latest bargain-priced houses the moment they are available for sale.


  • Latest & quality foreclosure real estate listings.
  • Concise & clear content.
  • Money-Back Guarantee.


  • Could use more search filters

Will it work?

I think it is a genuinely great product that promotes purchasing a foreclosed property. Independent case studies and government studies both agree that foreclosure listed properties are selling at up to 50% lower than the market price.

Never before this, would the economic situation have allowed an average person to gain profit from real estate like the present. Get the best prices and offers at

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  1. I did not know that it was possible to get access to the latest foreclosure lists in such a short time. Moreover, all information is extensively detailed and they help with the buying process.
    Completely support this product, hopefully, you will gain a lot from this too!

  2. Craig Hartzell

    If you are looking to buy yourself a home and you need be sensible then just do not trust the brokers. They make money from your emotions and your likes. Just get this access and you will thank it fro life. Highly recommended to all who are looking to buy a home to themselves. And Kudos to the author too!

  3. Its one of the most useful products that I have ever come across. What I mean is that the kind of information provided by this program it is difficult to get it anywhere. It’s a legit product.

  4. My wife and I were seeking to buy a new house, but it was out of our budget. But thanks to this program that we managed to get one for a decent price!

  5. Ruth Pickering

    I was looking for my dream home but I couldn’t find a perfect one. It was just waste of my time, money, and energy. Some people harassed me by name of helping. I was fully fed up. Then finally, this program helped me to find my dream home. I found the perfect one without any problem and fault.

  6. Owning a home is one of my main dreams as a man for sure. I want to have a place where my loved ones will forever call home. It is more than amazing and I am looking forward to this. Let me hope that things gona be okay and I will get such like deals.

  7. Marquetta Cooper is a membership site that was launched in 2007 to help prospective homebuyers and investors get comprehensive information about foreclosures, properties that are for sale and those kinds of related searches. Once you register on the site as its subscriber you will be able to get real time and precise foreclosure information. The website is currently in the number one spot as a foreclosure data providing firm in Canada. The firm has achieved this because it has a wide set of property distinctiveness which include information about taxation, images from satellite, information about neighborhood and also contact information.

  8. Jason Springer

    This is a website that contains posts and details about various properties that are undergoing foreclosures. Here it is all about taking advantage of the undervalued foreclosure properties and using them to make the maximum profits you can.
    To understand this system, you need first of all to have a clear idea of how foreclosures work. A foreclosure is an act where a lender (which can be a company or any similar institution) repossess a borrower’s possessions because he/she has failed to adhere to the terms of payments.

  9. Tyree Gilligan

    To understand this system, you need first of all to have a clear idea of how foreclosures work. A foreclosure is an act where a lender (which can be a company or any similar institution) repossess a borrower’s possessions because he/she has failed to adhere to the terms of payments.

  10. Donald Hernandez

    The site provides you with well detailed information about the properties that are undergoing foreclosure. Among these details you will receive the addresses involved, the contact details, pictures of the property on sale among other necessary data that will just ease your process.

  11. There is no doubt that this is a great website. I have been able to identify a house of my choice within a very short time. Again, i am happy that the program works in a very easy and automated manner. What i mean is that you do not have to struggle moving around yet everything is here.

  12. Cynthia Aguirre

    This is a website that contains posts and details about various properties that are undergoing foreclosures. Here it is all about taking advantage of the undervalued foreclosure properties and using them to make the maximum profits you can.To understand this system, you need first of all to have a clear idea of how foreclosures work. A foreclosure is an act where a lender (which can be a company or any similar institution) repossess a borrower’s possessions because he/she has failed to adhere to the terms of payments.

  13. Jessica Lockhart

    The site is very simple to use and surf. If you need to look for foreclosures in your area, you will select your province, enter your email address and then commence your search. With you have the chance to search from pre-screened foreclosures list and get updated lists.

  14. Samantha Ortiz

    These homes are usually at rock bottom prices which provide a perfect opportunity for a person to generate large income from it. This kind of opportunity is even made more accessible and easy to grab through the aid of Foreclosure lists or Ontario Foreclosure List.

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